Local Columnists

Stop squandering our national treasures

It’s getting harder to find a job in America, and our economic situation isn’t getting any better. A change in the ruling party isn’t going to help.

Kosovo survival dependent on other nations

Kosovo has declared official independence, but this has not been recognized by all countries. To succed with its independence, Kosovo will need help from the EU.

MoDot falling far behind on I-70 aging, growth

A Web site informs readers of plans to fix I-70, but implementing those plans is another issue.

Where are the true journalism novels?

I know something few other journalists know: Day after day, novelists are writing about us. Some of those writers actually work in newspaper, magazine, and broadcast newsrooms, but some of them have never even set foot inside a newsroom.

In search of a little comfort

It’s hard enough getting some sleep when there’s a baby on the way; it’s even worse when the stomach flu pays a visit.

Gun safety training should be mandatory

The guns in the NIU and Kirkwood shootings were obtained legally. Although the freedom to bear arms should not be curtailed, mandatory gun safety training is a must.

Conservative talk radio becoming too arrogant

Although conservative talk show hosts have enjoyed success for their entertaining and informative commentary, the success is beginning to go to their heads.

Take action against violence

Missouri leads the nation in black-on-black crime. We need to develop a system to help people who are going to break the rules so we don’t have to live with violence any longer.

Smoking ban critics are not convincing enough

The smoking ban should endure through all the controversy surrounding it.

Worthy friends are easy to find with this technique

From acquaintances to close friends, relationships can be mapped out before they begin — if you know what you want to give and receive.

Should Crime Watch list arrests even if charges aren’t filed?

What once was published in print is now available in a Google search by anyone across the globe and for as long as anyone knows. Does that change a newspaper’s moral obligations?

State money should be the great educational equalizer

If education is the only method of maintaining our prosperity, then public schools should not be the first target in state and federal budget cuts.

Coach Anderson’s disciplinary actions are the right thing to do

Anderson’s “zero tolerance” policy restores integrity and character to the MU basketball team.

Serious issues face an entertainment-driven nation

With all the serious issues facing the nation, entertainment stories on television news programs seem irrelevant.

Problems in Democratic Republic of Congo often overlooked

Reconstruction and peacekeeping is a challenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where violence erupts around the plundering of the country’s valuable mineral resources.

Plundering of Congo’s ores threatens peace

Reconstruction and peacekeeping are a challenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where violence erupts around the plundering of the country’s valuable mineral resources.

Blunt and McCaskill for VP would strengthen candidates

Super-Tuesday results are in, but the vacancies for vice presidential candidates remain open. George Kennedy examines the possibility of Matt Blunt and Claire McCaskill as potential running mates to both political parties.

The quest for an enchanting day care

Finding a day care for the most important people in your life can be daunting.

Online graphic helps inform the reader

The morning after Super Tuesday, the Columbia Missourian ran an interactive graphic about how your neighbors voted.

Citizens must get involved in revitalizing airport

The state has provided the legal tools to establish a regional economic transportation district to support our aerodrome. They sit unused.