Local Columnists

For legislators, politics gets in the way of governing

Increase punishment for vandals

J. Karl Miller thinks recent vandalism points to the need for harsher punishments.

Avoid the rain; stay inside and read

Severe weather conditions have caused people to prepare for the worst. Nolen is avoiding the bad weather by staying inside and catching up on reading.

Nagging needed to make community planning a reality

The slow-down has arrived. Over the past 10 days or so, the Missourian has published the numbers. Taxable sales in Columbia fell by $4 million last year, and they show no sign of turning around so far in 2008.

Watching the watchdog: Tell Columbia's news media what you think

Missourian editor Tom Warhover encourages citizens to engage in debate about the state of the news media.

Voter ID Act is an attempt at absolute power

The Voter ID law is, in fact, “fear-mongering” by the conservative end of the political spectrum.

Evangelicals’ ties should be to the Bible, not to political parties

An Evangelical Manifesto urges evangelical Christians to focus on a biblical agenda, not partisan politics.

President Bush should be impeached for war crimes

The interrogation techniques used on prisoners of war were authorized by the White House and should be considered war crimes.

Regulation of credit card companies is long overdue

The fact that these companies have gotten away for years with raising interest rates and treating their customers like criminals when they fall behind in their payments has given us a fair idea of whose side the government is on.

The country is not as bad economically as critics portray it to be

Gloom and doom economic forecasts overlook the fact that the economy corrects itself - without government interference, too.

Russia's future still a mystery under new president Dmitry Medvedev

Medvedev appointed former president Vladimir Putin as his prime minister, but Medvedev has a different ruling style than Putin did.

Compete Missouri might enhance MU’s reputation

Compete Missouri is a three-year deal that calls for the state government to increase university appropriations, and for the campuses to generate matching funds by cutting the payroll. But, it appears that the faculty raise pool for next year will be between 5.5 percent and 7 percent — a bonanza by recent standards.

Preparing for baby’s college bills with a 529 fund

The Sherlocks get an early start on their 2-month-old daughter Audrianna's college expenses.

Show me how PedNet spends its grant money

The addition of a new downtown bike corral leaves Columbians wondering where the rest of the $21.5 million PedNet federal grant money is going.

Enough with the political fluff

While those who run for office are only human, they still need to think before they speak — and start focusing on real issues.

During economic hard times, stay active to avoid depression

Staying busy and staying positive — as well as simple ways to save money — can be helpful during trying financial times.

Controlling the rising price of food

The increase in food prices, specifically rice, has resulted in some panic buying in the United States. Some countries, including Brazil, have temporarily stopped the export of rice.

YouZeum wins over a skeptic

It isn’t every day — or even every decade — that Columbia gets a new attraction, so when I saw in the paper that the long-awaited YouZeum would open May 1, I decided I’d better get there early.

Happy, peppy people exercise

Exercise stimulates the mind and body and makes people happy and healthy.

View propaganda with an open mind

Propaganda is no longer just a government-sanctined tool, but not open to the citizen zealots.