Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote 'no' on the highway sales tax

Highway and bridge building and repairs should be paid for by the people and businesses that use them. If MoDOT needs more money, we should increase tax on fuels.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Storm cleanup work was phenomenal

David Wallace's home and yard became a major staging area for crews working to get the power lines back up. He expresses his gratitude for the work the teams did in the aftermath of the July 7 storm.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gov. Nixon did right thing to veto abortion bill

Columbia’s Sen. Kurt Schaefer and Rep. Caleb Rowden both voted in favor of this harmful bill, which requires women to wait three days after their first meeting with a provider to access abortion services.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU School of Medicine committed to diversity

The students who shared their stories and experiences are to be commended for giving voice to a nationwide challenge.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking care of veterans is a nation's responsibility

For generations, the Department of Veterans Affairs has managed an excellent system. The failure to provide medical services to some of our nation’s veterans is unconscionable, but the VA is not the only option for veterans seeking medical care. If all states expanded Medicaid, nearly half of the nation’s uninsured veterans would have access to health coverage.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote no on Right-to-Farm amendment

Five reasons to vote against amendment includes that it will remove most local governments’ ability to stop foreign companies from polluting and contaminating our land.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MoDOT makes case for supporting transportation sales tax

Over the last three years, MoDOT has made some tough cuts to personnel, facilities and equipment and has saved more than $500 million. But we know we cannot cut our way to a functional, safe and prosperous transportation system.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Common Core will be supported by federal funding

The Obama U.S. Education Department committed $360 million for two consortia to develop national tests aligned with Common Core.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Federal regulations dampen prospects for business graduates

Employers should have the means to hire freely, but the uncertainty created by today’s regulatory environment has made many hesitant to do so, making job opportunities scarce for recent college graduates.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sex offender registry used as tool both for law enforcement and humiliation

The punitiveness of our sex offender laws, registry and restrictions are totally unsupported by any empirical evidence. It destroys marriages, creates homelessness and perpetuates joblessness by listing the employer and address.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Governor needs to veto 72-hour abortion bill

This bill tells women in no uncertain terms that we are thought to be incapable of making responsible decisions about our own bodies and our own families.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Online sales tax would level playing field for all businesses

The current sales tax code is unquestionably confusing for consumers and companies.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nation's founding rested on a Christian mindset

We place our liberties at risk if we forget the religiously-informed wisdom of the Founders. Regrettably, that forgetfulness seems to be all too common today.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to dump touch-screen voting machines

The Paper Ballot Bill, which seeks to eliminate the pitfalls of using unauditable, electronic touch-screen voting machines in Missouri, needs only two more final votes to become law. 


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let's say no to roll carts

Roll carts are not a good solution for everyone.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: E-cigarettes should be treated the same as tobacco products

A Missouri Senate bill could exempt e-cigarettes from current tobacco laws despite limited research suggesting they could have equally adverse effects as traditional cigarettes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: HB 1613 is an insult to women

HB1613 would triple the waiting period for a woman to access her legal right to an abortion. In addition to a required ultrasound, this bill would also force providers to tell women medically inaccurate information.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Right-to-work laws damage economy, weaken families

If right-to-work passes, the wage cuts that follow will leave families with less to spend, and that will devastate our communities and businesses alike.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fix tobacco loophole that costs Missouri lives, funding

Two bills in the legislature would close a loophole that essentially allows our government to subsidize tobacco companies in Missouri, which is a terrible detriment to our state's health and revenue stream.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here's a way to assess fair income tax rates for all

The capital gains tax should be increased to 30 percent for incomes more than $1 million, eliminated for those below $200,000, and kept at 20 percent for the rest.