Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Hoppe has balance to lead Sixth Ward, Columbia

Barbara Hoppe's record in the Sixth Ward has demonstrated her steady balance and commitment, making her the best candidate for another term on council.

LETTER: Rod Robison has all the tools of a good leader

Sixth Ward City Council candidate Rod Robison has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to community with his long-time involvement in Boy Scouts.

LETTER: Rod Robison is dedicated to Columbia

Rod Robison's volunteerism and emphases on bolstering business and public safety are two reasons to support the Sixth Ward City Council candidate.

LETTER: Rod Robison lacks experience to be on City Council

The Sixth Ward candidate has not served on any city or county boards, commissions, committees, advisory organizations or even his own neighborhood association.

LETTER: Hoppe is good for business

While businesses are important to Columbia's growth, the community's appearance is also a contributor.

LETTER: Rod Robison will bring balance to City Council

Robison is endorsed by the Police Officers Association.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe has helped make Columbia a better place

Sixth Ward incumbent Barbara Hoppe has done a good job in the areas of community and transportation development, helping the council better utilize its boards and commissions and working well with neighborhoods.

LETTER: McCaskill right to support country of origin labeling

Sen. Claire McCaskill has the right idea in liking the Country of Origin Labeling Law and being against the National Animal Identification System, which she says places a significant and unjustified burden on independent producers.

LETTER: It's time to get to work

The presidential campaign, parties, parades and celebrations are over. It's time to get to work.

LETTER: Community will be hurt without Health Connection

The Health Connection is closing because of budget constraints, but some are willing to pay extra to keep it open. 

LETTER: Sen. Schaefer leads way in making Callaway 2 a reality

Measure would create 3,000 jobs and protect consumers from rate increases.

LETTER: Climate change article an important read

A recent Missourian article on climate change gave attention to an issue we all need to be aware of.

LETTER: Hoppe has dedication, experience needed for City Council

Barbara Hoppe's experience with Neighborhood Watch and other neighborhood organizations makes her the best candidate for Sixth Ward council member.

LETTER: Hoppe responsive to citizens' ideas, shouldn't lose seat

The Sixth Ward incumbent is not afraid to stick up for what is right.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe a big-picture thinker

The Sixth Ward incumbent studies the details to make informed choices for the city.

LETTER: Robison a strong voice for law enforcement, development

Rod Robison's involvement in law enforcement and community activities, as well as his support for responsible development, make him a welcomed change for City Council.

LETTER: Hoppe has skills, passion for the job

Barbara Hoppe's experience listening to differing opinions on complex issues and making tough decisions make her the best council candidate for the Sixth Ward.

LETTER: Hoppe makes crucial decisions

In a city where many council votes tally 4-3, Barbara Hoppe is an important vote. She has consistently made decisions that are good for the community now and in the future.

LETTER: Hoppe shows courage for bicycle trail

Barbara Hoppe's efforts in finding a suitable bicycle trail have demonstrated her courage and foresight.

LETTER: A personal recommendation for Rod Robison

As a member of the University of Missouri's Track and Field Officials Association, Rod Robison showed his enthusiasm and dedication.