Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't splinter the nation over disaster aid

Members of Congress should ignore partisan politics and do what's best for disaster relief efforts in Missouri and the United States.

WHAT OTHER SAY: Solve that gambling problem? Come on back

The Missouri Gaming Commission passed a new rule that would allow people who previously signed up voluntarily for a lifetime exclusion to return to casinos after five years on "The List."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Bickering over disaster funds is inexcusable

Even with the damage from Hurricane Irene expected to cost FEMA $9 billion more than it has, the government should do all they can to help the East Coast recover as quickly as possible.

J. KARL MILLER: Like the 'Puppy Mill' legislation, voter intiatives may not serve the public well

The intentions of the “Your Vote Counts” petition, which would demand a three-quarters vote of the legislature to set aside or amend ballot initiatives, should be questioned.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Elected officials must suffer consequences of their legislation

Taxpayers should demand that their elected officials not receive any public benefits they're not willing to bestow upon their constituents.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Martin Luther King's words are relevant today

Legislators should keep King's goal of fighting poverty in mind on the 48th anniversary of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tax-increment financing could help governments create jobs

Tax-increment financing could help federal, state and local governments pay for infrastructure and other improvements — and create jobs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Loathe the messenger, but heed the message

Standard & Poor's is right; national debt threatens not only our current economy but also the standard of living for future generations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Joplin benefits from the labor of inmates

By helping tornado victims and relief workers, prison inmates are benefiting others and building compassion in themselves.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Energy production must move away from private sector

Energy generators under private control have damaged parts of the world as companies reap the financial rewards of ownership.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Action by Missouri Right to Life is reprehensible

Instead of questioning the integrity of women raising children, the organization should make a difference in the black community by helping people raise their babies.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The struggling emergence of a new civility

A "new civility" is emerging in American politics that isn't about being friends, but trying to win the debate.

GUEST COLUMN: As July 4 nears, Joplin gives thanks

As the community recovers, people will gather with friends and families to celebrate life and remember the victims of the terrible tragedy. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Buying from Apple supports tax cheats who exploit labor, human rights

The popular electronics and software company purchases a mineral for its products from war-ravaged Congo, rather than Australia, among other corporate fouls.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Joplin residents show faith in face of disaster

In spite of the mass destruction caused by the May tornado, Joplin's spirit holds strong.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Maryland judge proposes 'best practice' warning for Web-savvy jurors

The phenomenon of social media-savvy "digital natives" colliding with long-held assumptions about how cases are tried and decided is rocking courtrooms.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tax reform should adhere to moral principles

It's both financially and morally irresponsible not to reform America's tax and spending systems.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Does public demand exist for Short Street garage?

At an estimated price of $60,000 for each Short Street garage space available to the public, the Columbia City Council needs to decide if residents share the same perceived value of downtown parking.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Flipping tax system on the rich would pay off debt

By turning each state's tax system on its head — from regressive to progressive — states would raise an additional $490 billion in revenue.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New plan for health care, economic change: Stay healthy

Exercising and eating healthy, carcinogenic-free foods is the best form of health care.