Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Hoppe has skills, passion for the job

Barbara Hoppe's experience listening to differing opinions on complex issues and making tough decisions make her the best council candidate for the Sixth Ward.

LETTER: Hoppe makes crucial decisions

In a city where many council votes tally 4-3, Barbara Hoppe is an important vote. She has consistently made decisions that are good for the community now and in the future.

LETTER: Hoppe shows courage for bicycle trail

Barbara Hoppe's efforts in finding a suitable bicycle trail have demonstrated her courage and foresight.

LETTER: A personal recommendation for Rod Robison

As a member of the University of Missouri's Track and Field Officials Association, Rod Robison showed his enthusiasm and dedication.

LETTER: Raw milk much more dangerous than article said

A front-page article on March 31 promoted legalizing the sale of raw milk and included only a few paragraphs about the health risks.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe is always there when you need her

Barbara Hoppe's balanced approach to issues has improved the health of the community.

LETTER: Hoppe would continue to benefit Columbia

Barbara Hoppe has been a valuable asset to the community, and through her encouragement of debate and public discussion will prove a great candidate for the Sixth Ward.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe is a tireless advocate for Columbia

Barbra Hoppe has worked tirelessly and effectively to make Columbia a better place to live and has worked closely with constituents to solve problems in the Sixth Ward.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe's record shows her commitment to residents

Barbara Hoppe keeps up on the issues and is interested in doing what is best for Columbia.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe brings wealth of experience to Columbia City Council

Barbara Hoppe has experience and is not afraid to make difficult decisions.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe's commitment, talent should not be wasted

It is rare to meet someone who has the unique combination of intellect, stamina and heart that Barbara does. It would be such a waste to not re-elect Barbara and take advantage of her many qualities and commitment.

LETTER: Barbara Hoppe deserves second term on City Council

The Sixth Ward councilwoman has the qualities and experience to navigate Columbia through tough economic times.

LETTER: Seniors need Health Connection to remain open

A Health Connection member says losing the senior-centered gym would be a step backward on the road toward a healthier America.

LETTER: Robison the right choice to fight crime

If elected to City Council for the Sixth Ward, Rob Robison would support local law enforcement with more tools and funding to apprehend criminals. He is the only candidate to receive the Columbia Police Officers Association endorsement.

LETTER: Rob Robison would be a steadfast leader for Sixth Ward

Robison is genuine and reasonable in his approach to leadership.

LETTER: Robison's leadership, character make him ideal candidate

The Sixth Ward candidate has ideas to expand the business community in Columbia.

LETTER: Rod Robison will be good for small business

Sixth Ward candidate Rod Robison will make better decisions for small business.

LETTER: Hoppe proved her value to Sixth Ward in first term

Barbara Hoppe knows the system and works in citizens' interests.

LETTER: Robison an active citizen who cares for town

The Sixth Ward candidate is dependable and always willing to help others.

LETTER: Rod Robison will bring fair-minded approach to Sixth Ward

Robison's presence on the council will benefit the entire city.