Guest Commentaries

GUEST COMMENTARY: Remember Sandy Hook with sensible gun laws

As he checks items off his to-do list, President Obama should remember the 20 children shot to pieces in Newtown, Connecticut, on Dec. 14 two years ago.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Other states follow Missouri lead in looking to cut income taxes

Iowa is not the only border state looking to make income tax changes. In neighboring Nebraska, legislators are exploring a round of tax cuts of their own that would also chop the state’s tax on incomes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Eliminating comments can turn conversation toward civility

The St-Louis Post-Dispatch explains why it is removing comment sections from editorials to foster better conversation.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: U.S. must admit wrongs found in torture report

A report released by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reveals "enhanced interrogation techniques" being used in the name of national defense.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Legislative reform needed at state, federal levels

The last time the U.S. Congress' approval rating was above 30 percent was in 2009. It hasn't topped 50 percent in the past decade. Missouri's legislature isn't far behind when it comes to poor leadership and ethical failures. So what needs to change before our elected officials become effective again?

GUEST COMMENTARY: How employers overwork without overtime

There used to be a big distinction between hourly and salaried employees. That wasn’t by accident.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: O'Fallon gets serious about distracted driving

O'Fallon City Council passes a law that bans texting-while-driving for everyone.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: FAA approach to drones threatens important uses

A new proposal on commercial drones is expected to require operators to have a pilot's license for a manned aircraft. Operators also would be required to keep the drones in sight at all times.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Immigration order and eligibility for benefits

By extending certain rights to people who immigrated to the U.S. illegally, President Obama is getting closer to letting them obtain insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

STEVE SPELLMAN: A powder keg like Ferguson could happen almost anywhere

 Much has been said about racism, poverty, police aggression, the breakdown of law and order, but there's more at work here.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Legislature can raise fuel tax with a public vote

Using 1 percent of previous state revenue as a cap, the legislature can collect an additional $84 million or so in fuel taxes next year, writes Joseph Miller, a policy researcher at the Show-Me Institute.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Hungry children live and starve close to home

While the logic of not wasting food might escape many 5-year-olds, the worry about wasted food is a real one. Food currently comprises 20 percent of what we put into landfills.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: State workers need a raise before lawmakers do

The case against the pay increases rests on two arguments — one based on comparative fairness, the other on the principle of public service.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Thankful for transparency in Missouri

Missouri is doing OK in regard to the government data it provides citizens. The Missouri Accountability Portal, began in 2009, helps keep citizens informed about how money is being spent.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Race. Let's start talking about it

More than a century after Emancipation, progress has occurred grudgingly, mostly because of courts, federal intervention and activists who wouldn't go away. What didn't happen was economic equality.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: America needs solid new defense secretary

America needs better from its leaders as the Obama administration looks for its fourth Defense secretary in six years. There is too much danger in the world.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Retail workers should get to enjoy Thanksgiving, not be forced to work it

Our capitalist craze to get the best deals has spawned a new shopping holiday: Grey Thursday. Or, as it's more commonly known, Thanksgiving Day. People choosing to go shopping on a national holiday is one thing. Retail employees being forced to work it is another.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why CEOs earn salaries bigger than company taxes

Last year, 29 of the 100 highest-paid CEOs made more in personal compensation than their companies paid in federal income taxes.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The poor and hungry look a lot like you and me

Despite moral-high-horse predictions, when Florida tested welfare recipients for drugs, only 2.6 percent tested positive — far less than the 8 percent of Floridians overall who use illegal drugs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Congress needs to finish job of immigration reform

President Obama's executive action is not enough to fix our country's broken immigration system.