Local Columnists

Coach Anderson’s disciplinary actions are the right thing to do

Anderson’s “zero tolerance” policy restores integrity and character to the MU basketball team.

Serious issues face an entertainment-driven nation

With all the serious issues facing the nation, entertainment stories on television news programs seem irrelevant.

Problems in Democratic Republic of Congo often overlooked

Reconstruction and peacekeeping is a challenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where violence erupts around the plundering of the country’s valuable mineral resources.

Plundering of Congo’s ores threatens peace

Reconstruction and peacekeeping are a challenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where violence erupts around the plundering of the country’s valuable mineral resources.

Blunt and McCaskill for VP would strengthen candidates

Super-Tuesday results are in, but the vacancies for vice presidential candidates remain open. George Kennedy examines the possibility of Matt Blunt and Claire McCaskill as potential running mates to both political parties.

The quest for an enchanting day care

Finding a day care for the most important people in your life can be daunting.

Online graphic helps inform the reader

The morning after Super Tuesday, the Columbia Missourian ran an interactive graphic about how your neighbors voted.

Citizens must get involved in revitalizing airport

The state has provided the legal tools to establish a regional economic transportation district to support our aerodrome. They sit unused.

Parents are no longer disciplining children at home

Law enforcement was recently removed from Columbia’s middle schools. In the past discipline was more severe in the home, but now it has become a role of public schools.

Wrong page printed in Tuesday's Missourian

Page 4A in Tuesday's Missourian is not the Page 4A prepared by the production staff on Monday night. Due to an error that the Missourian is investigating, Page 4A from Jan. 30 was printed in its place.

Big business owners, politicians evade pressure of recession

As the U.S. faces impending recession, everyday people feel the strain more than the corporate executives and economists.

Gazans entry into Egypt puts peace on hold

Although Palestinians are excited to cross the border into Egypt, a powerful Hamas reduces the likelihood of peace.

Populists Edwards, Huckabee spur competitors’ talk of economic inequality

Contemporary populists echo past ideals of opposing the elite hold on wealth. In doing so, they urge their competitors to discuss issues of poverty and hunger.

Help us cover profiling story by sharing what you need to know

Every year, the Missourian reports statistics showing that minorities get stopped or searched more often than whites. What do you need to know in order to have a better conversation about this issue?

Feathered friends getting fat

A drop in the temperature means a dietary change for backyard birds. As they eat more, they might increase their levels of cholesterol or heart attack.

Goodbye, Matt Blunt. We hardly knew you.

The governor failed to connect with Missourians, young and old, in his only term.

Remembering Norman Cousins

In the 1960s, Norman Cousins was successful in banning the testing of nuclear weapons.

Convictions remain unchanged by court hearings

Voter photo identification, lethal injections and a senator’s drunk driving arrest are still sparking controversy.

Two-party system destructive to the country

Many voters want to change the government, but for the first time in their lives, some will boycott the voting booths.

Eastern European press pursues freedom

Since the end of the Communist era, the press in Eastern Europe has pursued independence. Some countries have overcome impediments to a free press, while others are still struggling to achieve independence.