Local Columnists

Show me how PedNet spends its grant money

The addition of a new downtown bike corral leaves Columbians wondering where the rest of the $21.5 million PedNet federal grant money is going.

Enough with the political fluff

While those who run for office are only human, they still need to think before they speak — and start focusing on real issues.

During economic hard times, stay active to avoid depression

Staying busy and staying positive — as well as simple ways to save money — can be helpful during trying financial times.

Controlling the rising price of food

The increase in food prices, specifically rice, has resulted in some panic buying in the United States. Some countries, including Brazil, have temporarily stopped the export of rice.

YouZeum wins over a skeptic

It isn’t every day — or even every decade — that Columbia gets a new attraction, so when I saw in the paper that the long-awaited YouZeum would open May 1, I decided I’d better get there early.

Happy, peppy people exercise

Exercise stimulates the mind and body and makes people happy and healthy.

View propaganda with an open mind

Propaganda is no longer just a government-sanctined tool, but not open to the citizen zealots.

U.S., Russia need to reverse arms race

Both the U.S. and Russia still have nuclear missiles despite their agreement to reverse the arms race.

Earth Day little more than a fashion statement

Environmentalism and conservation are admirable qualities, but they shouldn’t be practiced for the sake of being cool.

Feeling disconnected in Kansas City

The author says she misses the friendly people and warm memories she had in her old hometown before progress caught up with the place.

Recipe for peace in the Middle East is elusive

President Bush’s meetings with Middle East leaders is one way of trying to leave a mark at the end of his presidency.

Independent civilian board needed to review complaints against police officers

Citizen complaints against police officers are 10 times more likely to be found valid if filed by a white resident than by a black resident.

Earthquake gives Boone County residents something to talk about

Missourian readers contributed to the community conversation via e-mail and Web site comments after a trembler in Illinois was felt nearly 300 miles away in Boone County.

Animals’ behavior keeps life interesting

Between the faithful watchdog and a window-flogging cardinal, there’s never a dull moment on Rancho DeLirious.

In the fight against global warming, we must see the big picture

Gov. Matt Blunt’s plan for Missourians to buy Energy Star appliances may actually increase our carbon footprint due to manufacturing costs.

Politics don't belong in the Olympics

The real point of the Olympics is athletic competition, not to make a political statement.


Americans must remember value of a good education

The America’s Promise Alliance reported recently that 1.2 million students drop out of high school annually. So what are we doing about it?

Impact of Iraq War worse than conveyed by Petraeus and Crocker

After five years, the Iraq War looks increasingly like a no-win situation.

Equal opportunity remains a goal, not a reality

UM System President Gary Forsee has strongly endorsed the value of diversity and walked the walk.

Graduate school is accessible, affordable for everyone

UM System Vice President Gordon Lamb has presented state legislature with a program that will illustrate what graduate school can do for all Missourians.