Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: GOP raises childish bickering to new heights

What Missourians need is an adult discussion on sensible state spending; what we are getting is childish bickering.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Turns out walking is the solution to aging well

Steve and Cokie Roberts write about their family's walking habits and about traditions around the world.

GUEST COMMENTARY: To cut out sugar, don't attempt moderation

The “normal” amount of sugar people eat in our country isn’t actually healthy. On average, U.S. adults eat more than twice as many calories from added sweeteners than they should. This means that our idea of moderation is often still too much sugar.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's not share the road with sleep-deprived truck drivers

A proposed change to federal regulations would effectively let drivers put in as many as 82 hours a week behind the wheel. The change is backed by the trucking industry and opposed by safety advocates and the Obama administration.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Plan to ease student debt was good idea with sloppy execution

The amount of outstanding student loans soared past the trillion-dollar mark several years ago, an amount greater than either credit card debt or auto loan debt.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 100 days after Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared, more questions remain

Flight MH370 is Malaysia's nightmare in more ways than one. Unprecedented in aviation history, it challenges the ingenuity of a small, economically emerging nation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Dining in Europe can be safer than in the U.S.

Europe is much stricter than our country about what kinds of chemicals get into the food chain. Europeans don’t find many — if any — artificial dyes in their food. They can also rest assured that their cows aren’t shot up with artificial growth hormones. Regulation did that.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Right to Farm is a waste of time

Changing the state constitution to give extra protection to an industry that has had its way in Missouri since the founding of the state shuts consumers out completely.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon's vetoes: Good for the state, not an economic roadblock

The governor contends the measures will punch a $425 million hole in the state’s budget, as well as diminish revenues for local governments. Proponents of the measure should respond with facts about the financial repercussions.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Therapy can help one cope with being human

That meme still implies that the people who should undergo therapy are those with big problems. Jill Richardson disagrees. Nearly everyone should get therapy, if they have the means — and a good therapist.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pension plans derail efforts to improve public schools

What if instead of busing students from failing school districts to accredited ones, we bused great teachers from accredited schools into the failing districts? There is one obstacle standing in the way of turning this into a reality in our two biggest cities: the incompatibility of different pension systems.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Republicans short of strategy before fall elections

The latest debate among party insiders is whether GOP House and Senate candidates should produce a document like the Contract With America that tells voters what to expect if Republicans win full control of Congress.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New EPA standards give kids a fighting chance

The director of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign writes that we are the last generation with "the chance to turn the corner on climate disruption."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 10 reasons to vote down the transportation sales tax

There is a lot of juice behind the three-quarter-cent state sales tax increase proposal, which would result in the largest tax increase in state history. 

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time for the state to get tough with Tyson

Tyson has an environmental legacy in Missouri that includes 20 violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The introduction of a chemical in Clear Creek is the latest issue.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Governor's tactics are alarming and ineffective

It's time the governor works with the legislature on budget issues, as well as other important legislation, rather than ringing alarms after the fact.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Prayer can have a place at public meetings

The most recent legal challenge was filed by two non-Christians who contended the prayers at public meetings in a New York state town should be more generic or diverse.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Climate change is real, and it's hurting us

Guest commentator Johann Bruhn writes about the consequences of climate change and urges readers to take action to save the planet.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Try some inexpensive, delicious fish with goofy names

We have an abundant supply of inexpensive, delicious fish with goofy or obscure names, but all we want to eat are fish we’re used to eating.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Consumers, companies need to take data breaches seriously

Given the high-tech way in which the world operates now, protecting data is a business necessity and a matter of safety and security for every consumer.