Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Even the NRA opposes latest Missouri gun bill

It’s odd to find ourselves on the same side of gun issue as the National Rifle Association. Of course, the NRA is against it for all the wrong reasons, but in the spirit of togetherness, let’s ignore that.

GUEST COMMENTARY: National recovery is real, though little noticed

The president hasn't gotten any political benefit from decreasing deficits. State surpluses are being attributed to two things — national economic growth and an increase in state's personal income taxes.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Michael Sam — All-American on and off the field

Society is changing, as well as the culture of professional sports. And changing, too, thanks in part to Mr. Sam, is the definition of a football player and a teammate.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Look for a long, difficult legislative session

Republicans not only are shelving Nixon's budget, they are challenging the governor's budget authority. The conflict isn't just about money; it's also personal.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Eggs lawsuit is politically smart, ethically sketchy for Koster

California lawmakers in 2010 passed a law requiring all eggs sold in California — where one in every three eggs laid in Missouri is sold — to come from hens quartered in  accommodations that meet the state's requirement.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: With 1,200 open seats on state boards and commission, action is needed

Some lawmakers believe Gov. Jay Nixon isn’t moving quickly enough on appointments, and they have proposed legislation to require more timely action.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: After all the dreary news, athletes are now the Olympic stars

As so often happens at the Olympics — and often out of nowhere — athletes will put their own stamp on the Games with some brilliant performances on the ice or snow.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'America the Beautiful' in many languages aptly reflects the country

Coca-Cola's multilingual Super Bowl ad caused controversy this week with Fox commentators such as Glenn Beck and Todd Starnes. But Americans have been speaking other languages since the country was founded.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More robust protection needed for Current, Jacks Fork rivers

This is our opportunity to insist that the National Park Service use the plan update to provide management that broadens the types of visitors we hope to attract.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: If men could have babies, there would be no abortion controversy

Lawmakers jump at any chance to get their views "on the record" on abortion.

GUEST COMMENTARY: It's not smart to send well-educated immigrants back home

Newcomers are good for the economy. They don't take jobs away from native-born Americans, they create jobs for everyone.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pete Seeger left a long musical legacy

Pete Seeger, who died Jan. 27, contributed to the cultivation and popularization of country and folk music in America during the 1960s. He also founded the Newport Folk Festival, which was where artists like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan began to gain popularity.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Reform, not spending, should top the state's agenda

Gov. Jay Nixon's State of the State address reflects a change in attitude regarding tax policy, Medicaid spending and education funding that is problematic for Missouri.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: High five as official greeting or legislative silliness?

House Bill 1624, introduced by Rep. Courtney Allen Curtis, D-Berkeley, proposes that the "high five" be the official state greeting. No other state in the union has an official greeting.


GUEST COMMENTARY: The push for weed sounds a lot like the push for casinos

James E. Fisher of St. Louis University likens the push toward legalization of marijuana to the legalization of gambling in casinos in the 1990s.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Changes up in the air for Kansas City airport

A report from Frasca & Associates challenged some concerns that airlines serving the airport presented to a citizens commission earlier this month.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's too late to help Sasha Menu Courey, but not too late for justice

Mr. Wolfe’s call for action could have a significant impact on how future assault cases are handled by Mizzou and the other schools in the system.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The minimum we can do to fight inequality

We have an economy that’s stopped working for average people, middle class and poor alike, because the rich have rigged the economic rules in their own favor.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Follow Tim Wolfe's advice — freeze tuition for UM schools

Despite one of the lowest tax rates in the nation, Missouri will continue to seek additional tax cuts until education becomes a priority. UM System President Tim Wolfe believes the first step is to freeze tuition and lower students' financial burden.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: State abortion bill addresses safety issues

The bill is seen as a priority for the lobbyist group Missouri Right to Life.