Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Republicans lack leadership in legislature over jobs bill

If the jobs bill fails, at this point, it's entirely a Republican political failure. Because it doesn't have a 2012 gubernatorial candidate to rally behind, the party lacks the unifying political force needed to pass the jobs bill.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri government's response to sexual assault cases not sufficient

Three recent examples should give Missouri communities cause to wonder and worry about the state government's response to sexual assault cases.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama's stance on Palestine pits U.S. and Israel against the world

The Obama administration has balked on its stance for Palestinian independence, and the decision looks like political posturing, rather than true leadership.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's use common sense in the Postal Service debate

Job cuts and service decline in the U.S. Postal Service will sever a lifeline for many Americans.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time to admit failure with No Child Left Behind

Local solutions, not a federal mandate, are the best way to achieve educational excellence for the nation's students.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Learn from the mistakes of No Child Left Behind

The philosophy behind the failed act is sound, but its unrealistic standards can't be met and only hurt students in the process.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tobacco tax hike in Missouri should be an easy winner

Raising Missouri's lowest-in-the-nation tobacco tax should lead to better health outcomes and more consistent funding for education.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tobacco tax proposal unlikely to help smoking prevention efforts

The American Cancer Society and other organizations want to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by 80 cents. Meanwhile, funding for tobacco prevention programs in the state remains scarce.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Put jumbo mortgages on a diet

The decrease of the jumbo-loan cap reduces taxpayers' potential liability.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: If a tornado warning sounds, seek shelter. Period

Not every siren sounding is followed by a tornado, but common sense should dictate that people should take precautions, anyway.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Palestine's request to United Nations for statehood was unwise

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas asked the U.N. to consider statehood for the Palestinians — a thinly-veiled shot at Israel.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri residents want to protect federal aid programs

Grass Roots Organizing received a passionate response from Missouri residents at county fairs this summer in opposition to any cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 

GENE ROBERTSON: Obama, IBM may share inability to keep promises

Columbia residents should keep a close eye on what the president and the computer company that opened a service center in town last year promise to do for them.

GUEST COMMENTARY: How states reduce prosperity while trying to create jobs

State government job creation efforts relocate jobs rather than create new ones.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Vaccine comment could harm the public

Michele Bachmann's latest false statement could put children in danger from preventable diseases and viruses.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Fast friendship grows over Twitter, Skype and 'Fallout 3'

In this age of technology, meeting some of your best friends via Twitter or online video games isn't so rare because of the ability to easily find people who are interested in similar things as you.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Research universities are key asset in future economic growth

Research universities and broadband networks offer us an opportunity to build on our strengths and move our nation forward.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Laws that ban texting and driving must be enforced

While many potential distractions exist while driving, new Kansas laws deal with one of the most dangerous — texting while driving. However, to be truly effective, these laws must also be enforced.   

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tornado leads to identification of rural shelters

Jasper County Emergency Services dispatchers are collecting locations of rural storm shelters to alert emergency responders during a natural disaster or emergency.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: IBM's 'Jeopardy' computer puts on a white coat

WellPoint Inc., the largest health benefits company in the nation, will be using the supercomputer "Watson" to help decide on treatment possibilities faster than ever.