Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri would benefit from more charter schools

By assigning children to high schools based on their location, Missouri is limiting poor and minority students' opportunities to receive a better education. Charter schools should be allowed to open in cities besides Kansas City and St. Louis.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Expanding Missouri's highway, freight systems key for future development

Missouri could face a more prosperous future by considering alternative financing for transportation investment such as public-private partnerships.

GUEST COMMENTARY: GOP economic agenda runs counter to ideals of Martin Luther King Jr.

Republican opposition to providing support to struggling Americans in times of need would actually force impoverished blacks, Latinos, and others on low-incomes even farther down the economic ladder.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The West should take note of events in Tunisia

The three transformations in the past week in the Arab world are important for the long-term U.S. engagement in the Middle East and North Africa.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri's focus should be on problem-solving, not rhetoric

Petty bickering distracts us from serious issues facing the state.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Repealing the health care law would be bad for rural America

Today, the health care law means that children can no longer be refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions. If Congress repeals the law, insurance companies could once again shut these families out.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Farm bill is always an easy target

The U.S. farm commodity support, crop insurance and export programs are the most vulnerable to media attack, and yet they are the very programs designed to keep the United States self-sufficient in food production.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Separating myths and facts regarding Prop B

Proposition B passed in November, but the debate around the legislation is far from over.

GUEST COMMENTARY: West Broadway decisions the worst of 2010

An earlier column by George Kennedy failed to point out that all Columbia citizens will end up paying to widen Broadway between Garth Avenue and West Boulevard.

COLUMN: Future depends on ability to have difficult dialogues with civility

Regardless of whether the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is related to the increasingly heated political discourse of the past few years, the United States needs to address some serious problems.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Halt Rick Clay's execution and review his case

Gov. Nixon needs to order a stay of execution for Rick Clay so that investigators can examine evidence that was withheld by the prosecution.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Going mad for mincemeat pie

Too much sugar at Christmas has created an addict.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cutting public media a reckless notion

More than ever before, we need independent, influence-free journalism — free of commercial influence, political influence and government influence. We should invest more, not less, to get it.

GUEST COMMENTARY: For Farm Bureau, new year suggestions turn into policies

It's a hallmark of the organization to consider every resolution offered by its membership and then to revise policy booklets to reflect the decisions. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama's tax deal will hurt Social Security

The tax deal ends the Making Work Pay program, which was targeted at the middle class, and replaces it with the Payroll Tax Holiday, which favors the rich. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Rational approach needed to fix Prop B

A reasonable solution is needed to address Missouri's puppy-mill problem while at the same time protecting ethical breeders.

GUEST COMMENTARY: As marriage fades, society suffers

The Pew Research Center reports that 40 percent of Americans think marriage is obsolete, but what could possibly replace it?

GUEST COMMENTARY: A few things to keep in mind about the WikiLeaks cables

The comminiques between diplomats can't be fully understood without knowing their historical context, the motivations of the writers and the motivations of the leakers.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Reagan's approach needed to rescue New START arms-control deal

If ratified, the new treaty will reduce verification standards necessary to make sure arms reduction is happening.

GUEST COMMENTARY: A farmer's Christmas poem

St. Nick, he would tire without milk and a snack, but the reindeer must haul that fat elf and his pack.