Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Complex net of regulations causes hardship for business owners

The regulatory process to start or grow a business needs to be reformed and simplified so that ordinary people trying to make a living and grow their businesses can do so without unnecessary hoops to jump through.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Millions of workers would benefit from increase in minimum wage

In a recently released letter, 600 Ph.D. economists, including seven Nobel laureates, supported raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. They state that the “weight of evidence” is that “increases in the minimum wage have had little or no negative effect on the employment of low-wage workers.”


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion will keep communities healthy

Medicaid expansion makes fiscal sense, and it will bring billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to Missouri.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Complex regulations on business stifle the local economy

Insurance broker Wally Pfeffer writes that he has encountered many business owners who have a hard enough time making ends meet without the added logistical and economic pressures of complying with multiple and oftentimes redundant regulations.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: War on Women targets health care decisions

More than 20 health bills filed in the state Legislature since Jan. 8 aim to prove that women aren't smart enough to make health care decisions on their own, a reader writes.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Using city money for private sewers is dubious

A request for public records indicates the pubic works director has established his own unwritten criteria on how to spend money to repair private sewers.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion is the only option for Missouri

Many people who frequent emergency rooms are doing so because they do not have access to preventive care. Medicaid expansion would provide this care for many of them.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Women don't need politicians to help with abortion decisions

The proposed 72-hour waiting period will only make the process of abortion more difficult for women.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The fight for reproductive freedom continues

Although significant steps have been taken toward achieving women's reproductive freedom in the 40 years since Roe v. Wade, the struggle is ongoing.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Schedule screenings to prevent disease, even death

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Women can start the year off right by taking charge of their health and getting Pap tests.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clark Lane needs sidewalks first

The residents of the Clark Lane neighborhood propose building a grass buffer and then concrete sidewalks on both sides of Clark Lane from Woodland Spring to McAfee.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Israel does not target civilians

There are legitimate criticisms of Israel, but targeting civilians in rocket attacks is not one.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Grieving the loss of the Christmas spirit

The belief in the power of innocence and compassion has faded into Christmases past.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you, City Council, for Medicaid resolution

Columbia resident Ben Edes writes that he hopes Columbia's representatives in Jefferson City are listening.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rural electrics should support clean energy

Electric consumers need to educate themselves about the true cost of coal, in dollars and in health and environmental effects.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Verified Response' system for alarm calls has limited support

Many law enforcement organizations instead support a model that maintains police response while reducing unnecessary burglar alarm calls.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri voters, not legislature, should make decision on marijuana legalization

The issue of marijuana legalization must go to the voters, not the legislature, Colorado resident Stan White writes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kelly's economic argument based on 'sugar daddy' theory

The sugar daddy economic theory is that the federal government will pay and not charge citizens anything. In a recent editorial, Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, stated that the federal government will pay for all of the Medicaid cost through 2016.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government should not be allowed to limit free markets

When government takes over a market removing competition, it is no longer free to compete with other like businesses.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missourians have right to know what is in our food

There is no issue more profound than what we put into our bodies. Yet, we regularly consume foods that contain GMO ingredients without knowing it.