Local Columnists

GEORGE KENNEDY: Reason for encouragement on MU diversity initiative

A follow-up meeting on MU race relations led by Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin was encouraging, providing exchanges that were "more constructive than complaining." 

DAVID ROSMAN: Defining violent felonies can't go far enough

An attempt to fix Amendment 5 is incomplete. It would be better for state lawmakers to acknowledge there was a mistake in writing and presenting the amendment to voters.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Down with Shakespeare’s, long live Shakespeare’s

Addressing the growth of student housing downtown with spotty, knee-jerk bans and such at the municipal level could very well end up making things worse overall.

CARL KENNEY: Time to talk about race

MU has to face its unwillingness to address the absence of blacks on campus and how a culture of racism undermines reversing these trends.

GENE ROBERTSON: Youth should take leadership roles to heart

We have witnessed the tremendous contributions that youth are making in every aspect of our lives. There are no known areas where they should be denied participation.

DEAR READER: Vague alerts almost as bad as no alert at all

MU has taken a beating over its recent use of its alert system. The police are experts at policing. Communicating the news? Not so much.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Talking about trash can be contentious, but it helps resolve waste issues

Columbia's contentious recycling record is rightly under fire, but changes to the current waste collection system might be on the horizon.

DAVID ROSMAN: Making an argument for raising the minimum wage

There is a truism in raising the minimum wage — unemployment goes down. Wages should increase when the economic times are good, and now is the time to increase wages.

CARL KENNEY: Campus deserves answers after shooting at Hitt Street Garage

Carl Kenney raises questions on the slow response to a shooting in Hitt Street Garage on Wednesday night from MU Alert.

DEAR READER: Neighbors heard, not saw, police shoot a suspect at an MU parking garage

Good deeds aren't done in the dark. A bill in the legislature would ban police video from public view.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Campaign spending tells another story about citywide election

All Columbia residents could benefit from more transparency and better explanation of city finances and procedures.

CARL KENNEY: Slim margin of victory means more voices need to be heard

Black apathy is difficult to understand given the context leading up to last week's election. 

DEAR READER: AP's 'big announcement' disappoints copy editors at annual conference

At the annual American Copy Editors Society's national conference, editors from the Associated Press discussed changes to the AP Stylebook — but dropping the distinction between who and whom wasn't one of them.

DAVID ROSMAN: Pledge of Allegiance means same in English, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili

HB 499 would require that the pledge be said daily in all schools receiving public funding — but only in English.

DEAR READER: The Missourian gets a new publisher, David Kurpius

The recent announcement of David Kurpius taking over as dean of the School of Journalism has a big impact on the Missourian, but also on all of MU.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Sizing up the hopefuls in the First Ward

The question of which candidate would best serve not only the ward but the city as a whole must be answered by considering a mix of experience and personality. To me, three are most appealing.


DAVID ROSMAN: Unintended consequences of the gun-rights amendment are now biting us

Amendment 5 makes owning a firearm an "unalienable right" for Missouri residents. But columnist David Rosman writes that the bill could allow felons and teenagers to get firearms, and he worries that a new proposal, based upon a statute in Kansas, may take Amendment 5 a step further.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Crisis of public trust should doom ballot propositions

A no vote on propositions 1 and 2 is a positive action, calling a "time out" to allow us to regroup, restore public trust and get our community back on track.

DEAR READER: 500 'word nerds' converge in Pittsburgh

Spring break for MU students coincides with the annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society, a pilgrimage for syntactical soldiers. On Friday, Maggie Walter writes, Pittsburgh vibrated with rumors of changes to the AP Stylebook and debates about "ain't."

GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank struggles to close the gap between hunger and security

In a territory of 32 counties, nearly 50 million pounds of food are needed annually. Last year, the Food Bank came up 12.5 million pounds short.