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Readers give advice for getting baby to sleep

Moms who have suffered through sleepless nights help the Sherlocks with tips for getting Audrianna to sleep.

Violent acts should not be tolerated

Brutality in our society must end, and peer pressure to stop the beatings and bullying can be far more effective than legal actions.

Christian fundamentalist views should be challenged

The opinions from nonfundamentalists Christians need to be heard as political judgment days draw nearer.

Obama shouldn’t be held responsible for his pastor’s comments

Spring cleaning for the mind

Anti-U.S. socialism in Latin American led by Venezuela’s president

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, plans to expand his philosophy in Latin America and his rule in Venezuela.

Tuesday’s voters called the school system’s bluff

The county clerk threw us a curve ball

With the election results coming in sooner than expected, the Missourian staff was juggling three options for delivering the news to you.

Traumatic experiences should be left in the past

Which airline do you want to see move to Columbia?

Three airlines were proposed for Columbia Regional Airport. Hawaii Island Air was eliminated because the flight times were unacceptable. Great Lakes and Mesaba have their advantages and disadvantages.

McCain shows disregard for law, U.S. Constitution

Sen. John McCain is unfit to be president of the United States because he has confused moral values.

Technology doesn’t save time; it just breeds dependence

Computers constantly break down, and people waste a lot of time trying to fix the problems. Most young people rely too heavily on technology.

Election looks like it will bring change to Zimbabwe

The apparent defeat of Robert Mugabe has brought cautious optimism.

Trust Columbia Public School administrators and support tax levy

Although the school board members are not their best advocates, they are dediated and hard-working. We need to elect more members that care and trust their judgment regarding the tax levy.

We built this city on sewers

Even sewage systems factor into decisions made on Election Day.

Baby falls asleep but doesn’t stay asleep

Audrianna is just one month old, and she has been keeping her parents awake at night.

Discriminatory language still unbelievably prevalent

Hateful language flows too often and too easily, and sometimes comes from unlikely sources ... and it needs to be stopped.

Supreme Court should recognize Second Amendment

The Supreme Court should let stand the D.C. Federal Appeals Court’s decision that D.C.’s ban on handguns violates the Second Amendment.

Citizens and the government should take responsibility for mortgage, food crisis

We lost a lot in our move from an agricultural to an urban society: Such things as realizing the importance of families working together, a willingness of neighbors to help neighbors, an appreciation of our relationship with nature and an understanding of death in the natural order.

Continuing to cover changes in the Iraq war from a local and national standpoint

Byron Scott, a veteran newspaper and magazine journalist, is professor emeritus, Missouri School of Journalism and director of The European Union Center at MU. He was filling in for Stuart Loory, who holds the Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Studies at the MU School of Journalism, regular moderator of the weekly radio program “Global Journalist.” It airs at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays on KBIA/91.3 FM or at