Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: The state needs to stop acting like a bank

Part of the state government is acting like a bank, which could cause a revenue shortfall next year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon must take the lead on insurance exchange

A $26 million grant has been approved by the Missouri House. But ideologues in the state Senate have vowed to block any measure that brings the state into compliance with “Obamacare.”

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Adios, Mr. Pujols. Thanks for the memories

Let it be said that Albert Pujols leaves St. Louis owing the fans and the city nothing. The ledger is clean. He never gave less than full effort, never demanded anything from anyone that he did not demand of himself.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pay-to-play goes on despite 14-year prison term for Blagojevich

The tragedy of the Blagojevich prison sentence is that the problems in politics exposed by his conviction will continue.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: There's no compelling reason to extend term limits

Voters should have the opportunity to limit an incumbent's term during elections, and the proposal to extend term limits would take that power away. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lesson from Pearl Harbor — don't sit on the sidelines

The anniversary of Pearl Harbor reminds us that the United States needs to be a leader in international affairs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Status of 'the other 99 percent' around the world

The U.S. has the highest ratio of the top 1 percent income share compared to other developed countries. The decline in the income share of the other 99 percent began in the late 80s.

ROSE NOLEN: The 'sovereign citizen' movement preys on hopelessness

The courts have been weighed down with frivolous lawsuits from domestic terrorists.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time to introduce shorter bans on gambling

Protecting more people when they are most at risk is a strong incentive for changing the program. And the ban still would be for five years.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Panel on state employee salaries needs more time

The legislative committee in charge is "navigating the maze successfully so far," as the "prolonged economic downturn does not allow Missouri to raise employee pay in a single, sweeping move." Gov. Jay Nixon's panel-endorsed budget increase of 2 percent begins July 1. 

J. KARL MILLER: Occupy protest movement is a nuisance

If the "Occupy" movement has a purpose, it is expertly concealed behind a facade of adolescents acting out about a perceived unfairness in their allowance or curfew. The notion that they as "99 percenters" are victims of the wealthiest percent and, as such, deserve to share in a redistribution of property is absolute nonsense.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Catering to the frozen pizza, tater tot and tomato paste lobbies

Lobbyists have pulled the strings of our lawmakers, at the expense of America's school children.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Count your blessings; it will make you happy

An experiment with public school students shows that counting blessings makes the children more optimistic and happier.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't trade Missouri's income tax for a higher sales tax

Proponents of discontinuing Missouri's income tax cite statistics that back up their claims, but when taking a closer look, the numbers speak to Missouri's relative burden-free tax system.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lt. Gov. Kinder's decision not to run was correct

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder will not be running for governor on the Republican ticket in 2012, but he is young and will have more opportunities to advance in government.

GUEST COMMENTARY: High-speed rail in Missouri is a ride to fiscal disaster

Missouri should learn from California's attempt to add a high-speed rail — a project that is nearing a price tag of nearly $100 billion — and decide against its own proposed $8 billion high-speed rail project.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Shocked and disappointed by politics, scandal and injustice

With the Penn State scandal in full swing and the Occupy Wall Street movement being ridiculed, America's sense of justice is in question.

J. KARL MILLER: Handicapping the 2012 election on the GOP front

There is no clear favorite Republican candidate to win GOP nod for the upcoming 2012 election.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tolls the best way to fund highway projects in Missouri

Tolls or fuel taxes are the best options to pay for highways.

ROSE NOLEN: I always thought my friend Gloria had everything, but I was wrong

I’ve always wondered why some women are willing to pay money to look like someone else.