Letters to the Editor

LETTER: We must not let Afghanistan turn into Vietnam

Carolyn Doll writes that we must learn from our past military failures and find a new approach to combating al-Quaida in Afghanistan.

LETTER: Most doctors favor public health care option

The majority of doctors and Americans favor a public insurance option in the health care reform bill.

LETTER: Health care debate much more complex than reported

Roland Meinert's guest column earlier this week leaves out several useful pieces of information.

LETTER: A look at why stormwater flow creates problems for Hinkson Creek

Stormwater flow creates levels of problems for Hinkson Creek.

Sending more troops to Afghanistan might cause loss of goodwill

Public opinion is what brought the Korean and Vietnam wars to an end, and this might happen with the war in Afghanistan. Our president and those in Congress who support this war might be looking for new jobs if they go against public opinion.

LETTER: Individual, not group, filed early voting petition

Membership in the League of Women Voters had no bearing on the decision to file the petition.

LETTER: Baseball playoff series should be decided in one game, tennis-style

For business reasons, Major League Baseball should switch to one-game playoffs decided tennis-style, in which the first team to outscore their opponent in five total innings wins the game.

LETTER: Politicians named 'Nixon' seem to always deceive the public

By refusing to come clean about when his office learned about the E. coli levels at the Lake of the Ozarks, Governor Jay Nixon is living up to the name that former President Nixon degraded.

LETTER: Current health care system prevents many from getting care

Many Americans live without health insurance, and even more are close to losing it.

LETTER: It's time for MU to lessen its use of coal

Coal is an incredibly dirty and polluting source of energy, and according to the World Coal Institute, the use of coal will increase by 60 percent in the next 20 years.

LETTER: Coal's price tag is not cheap

Replacing coal as a power source is essential to protecting the health of our community.

LETTER: Not all doctors support Obama's public option plan

LETTER: Plenty of reasons Missouri needs a consumption tax

Research and statistics show that Missourians should support the FairTax.

LETTER: Instead of blaming women, try not assaulting them

Comments by the Sheriff's Department regarding alleged sexual assaults at Les Bourgeois Winery seem to blame the victims and not place responsibility on the perpetrators.

LETTER: Public transit is a reliable way to get around Columbia

Americans are not doing what it takes to be leaders in a more earth-friendly world.

LETTER: Religious statement in headline impossible to prove

The headline of the Missourian's front page story on Sept. 23 contained inappropriate religious content.

LETTER: Can the City Council move city grant funding around?

The City Council appears to have a double standard regarding reallocation of federal funds.

LETTER: Coal generation is destructive to the environment

Fortunately, we can eliminate coal and continue to power the country. MU is already accomplishing great things to phase out coal and lead the way into the clean energy future responsibly, but it should strive to be a national leader.

LETTER: Documents show truth about city's dirty laundry

In a continued argument with George Kennedy, Kurt Albert wonders why would anyone oppose truth in government. Kennedy is accused of hiding readers from the historic and moral truth.

LETTER: America not divided by political groups but by emotions

The greatest division in America today is not between the Democrats and Republicans, nor between people of different race, nor between those who are for or against health reform.