Local Columnists

This year's hajj to Mecca went off without incident

Despite recent violence and political controversy regarding the hajj, this Muslim traditional emphasizes peaceful coexistence.

Anyone with $62 million out there?

With the prospect of a 25 percent reduction in state revenue to the UM System staring us down, it's likely that many Columbia residents — even those not directly affiliated with the university — will feel the impact.

Holiday meaning overshadowed by retail frenzy

With the holiday season in full swing, the shopping culture of Americans remains as popular as ever. Recent events at a Walmart in New York have called attention to the problems this culture may have created.

Just because Columbia is able to build doesn't mean it should

Columbia residents need to rethink their vision for the future of their community.

Columbia needs to pitch in, save the Humane Society

As the economy continues to falter and the number of animals the Humane Society is taking in each day goes up, Columbia must do their part to help raise enough money for a new budget.

Media needs to be more thorough with foreign coverage

The way the media reports on international issues greatly affects the way Americans react in the polls.

Leave decision on Tasers to the pros

Despite wide-spread public outcry for their removal, Tasers provide a more appropriate solution to the problems officers face in the field.

Despite abortion stance, Obama takes Catholic vote

Catholics weighed more than just that issue in deciding their vote, and some suggest that even priests and Bishops cast their vote for the president-elect.

The greatest dog history forgot

While one dog has become a national hero, it is the story of another that deserves all the praise.

Individual interpretation of First Amendment brings problems

Abuse of freedoms are an unfortunate side effect of the First Amendment. Families must work together to combat illiteracy and survive difficult times.

Questions about Mumbai attacks unanswered

Who is responsible for the terrorist attacks that killed more than 170 people in India is unclear.

Looming budget struggles paint bleak future for Missouri

With University leaders being asked to envision budget cuts of up to 25 percent, no one — students, faculty, citizens, taxpayers — can dodge the impact of this recession or the state government's response to it.

Breaking down this year's headlines, Twitter-style

The important issues can be explained in 140 characters or less.

Go ahead, blame the media

It might seem like the media's trying to launch the public into panic mode, and sure, some blame's warranted. Blame the media for the stories that were missed a year ago — even three years ago. But don't blame the media for reflecting today's reality.

Parents hold the key to fixing childhood obesity

Subtle changes to diet over time will work much better than changing a child's eating habits all at once.

No thanks to Fairness Doctrine part deux

I am heartened by the demonstration of some adult leadership on both sides of the political fence, to include President-elect Barack Obama, who indicated opposition to its reinstatement as late as June 2008.

Awaiting change: Obama's chance to earn his chops

After an election season filled with promises of change, our country is anticpiating a time where stump speech proposals may become the reality of a truly changed America.

Responsibility for world problems is ours

Many people feel hurt and angry because of the economic crisis, which has also resulted in large unemployment rates. This downtown in the economy is related to decisions made earlier, during the escalation and throughout the Iraq war.

Self-discipline, creativity work together to spark new ideas for society

While advances in technology have altered the way we perceive art and information, one has to question whether we are being aided, enthralled or simply over-stimulated.

The sad fall of the American car industry

GM was so successful in the 1950s that the company suspended its advertising and promotion efforts whenever sales volume approached 60 percent of the industry mark. But how could a company of such wealth and even popularity now go so bad and end up in Congress, hat in hand, looking for a handout? Better they should have come with a plan. Shocking they didn’t. The Congress had to tell them what to do.