Guest Commentaries

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Latest sign world is slightly off-balance — cat cafes

Cat cafes, which started in Taiwan and Japan, are coffee shops where you can go to play with cats while you enjoy a hot beverage.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Americans just don't want to eat azodicarbonamide and calcium sulfate dihydrate

Consumers must not panic about multisyllabic ingredients that will have less of an effect on their health than the fats and sugars they consume, but they must also be aware of misleading marketing.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Instead of pointing fingers at Ginny Chadwick, look at City Hall

Local government is a darn hard job. Ginny Chadwick should know, too, that a public servant can never communicate enough.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Health care act has one key purpose: affordable insurance

Four conservative Supreme Court justices will decide if the Affordable Care Act's subsidies are legal.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Follow the leader and consider taxes on soda

The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than six teaspoons of these sugars per day and urges men to limit themselves to nine. Yet the average American consumes 7.5 teaspoons a day just from sugary drinks alone.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Pay attention to winter weather warnings

In preparation for winter, advisories have been prepared by the State Emergency Management Agency, Missouri Department of Transportation, the Missouri Highway Patrol and the U.S. Postal Service.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri legislature must adopt a Ferguson agenda

The 2015 legislative session must be different. The post-Ferguson landscape demands it.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Democrats paid heavily for their political failures

The Democratic Party is a collection of political strands that pull in one direction and push in the other.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Loretta Lynch should be confirmed promptly

Lynch deserves prompt confirmation as the next attorney general because a prolonged delay could open the door for political mischief and leave the Justice Department uncertain about its next boss.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The case of Robert De Niro and his property taxes

De Niro is just one of many who are punished for upgrading their property by paying higher taxes every year.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Rams should stay in St. Louis, but not at taxpayers' expense

Gov. Jay Nixon is working on a proposal to keep the Rams in St. Louis, but economic growth is not a valid argument.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Little trick by Verizon will cost customers their privacy

Rather than inviting the rest of the Internet to violate its customers' privacy, Verizon should find a more respectful way to generate advertising dollars.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Shooting movies in Missouri provides few long-term benefits

Film tax credits don’t create long-term jobs, nor do they create sustainable economic growth for the state.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Push fruits and vegetables, not prescription drugs

In New York City, some hospitals are now giving children prescriptions for fruit and vegetables. The prescriptions can be exchanged at farmers’ markets for fresh produce, allowing low-income families to stretch their food budget.

GUEST COMMENTARY: After Prop 2 failure, city needs to muster and address growth responsibly

Proposition 2 would have raised developer fees to help with building the infrastructure that growth requires, but now the council must find an alternative. A solution won’t be easy to find.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: What's ahead: Tax cuts for rich, pro-gun laws, fewer women's rights

The red wave that rolled across the country in Tuesday’s election washed control of the U.S. Senate from Democratic hands, solidified Republican control of the U.S. House and raised the Republicans’ veto-proof majorities in the Missouri Legislature to near-record levels.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ferguson no-fly zone cover-up threatens trust in police

St. Louis County police have said repeatedly that the restriction was solely for safety and was not intended to prevent media from witnessing the violence or the police response.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon must consider clemency petitions for 14 Missouri women

None of the 14 women poses a threat to society. But their sentences are in many cases disproportionate with penalties handed out to men who do present a menace.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: New law puts disabled at risk

Provisions of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act aim to integrate disabled adults into the mainstream work force. The law fails to take into account that the needs and desires of those with disabilities vary widely.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Amid Ebola news, don't forget your flu shot

Anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of Americans catch the flu during flu season, which stretches from November to May.