Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Joplin tornado case uncovers workers' compensation embarrassment

Even though public pressure made the way for Joplin tornado hero, Mark Lindquist, to receive workers' compensation for his injuries, the insurance company could have denied his claim under Missouri law.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Obama deserves credit for vowing to bring soldiers home from Iraq

There is still talk between Iraqis and Americans about an ongoing military relationship and continued Iraqi training under U.S. or NATO auspices.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Stop giving farmers wasteful subsidies

Despite popular belief, the farm sector isn't on the edge of catastrophe. Farm income is expected to reach $115 billion this year, a record for the industry.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Electorate of 150 will decide if the rest of us pay a new sales tax

Only a handful of Columbia voters will have the opportunity to vote on a sales tax that will affect anyone that shops or dines downtown. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Public outrage secured insurance coverage for Joplin tornado survivor

Mark Lindquist put his life at risk to protect three residents at the group home he worked at the night of the Joplin tornado, May 22. The residents died and Lindquist was in a coma for seven weeks. His employer's insurance denied him workers' compensation at first, but now his medical expenses will be paid in full.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Homeless' plight a disgrace for thousands of Columbia's Christians

Jesus healed completely. He did not pay lip service with a tidbit here and a tidbit there. The homeless were not to be coddled all their lives. Christians in Columbia should share their time with others who are less fortunate.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri River needs room to roam

The attempt to contain the Missouri River is a factor in the 2011 floods in the Midwest. Now, the only solution is to stop trying to control the river and give it space to flow.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri legislators failed public, squandered special session

Missouri's 2011 legislative special session ended up being a bust because of disagreements within the House and Senate. Now, the legislatures must repair the damages they made.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Occupy Wall Street movement merits attention

The demonstrators who are occupying Wall Street and protesting on many main streets across the United States are crying out about America's unjust economy.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia should be snapping up food trends; what's stopping us?

Columbia has all the demographics for food trending, but experimental food places are few and far between.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Business owners pad pay while cheering low wages

Fears that hiking minimum wage will decrease job creation and hiring is unfounded. The 343 percent gap between CEO and their workers' pay in the U.S. is the largest in the world.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Wildlife laws need to have more teeth

Wild animals, regardless of where they are, require special handling.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Death of Gadhafi is satisfying end to reign of terror

Even though people are skeptical about America's intervention in Libya, as long as we are not putting our troops at risk, the ending will justify the president's decision.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nation turns its lonely eyes to MLB tobacco chewers

Major League Baseball wants to ban smokeless tobacco, which used to be available free in big-league clubhouses. But the players union thinks it is a matter of individual choice.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Senate should correct old discrimination practices against Jewish soldiers

The U.S. Senate should pass the William Shemin World War I Veterans Act, which would correct past discriminatory practices against Jewish soldiers, allowing for them to potentially receive the Medal of Honor.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Violent arrest at football game deserves penalty call

The tactics used to subdue a misbehaving fan at Saturday's game far exceeded what was necessary.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The St. Louis Cardinals have become almost everybody's team

The Cardinals are a team that everyone can root for.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Disunity of federal and state law threatens equal justice

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court docket has increased, fewer and cases about federal and state law conflicts are heard by the justices. This creates a hole in the system's motto, "Equal Justice Under Law" for the American people.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Prop B compromise appears to be working

Senate Bill 161, a revision of Proposition B, seems to be helping Missouri eliminate its status as the Puppy Mill Capital of America.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't settle for a meaningless, costly primary

Canceling the Missouri presidential primary scheduled for February would save the state $6-$8 million.