Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Proposition A is a statewide issue, not just a local issue

Proposition A has unearthed discussion across the state about whether voting on the issue of earnings taxes should be contained to local voters or extended to voters across the state.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama administration finally passes needed legislation

This administration and Congress finally were able to pass legislation ending discrimination against women, who will now be able to look forward to higher pay and move closer to equal pay for equal work. Thanks also are due for work on clean energy.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Proposition B not the right answer to problem

Proposition B is mainly known through Columbia as the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.” So why would a longtime trainer, exhibitor, local and national club member and instructor of dogs be against Proposition B?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Proposition A gives citizens right to control earnings taxes

A change in state law is the only way to make sure a local earnings tax doesn’t gain traction in your community.



GUEST COMMENTARY: Help stop bullying

Recent high-profile suicides of young gay and questioning men highlight the need to end bullying and harassment.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Releasing wild elk in Missouri is a bad idea

If elk are released in Missouri, expect injuries and vehicle damage on Missouri's highways.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Plan for elk restoration has gone well

The Missouri Conservation Commission advocates the reintroduction of elk to the state. The proposed plan includes 150 of the animals being placed in a southeast Missouri "restoration zone."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Honoring those who went the wrong way

Going the wrong way — whether on the football field or in the Atlantic Ocean — sometimes works out for the best.

GUEST COLUMN: Missouri landowners still not sold on elk plan

A recent meeting about reintroducing wild elk into parts of Missouri showed that landowners have unanswered questions and remain skeptical about whether they would benefit from the plan.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Prop B would improve lives of dogs

 Proposition B, which will be presented to voters on the November ballot, would put regulations into place that would encourage more humane treatment of dogs in large- scale breeding operations.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Fear threatens the land of the free

A reporter from Kenya takes a look from the outside, saying the U.S. boasts being the "land of the free," but American civil rights are clouded by fear.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Observing Ramadan takes dedication, commitment to God

Millions of Muslims are observing Ramadan, an important Islam holiday, which requires fasting from food, drink and sexual activity for an entire month.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why you should vote to ban Tasers

Tasers are simply too dangerous to be used as an effective law enforcement tool.

GUEST COLUMN: Last chance for America to be a clean energy leader

The Senate needs to advance the "oil spill bill" by amending the bill with a national Renewable Electricity Standard. The benefits would include helping the U.S. catch up with other countries in the switch to clean energy economies and reducing the dependence on imported fossil fuels.

GUEST COLUMN: It's not about puppies

I advocate for agriculture, believe in its practices  and know the referendum disguised to help pets is the first step for the Humane Society of the United States to get into Missouri with the ultimate goal of eliminating livestock production.

GUEST COLUMN: A complete fair experience

There are a lot of champion-grade livestock to see at the Missouri State Fair, but the real attractions are the 4-H and FFA exhibitors — they are the ones who care for the livestock.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We must embrace meaningful development of our youth

Young people have too few employment and education opportunities.

GUEST COLUMN: Social Security in danger

The tax cuts at issue provide $700 billion in unpaid revenue to the top 2 percent wealthiest Americans, and they don't come without a price to the rest of us.

GUEST COLUMN: Free high-performing public schools for every zip code could be possible

Allowing students in unaccredited school districts to move to accredited ones could create an education free-for-all in Missouri — unless significant reforms are made.

GUEST COLUMN: Health care reform ultimately helps Missourians

Though health care reform — especially the issue of the individual mandate — is a controversial subject, but it will help Missouri residents lead healthier lives.