Letters to the Editor

Air show exhorts killing masked as patriotism

Before their massacre at Columbine, the young killers spent hours desensitizing themselves from actual human suffering by killing in cyberspace. Now Columbia’s children can too — at the Air Show. While most players never cross that line in reality, the Army learned how to overcome our youths’ moral values and natural inclinations against killing human beings via computer games.

History seems to be repeating itself

We have access 24/7 to view or read about the terrible situations in Iraq. As one ponders the course of this Middle East conflict for nearly five years, is it possible there are roots that can be traced to biblical times? Although people may disagree on whether the Bible is to be taken literally or metaphorically, most would agree that it is a historical account. Are there then similarities between these two particular ancient “news reports” in the book of Genesis and the news reports today?

Mo. voter ID undermines democracy

Disabled voters, who already have more than their share of barriers, would be further burdened by the Missouri voter ID proposal. While most healthy people take their driver’s license for granted, disabled voters very likely do not have one. That is why the proposed Missouri voter ID requirement would place yet another expense and barrier for people with disabilities who already have natural barriers to voting.

Focus on campaign issues not morality

Since the unofficial “start” of the 2008 presidential campaign, “they” have spent a lot of time talking about Bill, Elizabeth, Ann, Michele and all of the Giulianis. The media and fundamentalist groups have been telling us how the candidate’s spouse can help or hinder the campaign of each potential 2009 resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Multiple marriages, infidelities, children (good and bad), each holding a value of liability and asset, measurements of American marriage morality. It’s bunk.

Photo ID does not combat voter fraud

In his May 16 column “Photo IDs could end voter fraud,” J. Karl Miller cites as “evidence” of widespread voter fraud in Missouri claims that have been so thoroughly debunked that there is no need to do so here. But one assertion begs rebuttal.

Poetry’s verses can instill values in us

Recently a local school boy was awarded a prize for a poem he composed. Joseph Brodsky, Soviet dissident and Nobel Laureate, proposed that all high school freshmen should be presented with the gift of a volume of American verse. What does poetry teach us? Form, structure, discipline, the beauty of our language, imagery and proper usage.

Plan ahead for flood insurance

Recent flooding in this state serves as a reminder of the costly effects of flooding on homes and businesses.

No scientific theory with intelligent design

There continues to be debate about whether both evolution theory and intelligent design theory are science. More discussion about the scientific method might be helpful to your readers.

MU shouldn’t give sale funds to Salvation Army

I was intrigued with the announcement in the May 4 MU mass e-mail, Tiger Treasures Rummage Sale, which is sponsored by Campus Facilities. I think it’s a great idea that MU’s recycling coordinator is finding ways to do something useful with students’ castoffs, but I found the Salvation Army as the sole beneficiary very concerning.

Fourth Amendment rights also extend to high schools

Student rights? What are those? Imagine you’re a student at a local high school, wandering down the hallway and a police officer orders you to the ground while a drug dog sniffs you out. Is that abiding by student rights? A growing number of schools across the nation are subjecting their students to these kinds of actions. These schools are clearly violating their students’ Fourth Amendment rights.

Clarification deserves dominant placement

Thursday, April 27th’s edition of the Missourian ran a piece titled “Changes Afoot for Diversity Bill,” which discussed the Emily Brooker Intellectual Diversity Act, also known as House Bill 213. The following passage is excerpted from the article. It states:

Holden favors planned growth

A March 29 Missourian article stated that Mike Holden, candidate for Fourth Ward City Council, favored a proposal for a Wal-Mart store on West Broadway that would include a standard red, blue-and-gray Wal-Mart store. The story does not fully explain the complexities of the proposal that came before the Planning and Zoning Commission, and inadequately explained Mr. Holden’s view of this Wal-Mart proposal.