Guest Commentaries

GUEST COLUMN: Missouri’s court system isn’t broken

A proposed amendment would weaken Missouri's judicial selection process by inserting party politics.

GUEST COLUMN: Investigative reporting may have helped overturn wrongful conviction

A class project for journalist Ben Poston, investigating the possible wrongful conviction of Josh Kezer, finally came to a conclusion almost two years after he graduated from MU when Kezer was exonerated by a Cole County judge. Poston published an article in 2007 that broke the news that the case had been reopened after 14 years. It also highlighted new witnesses and evidence not presented at the original trial.

MU guest lecture focuses on identity of black female adolescents

Sheila Walker, a guest lecturer at MU on Friday, conducted two years of ethnographic research in Los Angeles County on how African-American girls form their identity.

GUEST COLUMN: Utility-backed proposal is worst bailout yet

Utility companies are getting their way despite economic downturn.

GUEST COLUMN: Criticism of Missouri Scholars Academy unfair

Margaret Bauer, an alumnae of the Missouri Scholars Academy, disagreed with columnist Katy Steinmetz's opinions on the program. Bauer believes MSA exposes its participants to various opportunities by creating a fun environment.

GUEST COLUMN: Common sense answers for affordable health care

The hospitals have agreed to tax themselves $52.5 million and use that money as the match to draw more than $90 million of federal funds to Missouri.

GUEST COLUMN: Kick advance-financing laws to the curb

If the status quo were a viable option, this might not be a difficult choice — but Missouri’s ever-increasing power needs must be met.

GUEST COLUMN: MU should protect gender identity and expression

A referendum for adding "gender identity and expression" to the non-discrimination policy at MU is set for April 6-8. Include Me MU is also meeting with individual schools within the university since each school each hasthe right to implement further policies for themselves.

GUEST COLUMN: Nuclear power can build a balanced energy portfolio in Missouri

Nuclear plants are essential in providing Missouri with consistent power and supplementing renewables like solar and wind power.

Police arrest man after houseguest robbery

Jerome F. Dunn, 21, was arrested by a Boone County Sheriff's deputy after a search of his home revealed stolen property, according to a news release from the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

GUEST COLUMN: Dialogue important to ensure nobody left out in tough economic times

The faith-based Long Spoons Coalition helps to reinforce the community's interests in the state budget process.

GUEST COLUMN: America must change its views on homosexuality

America is degrading its people, and everything Americans do against gay people is against our founding fathers’ words.

GUEST COLUMN: What about those under the middle class?

In light of all the press about the Obama family,  it seems as though all of the other families are being forgotten and left under the radar.

GUEST COLUMN: What we need in a new superintendent

The search for a public school superintendent is fraught with challenges. Ken Green, co-founder of Youth Alternative Learning Exchange, offers advice from educators and his own personal experience.



GUEST COLUMN: Employee Free Choice Act would empower workers to unionize

Pending legislation would only change who gets to choose how to form a labor union. It would make that the choice of the workers instead of the choice of their boss.

School choice up to parents

What if public schools are eventually federally consolidated in essence, and other choices regulated awayunder the guise of "quality control" – in order to essentially protect us from ourselves?  Well, at least we'd be free from the concerns of having a local school board to complain about.

It's torture, stupid, and life is not a TV show

Which is more disturbing: That the president and vice-president continue to deny that the United States engaged in torture, or that the right-wing pundits use the plot of a TV show to justify such actions?

Association aims to unite Columbia's black parents

The group wants to support black parents and their allies in helping children achieve at a high level without being exclusionary.

GUEST COLUMN: Downturn offers chance to encourage economic innovation

Creative solutions are needed to make sure Missouri's economy continues to grow and evolve, especially in tough times.

GUEST COLUMN: Coalition demands Taser regulation

Several incidents of the use of Tasers by the Columbia Police Department did not follow regulations and caused serious harm to individuals. Thus, additional regulations are needed to reduce the risks involved.