Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Awaiting Obama's jobs speech: Will it harness the American spirit?

President Obama and Republic lawmakers need to provide a new narrative for the American people, one that speaks to their concerns and aspirations.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Apple's Steve Jobs is brilliant, but no Henry Ford

Steve Jobs' leadership at Apple helped transform the world as we know it today. Even so, comparisons to Henry Ford are a bit much.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Bears are back in Missouri, thanks to conservation efforts

The black bear has seen a significant increase in Missouri — so much so that the Missouri Department of Conservation wants to measure how much the population has grown.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Political shuffling begins in race for governor

Kevin Elmer, a Republican representative from Nixa in the Missouri House of Representatives, has raised concerns about Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's viability as a candidate for governor.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Reflecting on Sept. 11 can be healing

The 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks is a time to remember how our lives have changed since that day.

GUEST COMMENTARY: How not to create jobs — some advice for Gov. Nixon

Gov. Jay Nixon is trying to create new jobs by building new warehouses at the St. Louis airport, but his plan will do more harm than good.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Abolition of nuclear weapons is an achievable goal

One of the Missourian's columnists, J. Karl Miller, should think outside his own personal experience when writing about our nation's policy of nuclear deterrence.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Nuclear deterrence does not provide adequate security

Nuclear deterrence does not guarantee protection against a nuclear attack and is susceptible to human error, sabotage and cyber attack.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Don't splinter the nation over disaster aid

Members of Congress should ignore partisan politics and do what's best for disaster relief efforts in Missouri and the United States.

WHAT OTHER SAY: Solve that gambling problem? Come on back

The Missouri Gaming Commission passed a new rule that would allow people who previously signed up voluntarily for a lifetime exclusion to return to casinos after five years on "The List."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Bickering over disaster funds is inexcusable

Even with the damage from Hurricane Irene expected to cost FEMA $9 billion more than it has, the government should do all they can to help the East Coast recover as quickly as possible.

J. KARL MILLER: Like the 'Puppy Mill' legislation, voter intiatives may not serve the public well

The intentions of the “Your Vote Counts” petition, which would demand a three-quarters vote of the legislature to set aside or amend ballot initiatives, should be questioned.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Elected officials must suffer consequences of their legislation

Taxpayers should demand that their elected officials not receive any public benefits they're not willing to bestow upon their constituents.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Martin Luther King's words are relevant today

Legislators should keep King's goal of fighting poverty in mind on the 48th anniversary of his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tax-increment financing could help governments create jobs

Tax-increment financing could help federal, state and local governments pay for infrastructure and other improvements — and create jobs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Loathe the messenger, but heed the message

Standard & Poor's is right; national debt threatens not only our current economy but also the standard of living for future generations.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Joplin benefits from the labor of inmates

By helping tornado victims and relief workers, prison inmates are benefiting others and building compassion in themselves.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Energy production must move away from private sector

Energy generators under private control have damaged parts of the world as companies reap the financial rewards of ownership.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Action by Missouri Right to Life is reprehensible

Instead of questioning the integrity of women raising children, the organization should make a difference in the black community by helping people raise their babies.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The struggling emergence of a new civility

A "new civility" is emerging in American politics that isn't about being friends, but trying to win the debate.