Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hemp-oil bill should open larger discussion about legalizing pot

Careful reading of the bill that allows the use of cannabis extract to treat epilepsy shows that it sets up the regulatory framework for dealing with medicinal marijuana, now legal in 23 states.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri needs to think policy, not politics

This year's legislative session provided many more examples of partisanship at its worst, leading to bad law in some cases and failure to get necessary work done in others.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: EPA needs to clarify Clean Water Act for farmers

A number of farmers in Kansas, Missouri and other states are concerned that a pending clarification of the federal act will require them to give up some of their current farming activities or seek the EPA’s permission for how to handle water runoff on their lands.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Consider new evidence in case of inmate scheduled to be executed

Regardless of one's perspective on the death penalty, all should concur our society is ill served by executing the wrongly convicted.

GUEST COMMENTARY: No one is exempt from a tough pregnancy decision; don't make it harder

If pregnancy isn’t compatible with the woman’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health, then access to abortion is a part of her right to seek full health, to control her destiny.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Study divides nation into seven groups, but all are proud to be American

The Pew Research Center poll found that while Americans may be more politically divided than ever they are still united by patriotism.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Mental health-law enforcement partnership is bonus for state

The initiative contains two laudable goals: decreasing societal costs and treating individual mental health disorders.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: After middle school, extreme quest for popularity doesn't pay off

The main thing everybody should take away from researcher Joseph P. Allen's study is timeless: The only lasting form of popularity is based on confidence, benevolence and individuality.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Compassion should be a forefront of immigration efforts

Congress should support enhanced border enforcement by giving Mr. Obama the $2 billion he has requested to further bolster efforts during the crisis.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Cheap shrimp in U.S. depends on slave labor abroad

Shrimp is America’s No. 1 seafood. In fact, we eat far more shrimp than our other two favorites, tuna and salmon. For consumers, cleaning up our shrimp act doesn’t have to mean giving up shrimp entirely — but it does mean doing a bit of homework.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Supreme Court has lousy record on safeguarding individual rights

Rutherford Institute founder John Whitehead keeps reminding us of brazen Supreme Court violations of the Constitution during this and past administrations.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Child Development Laboratory offers great service for price

The Child Development Laboratory is a fully licensed and accredited child-care facility in the state of Missouri and provides high quality child care to community members, faculty, staff and students alike.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Extra credit for Brazil, but not the grand prize

Is it really fair to consider not cutting down big swathes of rainforest as a positive action?

WHAT OTHERS SAY: GOP raises childish bickering to new heights

What Missourians need is an adult discussion on sensible state spending; what we are getting is childish bickering.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Turns out walking is the solution to aging well

Steve and Cokie Roberts write about their family's walking habits and about traditions around the world.

GUEST COMMENTARY: To cut out sugar, don't attempt moderation

The “normal” amount of sugar people eat in our country isn’t actually healthy. On average, U.S. adults eat more than twice as many calories from added sweeteners than they should. This means that our idea of moderation is often still too much sugar.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Let's not share the road with sleep-deprived truck drivers

A proposed change to federal regulations would effectively let drivers put in as many as 82 hours a week behind the wheel. The change is backed by the trucking industry and opposed by safety advocates and the Obama administration.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Plan to ease student debt was good idea with sloppy execution

The amount of outstanding student loans soared past the trillion-dollar mark several years ago, an amount greater than either credit card debt or auto loan debt.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: 100 days after Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared, more questions remain

Flight MH370 is Malaysia's nightmare in more ways than one. Unprecedented in aviation history, it challenges the ingenuity of a small, economically emerging nation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Dining in Europe can be safer than in the U.S.

Europe is much stricter than our country about what kinds of chemicals get into the food chain. Europeans don’t find many — if any — artificial dyes in their food. They can also rest assured that their cows aren’t shot up with artificial growth hormones. Regulation did that.