Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nora Dietzel deserves votes for Boone County Recorder

Nora Dietzel has worked in the recorder's office for the past 17 years. Her experience would ensure a seamless transition from the current recorder.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sales tax increase for MoDOT is unfair, unnecessary

On Aug. 5, Missourians will be voting on Amendment 7, the largest tax increase in the history of Missouri. MoDOT claims they need more funding, and this ballot issue will increase everyone’s sales taxes 10 percent. It’s a regressive tax that will unfairly affect working families, the elderly, the poor and students.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Yes, we need mass transit, but we cannot neglect our highways

While we need to increase mass transit programs and reduce vehicular air pollution, we need not achieve that goal by neglecting our very necessary highways and bridges.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Right to Farm' is right to abuse

The amendment is aimed at protecting the rights of the most abusive commercial agriculture. It gives a blank check to CAFOs, puppy mills and other nonfamily farming.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kimberly Shaw has experience to be circuit court judge

Kim Shaw practices in Division 5 several times a week. She is well-versed in both criminal and civil law. Having practiced for 25 years, she is a seasoned attorney. She’s what Boone County needs.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Finley Gibbs right choice for circuit court

Finley Gibbs exhibits many of the characteristics desirable in a judge — fairness, compassion, rationality, and an ability to analyze complex situations and form a cohesive and persuasive argument.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Transportation sales tax positively impacts all Missourians

Gas tax revenue is an increasingly unstable revenue source. It would be shortsighted, and foolish, to present voters with a transportation funding solution that will have declining revenues from the very beginning of its passage.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri farming needs regulation to prevent soil erosion

If we want to save our soil, then discredited farming practices must be abandoned — not enshrined in the bill of rights as Amendment 1 would.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Right to Farm' amendment threatens animal welfare

At the very least, the Amendment will eliminate the rights of some local governments to regulate factory farms within their borders.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Amendment 1 would protect all of Missouri's farmers, ranchers

State Sen. Michael L Parson says the "Right to Farm" amendment was drafted to ensure all Missouri farmers are able to operate without "unreasonable intrusion from outside interests."

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nora Dietzel has strong qualifications for county recorder

Nora Dietzel's experience as a deputy in the Boone County recorder of deeds' office make her the best candidate for the job.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Finley Gibbs is the right candidate for associate circuit court judge

Finley Gibbs is an expertly qualified and very deserving candidate for Boone County Associate Circuit Judge. He’s exactly the type of person you would want on the bench — a balanced, thoughtful man who knows the law in depth

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote 'no' on the highway sales tax

Highway and bridge building and repairs should be paid for by the people and businesses that use them. If MoDOT needs more money, we should increase tax on fuels.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Storm cleanup work was phenomenal

David Wallace's home and yard became a major staging area for crews working to get the power lines back up. He expresses his gratitude for the work the teams did in the aftermath of the July 7 storm.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gov. Nixon did right thing to veto abortion bill

Columbia’s Sen. Kurt Schaefer and Rep. Caleb Rowden both voted in favor of this harmful bill, which requires women to wait three days after their first meeting with a provider to access abortion services.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU School of Medicine committed to diversity

The students who shared their stories and experiences are to be commended for giving voice to a nationwide challenge.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking care of veterans is a nation's responsibility

For generations, the Department of Veterans Affairs has managed an excellent system. The failure to provide medical services to some of our nation’s veterans is unconscionable, but the VA is not the only option for veterans seeking medical care. If all states expanded Medicaid, nearly half of the nation’s uninsured veterans would have access to health coverage.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote no on Right-to-Farm amendment

Five reasons to vote against amendment includes that it will remove most local governments’ ability to stop foreign companies from polluting and contaminating our land.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MoDOT makes case for supporting transportation sales tax

Over the last three years, MoDOT has made some tough cuts to personnel, facilities and equipment and has saved more than $500 million. But we know we cannot cut our way to a functional, safe and prosperous transportation system.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Common Core will be supported by federal funding

The Obama U.S. Education Department committed $360 million for two consortia to develop national tests aligned with Common Core.