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How will Nixon pay for his grand ideas?

The governor laid out some important promises in his State of the State speech Tuesday night, including reiterating his call for no budget cuts to higher education and a pledge of balancing the budget with no new taxes.

School choice up to parents

What if public schools are eventually federally consolidated in essence, and other choices regulated awayunder the guise of "quality control" – in order to essentially protect us from ourselves?  Well, at least we'd be free from the concerns of having a local school board to complain about.

Closing Gitmo may be more complicated than it seems

A quick closure of Guantanamo is beyond the parameters of simply executing an executive order. Of the 245 or so detainees remaining there, many are far too dangerous to be released here or in their home countries.

Horrors of Gaza war seen up close and personal

An MU student arrived in Israel when rockets started to fly and riots began last month.

Neo-Nazi nonsense best ignored

By getting up in arms about a racist group's involvement in the Adopt-A-Highway program, we're doing nothing but giving more power and credence to people we should try to collectively ignore.

Personal responsibility takes backseat in society

Americans must adopt a desire for greater individual responsibility to improve our society and avoid negative outcomes like the current economic crisis.

Obama's international impact yet to be seen

President Obama has already taken several steps toward building international relations, but some say it's still too early to tell how much his presidency will actually affect U.S. global affairs.

Missourian to pursue how race matters

Mr. Obama is making history as President Obama. His presence also has sparked discussions about race. It still matters. But how has the discussion about race changed over the years? What problems exist today? The Missourian starts a yearlong effort to tell the stories about Columbia.

As Obama distinguishes new direction from old, America benefits

Calls for bipartisanship can be heard from both parties, but President Obama should remember why America chose him and stay true to the policies he promised.

Obama lays it out in plain terms: Every American needs to help save country

Mr. Obama did not lead us into false hope and dreams that nothing is wrong but stated clearly and precisely what was broken and that we, all of us, were responsible for the repair to our national body.

Mayor, City Council need to rethink ethics of eminent domain

Using government power to seize the property occupied by two downtown businesses to build a new facility for the State Historical Society of Missouri is unethical.

Cell phones are a hard habit for drivers to break

The roads would be a lot safer if there was a ban on using cell phones while behind the wheel.

YOUR TURN: Share your thoughts on Obama's speech

The following are excerpts of President Barack Obama's inauguration speech, as released by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. We've posed questions from his speech to you as inspiration for starting a community dialogue about this new chapter in America.

Let's not allow our digressions to get the better part of us

Time has become a luxury. And the tools of technology need to be used with due diligence.

It's torture, stupid, and life is not a TV show

Which is more disturbing: That the president and vice-president continue to deny that the United States engaged in torture, or that the right-wing pundits use the plot of a TV show to justify such actions?

Time to turn the page and design a country we want

Whenever there is a drastic change in ideas and behavior there will always be a backlash. Change can be painful. It means you have to give up something. You have to turn loose something you may not necessarily have held dear, but was something you had become accustomed to. The good news is, with time, people learn to adapt.

Russia plays political games with natural gas

The gas dispute with the Ukraine shows that there are no easy answers to resolve the issue and that Russia is still trying to control its former territory.

US Airways crash a reminder of why it's good to respect the birds

Landing an airplane in water, as one pilot did in New York on Thursday, is incredibly difficult.

This was a good week for lively community conversations

Let our elected leaders have a say in next police chief

The city charter gives the city manager the power to hire and fire, and it also prohibits council members from "interference" in personnel matters. But is "interference" the same thing as useful advice?