Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missourians support ethics reform. Why won't the legislature act?

A new poll conducted by The Wickers Group on behalf of the Missouri Liberty Project shows broad-based support, among Democrats, Republicans and independents, for serious ethics reform in the Show-Me State.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Good job, legislature, keeping e-cigs away from minors

E-cigs are touted as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products, but they are not without health risks.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri needs a way to monitor prescription drug abuse

We encourage area citizens concerned for their communities to support legislative proposals for a prescription drug monitoring program that would allow Missouri authorities to electronically analyze drug purchases and detect when prescriptions are being abused.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Being a vegetarian doesn't mean being a jerk

Open dialogue — not judgment — is more productive among people with different diet choices.

GUEST COMMENTARY: U.S. attorney general takes humane steps toward prison reform

The attorney general — long dismissed by many critics as a mere minion of his dictatorial boss — is actively involved in bringing, of all things, human rights to our prison system.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We might be journalists, but at least we're not lumberjacks

A group of young journalists respond to new job rankings which place journalism jobs at the bottom of the "best" list.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri Highway Patrol cross-trains to boost safety at Lake of the Ozarks

Just as athletes enhance fitness and safety by training in multiple disciplines, state troopers will promote public safety at the Lake of the Ozarks by acquiring training both on highways and waterways.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The tragedy in Rwanda may ultimately have a happy ending

In Rwanda today, the genocide — while it will never be forgotten — has been put aside as the victims and the perpetrators join hands in a remarkable effort to build a better nation.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Luxury living for seniors, at taxpayers' expense

A Missouri House bill would allow senior living centers to organize as not-for-profits and avoid many taxes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Senseless act of violence takes three lives at K.C. Jewish center

This kind of headline should not be the norm, and no family or community should have to endure this sorrow. Yet we as a nation seem paralyzed at the prospect of dealing with it.

GUEST COMMENTARY: One genetically engineered crop doesn't change root causes of poverty

By focusing on the real, underlying problems instead of a narrowly defined nutrient deficiency, countless numbers of people could have enjoyed a higher standard of living.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tornado sirens may save your life — heed them

It's important to remember that while we receive more warnings than damage, that doesn't mean we're immune to mother nature's destruction.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MU professors explain disinterest in public office

Among the reasons cited are political calculation, money issues, prospects for advancing to higher office and the notion of public service.

GUEST COMMENTARY: To balance the budget, close the 'Paris Hilton' loophole

Estate taxes have historically raised substantial revenue from Americans with the greatest capacity to pay. The tax is a levy on inheritances that multi-millionaires and billionaires leave behind when they pass away.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Limits lifted on campaign contributions serve only the rich

The more conservative members ruled in a 5-4 decision last week that decades-old limits on the amounts any individual can contribute to federal candidates in a two-year election cycle is no more.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: When Subway footlongs come up short

Lawsuits like this one undermine legal efforts to redress serious grievances.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Legislature takes the 'Show Me' out of Missouri

Missouri senators ignored signs that Kansas' tax-cut approach isn't working and passed a bill that would cut taxes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Bold gay marriage ruling seems unexceptional today

In 2009, Iowa became the first state in the nation to reverse such a same-sex marriage ban, paving the way for legal same-sex marriage. Now, 17 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage by court rulings, by statute or by popular votes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Debate about climate change is essentially over

Developing effective ways to adapt is a worthwhile step while the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to rise.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The U.S. has limited options in the Russia-Ukraine arena

The U.S. must continue to rally the Europeans to stand together against Putin's dream of rebuilding the lost Soviet empire.