Letters to the Editor

LETTER: No reason to deny 21-year-olds from concealed carry

There is no reason to believe that 21-year-olds who go through the required training and background checks to obtain a concealed carry permit will pose any greater threat on campus than they would anywhere else.

LETTER: Conceal-and-carry on Missouri campuses would increase safety

Concealed carry opponents seem to have a difficult time separating the good guys from the bad guys and simply assume that all those who carry a gun do so for nefarious reasons.

LETTER: Tell the Missouri General Assembly to support fair tax

House Joint Resolution 36 would pass the fair tax at the state level, and help attract businesses to Missouri. Show your support by calling your senators today.

LETTER: Are concealed weapons allowed in the House?

Missouri citizens voted against concealed weapons and state legistlators shouldn't overturn the outcome of that referendum. After all, are concealed weapons allowed in the House chamber of the state capital building? If not, why not?

LETTER: Marriage should continue to be between man and woman

While the idea of marriage has changed a lot over more than 5,000 years, the unifying norm has been that marriage is between a man and a woman. Perhaps same sex marriage advocates should choose a different term to have more success.

LETTER: Torture is inhumane, ineffective

The nation deserves to know the truth about torture practices.

LETTER: Ameren's plan too expensive, too dangerous

Don't be deceived by Ameren UE ads. A new nuclear power plant is a costly threat.

LETTER: Girl Scouts made great because of volunteers

When volunteers give of their time and share their skills with Girl Scouts, they help girls to become girls of courage, confidence and character.

LETTER: Person behind fliers condemning Angela Davis' speech needs to rethink rhetoric

LETTER: Resolution would diminish judiciary independence

The House Joint Resolution 10 will hurt the independence of the judiciary by changing the Nonpartisan Court Plan, which requires a committee of laypersons and attorneys to pick Missouri judges. Instead, the resolution would allow the governor to reject that committee's final choice.

LETTER: Will Rep. Luetkemeyer meet with GRO members?

Sen. Claire McCaskill does a great job of meeting with her constituents and answering tough questions honestly. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer should follow her lead and attend the local Health Care for America Now event to have an open dialogue with those trying to understand his positions.

LETTER: National health care needed now more than ever

National health insurance will give all Americans more options and better coverage.

LETTER: Government there for big corporations, not everyday Americans

The government's focus is on big corporations, often leaving out the American people. The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 is another example of this. Do not let it pass.

LETTER: Missouri casinos proud to be good corporate citizens of the state

Michael G. Winter, representing the Missouri Gaming Association, purports the corporate citizenship of Missouri casinos.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe's re-election good for Columbia

Barbara Hoppe is thanked for her service to Columbia.

LETTER: Let's keep the politics out of the way Missouri chooses judges

A resolution under consideration in the state House to change the way judges are selected is full of bad ideas.

LETTER: Student protection act necessary to keep children safe

The opportunity to safeguard our state's children from pedophiles and sex abusers in the school districts should not be a topic for debate, but rather embraced as a tenet of a civilized society.

LETTER: Health care should be available for all

The U.S. should join other leading industrialized nations and offer a "Medicare-like" option in health care reform.

LETTER: Health Connection should remain open

Individual attention offered at the Health Connection helped this 74-year-old recover from knee joint replacement surgery.

LETTER: Robison an independent voice in Sixth Ward

Rod Robison will work to make Columbia a better place with balance and independence.