Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Justice for the people should not be for sale

Skip Walther and others should not use their power in the Missouri Bar to influence judge selection.

GUEST COMMENTARY: A redesigned hot dog might be more safe, but is it still a hot dog?

American Academy of Pediatrics is suggesting that hot dogs no longer be tubular in shape and think a redesign would help prevent choking accidents. The only way to actually prevent choking is to sit down and pace yourself while eating.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri judicial plan isn't broke, let's not fix it

The Missouri Plan has kept politics out of the judicial branch since its adoption in 1940. Let's not change that now.

DEAR READER: Newspapers are hardly washed up

Advertising revenue and print circulation may be down, but reports that many newspapers would go out of business has been proven false.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Charter schools would help Missouri win federal funds

The U.S. Department of Education said Missouri needs to expand its charter school system and improve education reform plans to be a contender for grants.

GUEST COLUMN: Empowering the black powerless

Despite civil rights gains, the black community remains relatively impotent. Too many of the black beneficiaries of economic and political progress have squandered our legacy, resources and potency.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hard to understand the complacency that allowed Hitler's rise to power

Hatred is a passion and something that one feels and has an opinion about. The bigger question is how so many German citizens felt indifferently.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Trip to Holocaust Museum an uncomfortable but informing experience

The Holocaust Museum is an assault on one's senses, forcing visitors to confront images they might not want to while also informing and explaining how it occured.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Repeal estate tax to help farmers preserve the environment

If family members don’t have the money to pay the estate tax, there is probably a developer waiting for their call.

GUEST COMMENTARY: World Press Freedom Day necessary for nations without a free press

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day, which presents an opportunity to face the “powers that be” and declare a collective, unwavering commitment to protecting freedom of the press.

GUEST COLUMNIST: Muslims should be challenging instances of Islamophobia

Educated people all around the world see Muslims as nothing more than terrorists. This is made obvious through offensive depictions of the prophet Mohammed that are made to be laughed at. If no one speaks up against Islamophobia, the future will only hold more misery for the next generation of Muslims.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Bipartisanship helps secure funds to improve Ellis Fischel, fight cancer

The next step is convincing Gov. Jay Nixon that funding the center has long-term benefits.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why not vote on payday loan reform?

Payday loans have begun to run wild in Missouri, yet there has been no vote or effort to protect the citizens.

GUEST COLUMN: Getting financial reform right

Financial reform needs to be done well and with a focus on small communitities. If the bill is passed the way it is written now, credit will be less available for consumers and small businesses and non-banks will lack protection.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Accountability is a dynamic element of citizenship

We must stop being inactive and begin to hold our leaders accountable.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Policy formation enhances government

Columbia City Council makes its policy on an ad hoc basis with little record of actions taken by the council.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Higher taxes, greater government spending undermine economic growth

Stimulus spending may not prove to be very stimulating. According to a recent study, only spending on highly demanded government services appears to boost growth.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 2010 Census: Be heard, be counted

With the 2010 Census forms arriving in households this month, the Columbia/Boone County Complete Count Alliance is encouraging community participation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Video games aren't just for kids

Video games can tell a story just as powerful as a movie or book. With the average age of a gamer in the U.S. at 35, video games are becoming more emotionally intense.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cotton ballers tried to degrade African-Americans

The cotton ball incident was not just vandalism. It was a hate crime.