Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Cash rules Missouri's odius political culture

Missouri legislators need to work on cleaning up Missouri's money-grubbing political culture.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Less is not always better when it comes to Missouri General Assembly

State Sen. John Lamping is sponsoring a bill that would cut the number of days the General Assembly is in session by more than a third.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Laudable Obama budget still lacks needed reforms

There are a few common sense solutions that liberals and conservatives know are needed to help the economy. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Certification solves occupational licensing problems, creates jobs

Occupational licensing creates higher unemployment rates, lower levels of competition and potential biases in the determination of who gets to work in a specific field.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Why does Missouri pass pro-discrimination bills?

The "common sense" argument for voter identification and workplace discrimination bills brought by state Republicans makes little sense for Missourians.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Finally, real mortgage relief for homeowners

Thursday's mortgage settlement, which includes reducing loan by up to $20,000 for households at risk of default, represents a meaningful step forward in the troubled housing market. The amount of settlement is about $26 billion, and Missouri's share would be more than $196 million, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Should lawmakers alter voter-approved term limits?

Lawmakers are proposing a constitutional amendment that would permit lawmakers to serve a maximum of 16 years in either the House or the Senate.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tragic Bustamante case concludes with just punishment, expression of remorse

Bustamante sentence is fair — life in prison with the possibility of parole. She also gave a seemingly "sincere" expression of remorse.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: How a 'job creator' would actually help Missouri

Candidates for governor need to get serious about tackling the root causes of joblessness and it's time to get creative in seeking new sources of revenue.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'Halftime in America': Missing the point

There's no reason to politicize everything — we should avoid negativity so we can see the possibility of a different path and work together.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: A timely, if unfortunate, Super Bowl finger-flip

NBC, which broadcast the game, said it was incredibly sorry that an electronic delay system delayed kicking in until a few seconds after M.I.A. flipped off the world. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule in June about an appeal to the current rules on indecency laws.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: State must stop gutting Missouri's universities

Republican and Democratic legislators in Missouri — as well as Gov. Jay Nixon — need to stop blaming schools for the higher education crisis and start finding solutions other than cutting funding to public colleges and universities.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Freddie Mac kept Obama initiatives from working

Elements of the housing bureaucracy has kept initiatives that would help hard-pressed homeowners from working at the level they were intended.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Where did all MF Global customers' money go?

Investigators must do more to find out what happened to the missing money, as well as keep customers informed about the likelihood of recovering their funds.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Finally, Ed Martin chooses a race befitting his unique skills

Ed Martin, the Republican nominee for Missouri attorney general, should focus his advertising strategy "on his personal experience with the attorney general's office" — including a Sunshine Law investigation and an admission of regularly destroying government emails.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Komen cutting Planned Parenthood funds was a mistake

Komen must believe in guilt by innuendo for groups under investigation or have succumbed to the charity's new senior vice president's political agenda.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Animal rights bill is unnecessary and symbolic

A new bill in the state House of Representatives is the latest in an exchange between the legislature, voters and an interest group dating back to the passage of Proposition B.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lawmakers finally back a tax hike, but it's the wrong one

The Missouri Legislature is trying to avoid the term "tax" as it tries to find new revenue for veterans homes.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Source of income should not matter for taxes

For too long, wage earners have been subjected to unfair, regressive taxes on their wages while some millionaires and billionaires have been favored with much lower tax rates than their wage-earning counterparts.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon vs. Nixon would offer interesting contrast

Gov. Jay Nixon is supporting an agenda very different from the one he campaigned with in 2008.