Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: New law puts disabled at risk

Provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act aim to integrate disabled adults into the mainstream work force. The law fails to take into account that the needs and desires of those with disabilities vary widely.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Amid Ebola news, don't forget your flu shot

Anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of Americans catch the flu during flu season, which stretches from November to May.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Looking ahead if we get a GOP-controlled Congress

There's a small possibility that if Republicans take the Senate, they will be motivated to work with the president and make progress.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't forget: Elections are won by those who show up

Tuesday's election is sneaking up on most Missourians.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Amendment 3's approach to evaluating teachers is wrong

A former teacher and MU education professor explains how Amendment 3 glosses over the real issues of teacher evaluation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voting for sex-crime amendment could deny fair trials

A Columbia-based attorney is concerned Amendment 2, which allows for evidence from other suspected crimes to be used against someone accused of child sexual abuse, will interfere with fair trial.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Ballot propositions shift funding sources, not necessarily in best ways

Propositions 1 and 2 leave much to be desired and might not be the best way to address the need for more police and roadway improvements.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri should embrace the Common Core conflict

The citizens of Missouri are a diverse group of individuals. To avoid conflict among this disparate group of individuals, there are only two things we can do – stop centrally imposing standards or suppress the voices of some citizens.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Limit on governor's authority to balance state budget is a bad idea

Amendment 10 on the November ballot is an effort to fix something that is not broken.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The filthy rich could learn a few lessons from the rest of us

There is no special trait among the wealthy, so it's time to pay attention to low-income workers and advocates.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New development should pay fair share for roads, reduce cost to taxpayers

Recognizing that different uses generate different amounts of traffic, Proposition 2, which is on the Nov. 4 ballot, would raise the charge for new construction to $1 per square foot for residential, $1.50 per square foot for nonresidential with low traffic and $2 per square foot for nonresidential with high traffic.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Drop in student loan defaults is welcome sign

The national student loan default rate fell from 14.7 percent to 13.7 percent from 2010 to 2011.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The wageless recovery might bring humbug to the holidays

Despite a recovering economy, the Census Bureau reports that in 2013, the median household had $4,500 less buying power than it did in 2007, which could result in fewer purchases during the holidays.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Forbes 400 grow wealthier as middle class struggles

America’s wealthiest 400 hold a combined net worth of $2.3 trillion, which places the average Forbes 400 fortune at $5.7 billion, an all-time record high.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We cannot ignore the underrepresentation of minorities among Columbia teachers

The very Constitution that our kids learn about supports the idea that we are all created equal. Does not that mean minorities should be represented as core classroom teachers in a similar proportion to the very students they teach and serve?

GUEST COMMENTARY: It's up to local officials to prepare if Ebola spreads

The CDC has a good track record for preventing and controlling infectious diseases, but it can't be everywhere at once.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Potential risk of meningitis has simple solution

Today, with a quick visit to our doctors, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from dreadful diseases that our ancestors had to face.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Setting standards for Missouri schools needs serious attention

Setting good and challenging standards should in no way impede a teacher's ability to teach that subject or grade level.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We can't go on eating like this

Agriculture is pushing up global temperatures and draining our resources. High- and low-tech solutions have been proposed, but the real answer might be to use all of them.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon fine with favors, as long as he's handing them out

Missouri legislators are willing to pass a special law for one company while schools are under-funded and food insecurity rates increase.