Letters to the Editor

Letter: Arab Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish state

References to Israel's 41-year occupation of Palestinian territories could be misleading, without some insight on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Letter: Stimulus checks won’t help economy

The easy political act of sending checks to taxpayers to buy products made in China will do little to stimulate our economy.

Letter: Prevention a more common-sense approach

Prevention, including contraception education, would help prevent more abortions.

Letter: Sean Spence for a bipartisan state

Sean believes not in bickering on the house floor but in reaching out to local leaders of the political opposition to create a working bipartisan system.

Letter: Christians should avoid literal translation, consider Bible’s spirit

Biblical words can often refer to abstract ideas and should therefore be loosely interpreted.

Letter: House bill on abortion disrespectful of women’s right to choose

The bill would expand the definition of “coerced” abortions to include women in domestic violence situations.

Letter: Midwives should be licensed in Missouri

Midwives and home births are safe, if not optimal, and the government needs to start taking action to empower women in making decisions over their own births.

Making Missouri homes energy independent is good for the environment

The state of Missouri should partner with homeowners to make homes energy efficient. Although energy independent additions to home are expensive, they save money over time.

Letter: Accomplishments make Sturtz ideal candidate

Paul Sturtz’s commitment makes him the ideal candidate to represent the First Ward.

Letter: Approving tax levy will help decrease ignorance and want

Supporting public education will help us deal with current, future problems.

Letter: Sturtz will meet our expectations of a City Council member

Paul Sturtz has the creativity and knowledge of government needed for Columbia.

Letter: Columbia Public School tax levy is all about the kids

Vote yes for the proposed tax levy on April 8.

Letter: Sturtz has shown he has vision

Through his advancement of the arts in Columbia, Paul Sturtz has shown he would make a good City Council member.

Letter: Tax levy will keep Columbia Public Schools competitive

The Columbia Public School District is asking voters to approve a 54-cent tax levy. Based on an assessment by financial consultants, this increase, as well as an internal budget reduction of $5 million, will result in financial stability for the next five years.

Neighborhood association member trusts John Clark

The association, now an incorporated entity, thinks John Clark could help it set up places open at night for children.

61-year-old grandmother recalls her first Republican caucus

Jane Stuart attended her first political caucus in March. She said the votes were close, and she enjoyed participating in the unique process.

Federal Reserve System should stay out of market

Interest rate cuts are only going to make more problems, when the Fed. should just let the rates adjust themselves.

Letter: Sturtz can solve First Ward’s problems

Sturtz is creative, understands economic issues, is a strong communicator, easily accessible, and uninfluenced by special interests.

Letter: Segert’s school board candidacy exciting

Ines Segert would bring energy and open-mindedness to the Columbia School Board.

Letter: Paul Sturtz the best candidate for First Ward seat on City Council

Good ideas, solid people skills, intelligence and the correct values make Sturtz the best choice for First Ward voters.