Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Questions surround cancellation of 'Pepper and Friends'

Management and funding of the show are questioned.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Students cut out of tailgating discussion

MSA President Jordan Paul details the efforts he and other student organizations made to help keep Reactor Field as a tailgating area.

GUEST COLUMNIST: Abusive lawsuits hindering doctors in the field

Lawmakers need to consider tort reform when reworking health care.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Health care proposals will hurt elderly, the young especially hard

A lot of people don't know the finer ins and outs of Obama's health care plan, including some of its potential dangers. Among other things, the new plan could result in an increase in premiums ad billions of dollars in cuts for Medicare Advantage.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Police use of force in Columbia growing more out of control

With the recent arrest of Carl Alan Giles, in which at least 10 officers were present when Giles was found urinating in an alley, it's time to reexamine the department's use-of-force procedures.

GUEST COLUMN: Health care reform for the Ninth District

In the coming weeks, Washington plans to take a hard look at health care reform. While there are a lot of positive draws to the new health care plan, it could spell trouble for small businesses.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri workers need green jobs now

Working to make the nation's energy sources more efficient could help create thousands of jobs in Missouri – if politicians in Washington can catch up with the times.

GUEST COLUMN: Obama's election won't end exploitation of race

Beginning with the exploitation and colonization of Africa, Asia and the Americas and continuing through today, race has been used as an economic tool.

GUEST COLUMN: Bond issue a good investment for Missouri

Rep. Chris Kelly explains why he thinks a bond issue to raise money for capital improvements is the right step for Missouri to take.

GUEST COLUMN: Time to take back state's rights

The U.S. Constitution gives us, the people, the express authority to do something about a burdensome government any time we want to: the 10th Amendment.

Tackling Columbia's lighting woes isn't just about brightness

Many have offered opinions on the budget reduction for streetlights in Columbia. But while some think the plan sounds dangerous, just as many safety issues could arise if things are left as they are.

GUEST COLUMN: A vision for Columbia's sustainability program

A properly planned sustainability program would focus emerging community efforts on reducing energy and resource use, as well as on generating less waste.

GUEST COLUMN: West Broadway plan a folly of Titanic proportions

Did City Council want to show off the painted GetAbout Columbia paths and love of a parkway, or did it want to create a workable street where cars and bikes and residents can coexist in harmony?  If it was the latter, it has certainly failed miserably.

Every citizen has the power to lead

President Obama is the commander in chief of the United States, but he's not its only leader.  All citizens have a responsibility to keep themselves informed and stay active in order to lead the country toward a better future.

GUEST COLUMN: The valor of patriots remembered on Memorial Day

The holiday was first begun to honor those who died in the Civil War. Today, we celebrate the brave soldiers who protect the peace at home and overseas.

GUEST COLUMN: What makes a great city?

Are the characterstics and qualities of a great city different for ethnic minority residents?

Guests often become friends for Pepper and Mouser

Many of the people who have appeared on "Pepper and Friends" over the past 27 years have been more then interview subjects. And they have been a variety of characters. "We run the gamut, I think, in local community television," co-host James Mouser said.

GUEST COLUMN: Changing helmet law makes no sense

Changing the law to allow motorcycle riders over the age of 21 to ride without a helmet is a step backward.

GUEST COLUMN: Thirty years later, Aslanidis family at G&D still as wonderful as ever

The kindness shown to a young, financially struggling couple by the owners of G&D Steakhouse is still alive after more than 30 years.

GUEST COLUMN: Capital punishment is not the answer; save Dennis Skillicorn

No state or individual should have a right to kill anyone. Gov. Jay Nixon should commute Dennis Skillicorn's death sentence.