Letters to the Editor

Columbia needs to act on gangs

Not long after moving to Columbia, I met a city official and asked about the gang graffiti I noticed. The mantra was “no gang problem here,” that it was just a bunch of wannabes.

Consider all risks before building bio lab

Those who promote building a level 4 lethal disease lab here are gambling that this lab will never have an accident or leak.

Democrats must oppose Iraq war

Letter sent to Senator McCaskill: I donated time and money towards your election, and am upset with your votes on Iraq war funding. When I met with you at your office opening, I registered my disapproval of your rejection of the Feingold amendment which set a withdrawal timetable. You have since compounded the problem by giving Bush continued war funding with no withdrawal timetable and meaningless benchmarks which can be waived.

Co-ops invest in more than coal

I am surprised the Missourian would publish the June 4 National View editorial from The Washington Post criticizing the Rural Utility Service, which makes loans to electric cooperatives, without first checking the facts.

Hold Bush accountable for ideas that fell short

Two more of President Bush’s ideas don’t seem to be working.

Keep America’s borders safe

Illegal immigration has grown out of control and the federal government seems unable or unwilling to help.

Proposed biolab a threat to Columbia

Columbians need to be aware of the following facts regarding the biolab which the Department of Homeland Security is considering locating in Columbia.

New UM president should create university system

President Walsworth and members of the Board of Curators:

As you consider who to select as the new UM president, I suggest you consider the primary, if not only, job the new president will have and, accordingly, the primary, if not only, criterion for selection — to create a university system. The UM system exists in name only. Virtually no effort has been expended since the system was created in the early ’60s to create a real system.

Bill should focus on sex education

Missourians should be very concerned about the impact of this anti-prevention, anti-sex-education bill, HB 1055.

Abstinence-only bill limits choices

Good health care policy is good politics.

Please urge Governor Blunt to veto HB 1055. Missouri is beginning to move backward instead of moving forward, and, at a minimum, we are barely maintaining status quo.

Hulshof not ready to lead UM System

It’s a logical statement. I write political editorials. I teach at a local college. Therefore, I am an expert on the nominations for president of the University of Missouri System. Right? Not really, though friends and colleagues do not hesitate to ask my opinion about Congressman Kenny Hulshof’s nomination. Here it is …

Honor all public servants, too

When I was growing up in southwest Missouri, we decorated the graves of everyone on Memorial Day. That was just after World War II, so we understood well the debt we owed to our soldiers.

A call to revoke Senate’s war authorization

From the beginning, the U.S. military attack on Iraq was a dangerous folly. The Bush administration misled the American people and, most importantly, Congress, with what Jimmy Carter described as “lies and misrepresentations.”

Midwifery success a step to freedom

The citizens of Missouri, especially those who love freedom, should laud John Loudon. Sen. Loudon is the architect of the recently enacted substitute legislation that will permit midwifery in Missouri.

Republicans need true conservative

With the current sentiments of the American people toward the war in Iraq, I feel that the Republican Party is headed down a dangerous path.

Accept failure; remove the Spot

In response to the May 11 article on the Tiger Spot: Those of us who walk past that sad eyesore on the way to work have a twice-daily opportunity to contemplate what it symbolizes, namely:

Immigration bill bars family reunification

This quote below is from the President Bush’s radio speech on Saturday.

Demand better when it comes to price of gas

OK, enough is enough. I urge every citizen to contact our Missouri state legislators and the governor and lieutenant governor and demand that state, county and city petroleum taxes be suspended for a period of six calendar months beginning July 1.

Air show exhorts killing masked as patriotism

Before their massacre at Columbine, the young killers spent hours desensitizing themselves from actual human suffering by killing in cyberspace. Now Columbia’s children can too — at the Air Show. While most players never cross that line in reality, the Army learned how to overcome our youths’ moral values and natural inclinations against killing human beings via computer games.

History seems to be repeating itself

We have access 24/7 to view or read about the terrible situations in Iraq. As one ponders the course of this Middle East conflict for nearly five years, is it possible there are roots that can be traced to biblical times? Although people may disagree on whether the Bible is to be taken literally or metaphorically, most would agree that it is a historical account. Are there then similarities between these two particular ancient “news reports” in the book of Genesis and the news reports today?