Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider staggered four-year terms for representatives

If newly-elected representatives must start fundraising so quickly after their election, why not help relieve the problem by staggering their terms in office.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help Missouri women by expanding Medicaid

February is American Heart Month, and expanding Medicaid to cover more women would mean healthier Missourians and a healthier state.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion makes sense for Missouri

Medicaid expansion could benefit 50,000 Missouri adults through community treatment programs providing behavioral health services.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion is a matter of life and death

The approximately 300,000 Missourians who don't qualify for Medicaid face devastating hardships.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Marijuana reform works elsewhere, can work in Missouri

Just as many who did not use alcohol saw the shortcomings of alcohol prohibition, many who will never use marijuana can see that our present policy is foolish, counterproductive and doomed to fail.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stick to the facts on Medicaid

Claims that Medicaid expansion in Missouri would be "too expensive" to ignore obvious economic and health benefits.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On taxes, Missouri's neighbors raise the stakes

Missouri lawmakers deserved applause for finally getting a tax cut across the finish line in 2014, and make no mistake: Support for tax relief has never been greater in the Missouri legislature than it will be in 2015.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A novel solution to Missouri's I-70 problem

Iowa's bottle recycling program might provide Missouri with a way to pay for rebuilding Interstate 70.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Protect yourself when gas prices go up again

When it comes to propelling our vehicles there are an increasing number of energy alternatives available, and some of them are less expensive – and less damaging – than our predilection to gasoline.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support city ordinances; e-cigarettes are not safe

Studies have found that e-cigarette users are significantly less likely than non-users to stop smoking.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need aggressive policies to keep youth from smoking

By disrupting the supply chain of tobacco in high schools, we can help keep it out of the hand of young people.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion is most pressing need in Missouri

People are dying unnecessarily from delayed access to care because Missouri has not acted.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Opposition to new revenue sources hurts the city

The citizens of Columbia will not support additional sources of revenue to include tax increases: No new home taxes, no taxes for roads, no new sales taxes or taxes of any kind.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No 'consensus' on Prop 2 on November ballot

I would express that it seems erroneous to say there was a consensus and further to call into question the thinking that supports an idea that REDI is in a position to weigh in on these kinds of issues that are going to the vote.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coverage of factory farming risks appreciated

Members of the Friends of Responsible Agriculture express gratitude for Missourian coverage on concentrated animal feeding operations.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The system must be changed

If it had not been for protesters blocking traffic, showing up to malls, boycotting Black Friday and disrupting life as usual, we would not be seeing President Obama talking about legislation to de-militarize the police.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Public servants should listen to constituents

If after all, your position contrary to public demands is simply the case of an unreasonable hubris (i.e. “I know better”), then you may go the way of others.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don't be fooled by anti-Prop. 2 advertising

Yes on Prop. 2 will lower citizens' costs for new development from around 85 percent to 65 percent and raise developers' costs from about 15 percent to around 35 percent.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop trying to standardize teachers

The value of a teacher goes beyond test scores.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote to increase development fees

Rise in the fee will bring road construction subsidy to a fairer level.