Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: How a Columbia developer makes a nice living backing tax credits

Jeffrey E. Smith is a Columbia developer who is the individual most responsible for Missouri spending more money on low-income and historic tax credits than any other state in the nation.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Yes, 20-somethings need health insurance

The website is working much more smoothly now for enrollees, but more than half of the enrollees so far are in the 45- to-64-year-old age bracket, while the 18- to 34-year-old demographic accounts for only about a fourth of the enrollment so far.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's watch other states manage legal marijuana first

Instead of rushing to marijuana legalization, Missouri should wait to see how things go in Colorado and Washington.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Dr. King's dream derailed — so much wealth held by so few

How would Martin Luther King Jr. view the Forbes 400 controlling as much wealth as our entire African-American population of about 41 million people? Could that state of affairs co-exist with his dream? Hardly.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Four years after Haiti earthquake, trouble still brews

Although progress has been made in Haiti, many problems remain, including delayed elections and almost 700,000 suspected cases of cholera.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time for state legislators to put sound economy on front burner

The most important step the General Assembly can take is to be fiscally responsible — to balance the budget without putting a burden on our citizens, businesses and schools.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: This legislative session, let's focus on issues, not people

No one in government is trying to make things worse for Missourians; officials simply have differing opinions and proposals on how to make things better.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lesser charge doesn't diminish appalling events in Maryville

A lack of respect and common decency has been at the heart of this case. After announcing her decision not to file felony charges, special prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said: “Our system of justice works because it is evidence-based. We don’t always like the outcome, but it’s evidence-based and it works.”

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Drop macho stance and pay attention to football concussions

Coaches, along with trainers, must be aggressive in making sure players do not take part in games until they have recovered from possible concussions.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri needs a better form of justice than executions

Missouri has seen falsely convicted inmates released from death row. Death sentences are costly and unproductive as a deterrent.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Political grudges embroil Christie administration

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's political aides just took the boss's brand of hand-to-hand political combat to a worrisome new extreme.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Survey will measure what students really get out of college

It also promises to be a spur to schools to learn how their graduates are doing and what professors and administrators can do to improve their professional outcomes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Recession isn't over for most Americans

What we really need now is vigorous government efforts to create jobs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: National study defies stereotypes of black fathers

Regardless of race, fathers are likely to be less involved in the daily lives of their children if they do not live with them.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pay gap continues to grow at U.S. universities

Students at St. Mary's College in Maryland have been waging battle for some time for a campus-wide living wage.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Social media demographics shift to older users

Until recently, Facebook was synonymous with a youthful communications revolution, but there's been an increase in users over age 65. What is cool with younger people doesn't stay cool forever.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Online voter registration now an option in Missouri

New online tool rolled out in December makes it easier to get people registered. The hardest part might be using the mouse to sign the form.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hands-on farmer looks promising as state director of agriculture

Missouri farmers can be assured Mr. Fordyce will understand their needs and concerns. This is because he is one of them.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Restrictions on nurse practitioners hurt Missouri health care

Missourians are not able to take full advantage of nurse practitioners because the state has more limitations than most others. It is ranked as the 44th most restrictive state for nurse practitioners.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Key to 2014 legislature? Dance the Missouri Waltz

Make no mistake, lawmakers will need a regular Fred Astaire to choreograph agreement on matters as complicated as expanding Medicaid and fixing the school transfer mess that is about to bankrupt several St. Louis-area districts.