Local Columnists

Sub collision reminds world there's still a nuclear threat

The collision of two nuclear submarines, one French and one British, earlier this month is a reminder that nuclear weapons are still around, despite the attempts to reduce their prevalence.

MU budget problems make employees' February bleak

Bad news for MU employees abounds as benefits cuts exacerbate an already frustrating financial situation.

Tax plans look good on surface, rotten underneath

Examining the truth behind the Fair Tax Act and MoDOT's tax plans shows schemes to take residents' money.

Uncertain future of journalism

The journalism industry is losing skilled reporters left and right because it can't afford to keep them, but the public can't afford to lose the benefits of journalism in the process.

GUEST COLUMN: America must change its views on homosexuality

America is degrading its people, and everything Americans do against gay people is against our founding fathers’ words.

Big papers need to learn to plow through the season

Newspaper industry giants could find a lesson in staying power in the little guy's perspective.

Secret-ballot voting is fundamental right

Upon enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act, when a simple majority of the employees signs an authorization, union recognition is mandatory, thus making election by secret ballot unnecessary. But the right to vote by secret ballot has protected the individual voter for more than 100 years.

Get a jump on spring by growing paperwhites

Learn how to easily grow and maintain  paperwhite narcissus, bright and fragrant flowers that can bloom throughout winter.

Politically correct 'he or she' does little for feminism

This construction should be put in a group with other obsolete, politically correct constructions. There are gender battles worth fighting, but pronoun placement isn't one of them.

Trying economic times can bring families closer

Whatever the worst is that we have to bear, it can be borne more easily with the love and support of family on hand to help us through.

Israeli election leaves future of government in question

A large divide between the main political parties leaves little optimism for progress in the peace process.

A voice for Columbia is more quiet now

Jefferson City's move to all-syndicate radio is cause for fear at Columbia's KFRU.

Superintendent job likely belongs to Deming

Skip Deming can be a little vague, but the position is his to lose at this point.

No sympathy for Ann Coulter here

A complaint regarding Ann Coulter's voting eligibility in Connecticut was filed late last month. The source, who holds an unlikely place on the political spectrum, is seeking to expose her lies stemming from those nasty sound bites that have angered other critics already.

Laptops should be allowed in Senate chambers

The laptop debate centers around whether senators would be paying attention to their laptops rather than the debate.

GUEST COLUMN: What about those under the middle class?

In light of all the press about the Obama family,  it seems as though all of the other families are being forgotten and left under the radar.

Celebrity slip-ups shouldn't be excused

Stars like Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and, most recently, Michael Phelps who are caught in compromising situations are responsible for their actions despite their fervent apologies and crocodile tears.

Stem cell research advances will require acceptance

With new advances in the field of stem cell research, the population must learn what they can about the process and accept its potential benefits. This may, however, mean rejecting the idea of natural order.

Individual resourcefulness will solve economic troubles

Knowing how to do things yourself comes in handy in times of economic strife.

Nonviolent elections a good sign in Iraq

Hardly any violence accompanied Iraq's elections last month.  What does this convey about the country's future?