Letters to the Editor

Letter: City Council retreat far from unproductive

Several ideas for city development were discussed, with stakeholder views in mind at the City Council retreat.

Letter: Bike trail would be asset to Vanderveen neighborhood

City land should be enjoyed by all, not just a few residents in Vanderveen.

Letter: Democratic voters should support Bob Pund for state representative

Bob Pund, who is running for the Missouri General Assembly’s 25th District seat, would be an effective member.

High school redistricting process highlights demographic gap

The realignment of the high school districts sends students to high schools that are farther away and pushes the socio-economic gap in the community even higher.

Letter: League of Women Voters urges climate legislation improvement

Scientific research illustrates the need for pollution reduction to slow the negative environmental changes resulting from global warming.

Letter: Reducing speed could help drivers save on gasoline

Drivers should be looking for ways to save on fuel costs.

Letter: Bad laws could be result of sloppy lawmaking

There is no reason the legislature should save the bulk of its workload to the last minute, but 60 percent of legislation recently passed in the House cleared in the final hours of the session.

KBIA should make opera available to all

Several weeks ago, Bill Clark devoted one of his fine columns to his love of opera, both from Grand Ol’ Opry and from the Metropolitan Opera.

Letter: Missourians need health care now

We are paying enormous amounts for the administration and marketing of our health care system, rather than for actual health care.

Letter: Education funding should be state, federal priority

College graduates today are struggling with debt, and their struggles have ripple effects in the economy.

10 ways that Bush shows his ineffectiveness

Bush is fiddling like Nero did in Rome, while our country falls apart.

Letter: YouZeum’s admission fee is too high

Places that are subsidized by taxpayer money, like the YouZeum, should be required to have lower fees to welcome more Columbians.

Letter: Arab Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish state

References to Israel's 41-year occupation of Palestinian territories could be misleading, without some insight on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Letter: Stimulus checks won’t help economy

The easy political act of sending checks to taxpayers to buy products made in China will do little to stimulate our economy.

Letter: Prevention a more common-sense approach

Prevention, including contraception education, would help prevent more abortions.

Letter: Sean Spence for a bipartisan state

Sean believes not in bickering on the house floor but in reaching out to local leaders of the political opposition to create a working bipartisan system.

Letter: Christians should avoid literal translation, consider Bible’s spirit

Biblical words can often refer to abstract ideas and should therefore be loosely interpreted.

Letter: House bill on abortion disrespectful of women’s right to choose

The bill would expand the definition of “coerced” abortions to include women in domestic violence situations.

Letter: Midwives should be licensed in Missouri

Midwives and home births are safe, if not optimal, and the government needs to start taking action to empower women in making decisions over their own births.

Making Missouri homes energy independent is good for the environment

The state of Missouri should partner with homeowners to make homes energy efficient. Although energy independent additions to home are expensive, they save money over time.