Guest Commentaries

DAVID ROSMAN: Regency decision put City Council between a rock and a hard place

The Columbia City Council debate over Regency mobile home park brought two issues to the surface: the inability of the city to regulate zoning codes and its failure to establish a workable long-term plan to develop affordable housing.

GENE ROBERTSON: Time well spent as a soldier for Occupy COMO

Gene Robertson talks about time spent as an activist abroad and how it feels to stand with the members of Occupy COMO.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The Fed’s easy-money, low-interest rate policy simply benefits the rich

Low interest rates and management by big banks have not helped the majority of working Americans.

SHORT TAKE: The brewery's genius for fuzzing it up

Anheuser-Busch's clever use of language doesn't reveal the fact that the new Bud Light Platinum beer has 43 percent more alcohol by volume than Bud Light and about 17 percent more than Budweiser.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Higher cigarette tax would improve health care, schools in Missouri

Gov. Jay Nixon and legislative leaders should be leading the charge to raise the state cigarette tax. Researchers have estimated that smoking costs the state’s Medicaid system more than $600 million a year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Improving I-70 is popular; tolls, not so much

Converting Interstate 70 into a toll road would create funds to rebuild the road but at what cost to the taxpayer?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Supporting our national motto is useless campaign tactic

With unemployment topping 9 percent, our lawmakers took time out to "reaffirm" "In God We Trust" as our official national motto with a 396-9 vote in House of Representatives.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: NBA dispute is absurd in context of the times

Owners and players should look out their tinted windows to get a sense of that themselves.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Supreme Court should resist political statement on health care

Opponents of the law contend that Congress went beyond its authority in the reform measure.

DAVID ROSMAN: There seem to be moral lapses on both sides of the aisle

Both political parties have moved to the extreme end of the spectrum, but their actions have not received condemnation from average Americans.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: KU coaches, fans couldn't care less what Missouri wants

Kansas fans won't miss Missouri in the Big 12, and few would shed a tear if the teams don't play again.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Thanksgiving turkey is the deficit reduction supercommittee

The divide between Republicans and Democrats on wealth distribution will most likely prevent the deficit reduction supercommitte from finding any sort of solution to the debt problem.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Deficit reduction supercommittee is the best hope

After a rough summer debate on the debt ceiling, a tri-partisan committee from the House and Senate was formed to come up with solutions by Nov. 23. There's still hope this effort will be successful.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Revision eases Lake of the Ozarks residents' fears

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission directed Ameren Missouri to redraw its territory around Lake of the Ozarks. Most homes are no longer considered to be plant boundaries, and the revision helps eliminate confusion among the lake property owners.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Financing a plan to rebuild Interstate 70 with tolls is innovative, sound

Tolls can be overused, but they represent a legitimate financing method for certain projects. Missouri’s de facto toll ban is counterproductive, and the innovative I-70 plan deserves serious consideration.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Not all taxes have to hurt

Millionaires, who rightfully are the target for paying more, want us to think that any changes in the tax code will mean that we'll all be paying more too.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The humbugs are already out to spoil Christmas

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Despite support, Joe Paterno let his fans down

No one — not the athletics director nor anyone else at the university — made meaningful attempts at investigating what might have happened between Jerry Sandusky and the boy.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Changes to stadium names should be tasteful

If the Chiefs and Royals pursue naming rights contracts for their stadium, they should try to avoid long, uninteresting names.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri doubles-down and joins the SEC

The Tigers' move to the Southeastern Conference will come with changes, challenges and costs in the short-term.