Guest Commentaries

J. KARL MILLER: Like the 'Puppy Mill' legislation, voter intiatives may not serve the public well

The intentions of the “Your Vote Counts” petition, which would demand a three-quarters vote of the legislature to set aside or amend ballot initiatives, should be questioned.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Elected officials must suffer consequences of their legislation

Taxpayers should demand that their elected officials not receive any public benefits they're not willing to bestow upon their constituents.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Martin Luther King's words are relevant today

Legislators should keep King's goal of fighting poverty in mind on the 48th anniversary of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tax-increment financing could help governments create jobs

Tax-increment financing could help federal, state and local governments pay for infrastructure and other improvements — and create jobs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Loathe the messenger, but heed the message

Standard & Poor's is right; national debt threatens not only our current economy but also the standard of living for future generations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Joplin benefits from the labor of inmates

By helping tornado victims and relief workers, prison inmates are benefiting others and building compassion in themselves.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Energy production must move away from private sector

Energy generators under private control have damaged parts of the world as companies reap the financial rewards of ownership.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Action by Missouri Right to Life is reprehensible

Instead of questioning the integrity of women raising children, the organization should make a difference in the black community by helping people raise their babies.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The struggling emergence of a new civility

A "new civility" is emerging in American politics that isn't about being friends, but trying to win the debate.

GUEST COLUMN: As July 4 nears, Joplin gives thanks

As the community recovers, people will gather with friends and families to celebrate life and remember the victims of the terrible tragedy. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Buying from Apple supports tax cheats who exploit labor, human rights

The popular electronics and software company purchases a mineral for its products from war-ravaged Congo, rather than Australia, among other corporate fouls.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Joplin residents show faith in face of disaster

In spite of the mass destruction caused by the May tornado, Joplin's spirit holds strong.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Maryland judge proposes 'best practice' warning for Web-savvy jurors

The phenomenon of social media-savvy "digital natives" colliding with long-held assumptions about how cases are tried and decided is rocking courtrooms.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tax reform should adhere to moral principles

It's both financially and morally irresponsible not to reform America's tax and spending systems.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Does public demand exist for Short Street garage?

At an estimated price of $60,000 for each Short Street garage space available to the public, the Columbia City Council needs to decide if residents share the same perceived value of downtown parking.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Flipping tax system on the rich would pay off debt

By turning each state's tax system on its head — from regressive to progressive — states would raise an additional $490 billion in revenue.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New plan for health care, economic change: Stay healthy

Exercising and eating healthy, carcinogenic-free foods is the best form of health care.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Ice cream saga raises questions about the nature of regulations

Laws that prevent us from living as naturally and as peacefully as we want are not good laws. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Segregation cycle continues through zoning regulations, law enforcement

Racial separation in the U.S. is apparent through zoning regulations and law enforcement, leaving African Americans and Latinos stuck in the segregation cycle.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Thanks to exhibit, Abraham Lincoln continues to inspire

"Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life" at the National Museum of American History reminds us of his humble beginnings and eventual impact on America. It also reminds us of the impact he should have on us.