Guest Commentaries

COLUMN: Amid conflicting reports, here's what should we eat to avoid obesity

Nowadays, what's OK to eat this week might not be OK next week. Maybe we should be eating foods our grandparents ate.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'China Hub' plan for Lambert should be funded privately, not from tax dollars

Private investors, not taxpayers, should not be responsible for footing the bill to create a "Midwest China Hub" for Lambert–St. Louis International Airport.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Death in the shadow of a wall

Editor’s note: In honor of Memorial Day and the many people who fought for the United States, the Missourian is republishing this column by Ernie Pyle. Pyle accompanied World War II Allied forces in the invasions of North Africa, Italy and Normandy, and reported from the front lines with stories of soldiers and their lives. He was killed by Japanese gunfire on Ieshima in 1945.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Eminent domain protections lost in numbers game

The government's decision to flood Mississippi farmland without compensation is a prime example of its thinking of citizens as statistics.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Mission: ABLE helps paralyzed veterans live to the fullest

This Memorial Day, by working to improve health care and benefits for our nation's veterans and expanding employment opportunities for men and women paralyzed in the line of duty, we can pay proper tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of all Americans.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'Fair' mega-tax hurts those most in need

Advocates for a Missouri "consumption tax" on goods and services suggest it would help everyone, including the elderly, families and the state's poorest citizens. But the items it seeks to tax include everyday necessities and exclude expenses irrelevant to the poor, like private school tuition.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri missing a chance to build an energy future

Passing a bill to clear construction for a second nuclear power plant is essential to future economic development.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan's claims of taxing the rich filled with falsehoods

Truth is, the big money that America's richest take in comes from capital gains, not from "creating jobs."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why the left should support a consumption tax

By eliminating the income tax, we would eliminate its compliance burden. By collecting sales taxes at the point of sale, we shift the limited remaining tax filing responsibility onto businesses.

GUEST COMMENTARY: St. Louis Midwest China Hub wrong for Missouri

A 330-page bill aims to grant $360 million in tax credits to create new business, but it's banking on chance and fails to take three major flaws into account.

GUEST COMMENTARY: State senate bill will hurt minority Missouri workers

The attempted passage of Senate Bill 188 is driven by big business and will let discrimination become a problem in the workplace.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'No dogs' good policy for Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary

The carefully restored nature sanctuary should exclude dogs, who can damage delicate habitats and scare off the native critters the park hopes to attract.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama's transparency proves cloudier than ever

Despite initial promises of openness, the Obama administration has set even more boundaries against a transparent government than previous presidents.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Legal community working to find solution for anonymous bloggers

While keeping free speech and free press rights in mind, professionals from the legal field are examining ways to unmask anonymous speakers who make libelous statements.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Payday Loans are money-saving credit for some

Eliminating Missouri's short-term loan industry would hurt the community and those who rely on the loans and borrow responsibly. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Predatory payday loan industry needs reform

Short-term payday loans have long-term effects on communities. They create a cycle of debt that is difficult to escape. 

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The Missourian is accepting letters to the editor and guest commentaries about the ballot issues and candidates until April 1.

GUEST COMMENTARY: U.S. alone among Western democracies in protecting hate speech

The U.S. is an outlier when it comes to freedom of expression. Although we share other countries’ repugnance for hate speech, particularly the race- and religion-baiting variety, the First Amendment reflects a uniquely strong aversion to government censorship of any kind.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Programs use tax money to lobby against transparency

Organizations that receive taxpayer funding should be required to report who gets the money, how much they get and for what purpose it's spent on lobbying.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Outer space arms race posed for conflict

An MU peace studies professor argues for a weapons-free outer space.