Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Debate about climate change is essentially over

Developing effective ways to adapt is a worthwhile step while the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to rise.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The U.S. has limited options in the Russia-Ukraine arena

The U.S. must continue to rally the Europeans to stand together against Putin's dream of rebuilding the lost Soviet empire.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Hobby Lobby should not impose religious beliefs on its employees

Religious freedom is an individual right, not an employer choice. A firm run by executives with deep religious convictions is not the same as a church or religious nonprofit organization.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Believe it or not, Shell Oil really gets it

The world's seventh-largest oil company gets that unless things change quickly, another big financial market bubble has the potential to bring people to their knees.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Overseas tax loopholes hurt local business

Lots of money is being handed to multinational companies in overseas tax subsidies and loopholes. Conservative estimates put the total loss at $100 billion a year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Revision of the state's criminal code is highest priority

The governor's office points out that the proposed legislation of more than 1,100 pages is simply too much in one bill. He would prefer that it be broken down into more manageable pieces.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: KCI airport may need upgrades, but not an overhaul

The current setup for security at Kansas City Airport isn't inefficient. Passenger wait times at screening checkpoints average 10 minutes and likely would not change with a new terminal.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Is it really worth filling up a landfill to avoid making your own coffee?

While it’s easy to make fun of Americans’ drive to save time in the kitchen, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. In fact, sometimes time-saving steps constitute efficiency and ingenuity, not laziness.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: MU still dragging its feet on sex-assault policy

The university says it is concerned that students might feel less inclined to seek help because of the Title IX reporting requirement. It is shameful that the state university system’s crown jewel is still wringing its hands about the matter.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri needs to further address its freight problems

Managing freight transport is essential to Missouri's continued growth. The more growth, the bigger the problem of moving loads efficiently.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Funding public education has always been the American way

At the founding of this nation, the Framers of the Constitution believed in publicly educating our children. To argue against adequately funding our schools rejects Adams and Jefferson and Franklin.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Advanced Placement rush puts more students at risk of failure

Too many unprepared students are being placed in Advanced Placement classes and forced to take the exams. The problem is that some states have become so caught up in the hype to push AP that they now routinely have more than 50 percent exam failures, based on tests actually taken.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Genetically engineered fish endangers wild salmon, other catch

Frankenfish is a threat to fisheries around the world. It might begin with salmon, but it won't end there. And it won't change the fact that the wild salmon, along with naturally grown fruits, vegetables and nuts, provide the nutrition humans need.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Federal report on poverty misses many marks

There is room for criticism of Ryan's report, but both Republicans and Democrats alike should join U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan in an attempt to try to figure out what more we can do to help our nation's low-income population.

GUEST COMMENTARY: A call to citizens to hold government accountable

The Illinois Court of Appeals and Colorado courts, both state and federal, have found that government records discussing allegations of misconduct by public employees cannot be shielded from public inspection. Happy Sunshine Week, everyone.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Fred Phelps' hate crusade was largely in vain

It is now a badge of honor to be picketed by the increasingly cartoonish Westboro clan.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Obama has failed to deliver on promise of transparency

An Associated Press analysis of federal data found that the Obama administration got more secretive last year, censoring or denying FOIA access to government files more than at any time in the president’s tenure.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Russian's grab of Crimea is rooted in nuclear nonproliferation

Ukraine's fate is likely to make the world's nuclear rogues, such as Iran and North Korea, even less likely to give up their nuclear facilities or weapons.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Gratitude at last for Jewish and Hispanic soldiers

These 24 soldiers were likely denied because of their ethnic or religious heritages.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Americans work overtime to preserve overtime

Hourly workers who belong to unions still bargain for overtime pay, but only one in every nine workers today belongs to a union.