Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Recession isn't over for most Americans

What we really need now is vigorous government efforts to create jobs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: National study defies stereotypes of black fathers

Regardless of race, fathers are likely to be less involved in the daily lives of their children if they do not live with them.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pay gap continues to grow at U.S. universities

Students at St. Mary's College in Maryland have been waging battle for some time for a campus-wide living wage.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Social media demographics shift to older users

Until recently, Facebook was synonymous with a youthful communications revolution, but there's been an increase in users over age 65. What is cool with younger people doesn't stay cool forever.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Online voter registration now an option in Missouri

New online tool rolled out in December makes it easier to get people registered. The hardest part might be using the mouse to sign the form.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hands-on farmer looks promising as state director of agriculture

Missouri farmers can be assured Mr. Fordyce will understand their needs and concerns. This is because he is one of them.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Restrictions on nurse practitioners hurt Missouri health care

Missourians are not able to take full advantage of nurse practitioners because the state has more limitations than most others. It is ranked as the 44th most restrictive state for nurse practitioners.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Key to 2014 legislature? Dance the Missouri Waltz

Make no mistake, lawmakers will need a regular Fred Astaire to choreograph agreement on matters as complicated as expanding Medicaid and fixing the school transfer mess that is about to bankrupt several St. Louis-area districts.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Food stamps help good people survive hardship

SNAP is a critical program that deserves full funding and bipartisan support. Statistics say why: One out of seven American households "struggle to put enough food on the table," according to Bread For the World, a major anti-hunger organization.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Becoming super-rich is getting easier

Taxes on income from capital and inheritance taxes are the only meaningful constraints on wealth accumulation by the super-rich. But these taxes have decreased in recent decades.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The year of Edward Snowden — criminal or hero?

Because of Edward Snowden, Americans know today that Big Brother is, in fact, watching.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: J-turn data reveals change for better

Drivers are still critical and expressed concerns about difficulty after the U-turn, insufficient U-turn radius to accommodate large vehicles, general driver uncertainty and improper use of acceleration and deceleration lanes.

GUEST COMMENTARY; In 2014, make a resolution to contain fossil fuels

Even though Congress hasn't addressed fossil fuels or climate change, citizens can still take action — with their investments. Consider selling stock in the 200 fossil-fuel companies and re-invest in clean energy companies.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Military gets a year to show progress on sexual assaults

Of 26,000 assaults last year, only 3,400 were reported, according to the Pentagon.

GUEST COMMENTARY: This low carb diet is good for you — and the planet

In 2014, try a low-carb diet. Not a low–carb(ohydrate) diet, but a low-carbon one. As in carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas causing the climate crisis.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Jazz masters taught lessons about freedom and purpose

Duke Ellington, Charlie "Bird" Parker and Charles Mingus added jazz and more jazz to the world. But their lessons also added the twist of finding out who you are and pursuing the freedom to keep exploring. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: The fight for control over our dinner tables

The driving ethic of the thriving “good food movement” rebuts the insistence that agriculture is nothing but a business.

GUEST COMMENTARY: In his own way, Pope Francis seeks forgiveness

The new Pope has stressed a less legalistic, rule-bound encounter with the faith, seeking always to forgive rather than to judge. In a remarkable interview with the Jesuit magazine America, he stressed that "we must always consider the person."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Don't get too eager for the end of 2013

The issues and conditions that have plagued this long year are not magically coming to an end on Jan. 1, 2014.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: America's middle class is stuck

Middle class prosperity is needed to grow the economy. So where are the solutions?