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Become citizens of world, not just U.S.

The Earth Charter aims to establish a peaceful and sustainable global society. In order to realize this goal, education from kindergarten through post-graduate must address the world, not just the nation.

Gun crime punishment, not gun bans, will help kick crime

Keeping thugs off the street isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense.

Holiday plant history unfurled

Many of us have holly, misletoe and poinsettias in our homes for the holidays, but do you know the history behind them?

Driving in circles: Society's reliance on cars takes away from traditional residential planning

Individuals might complain about the price of gas, but there are very few indications that we take the energy crisis seriously.

Kosovo’s future still uncertain

No settlement has been reached between the Albanians and Serbs, but it seems clear that neither side wants a renewal of violence.

GOP presidential candidates seek God’s endorsement

Republicans have been competing over their religious credentials this campaign season.

Think 'me first' for a successful life

Saving 10 percent for yourself will maximize your life in the long run.

Report on MU professors’ salaries show new possibilities of reporting

The computer-assisted, comprehensive analysis represents the future of the newsroom at the same time the old Missourian presses get taken away.

Holidays bring their share of annoyances

Joy, peace, goodwill and presents are great, but hearing "White Christmas" for the 11th time is not.

The new year needs to bring a new attitude for change

There are plenty of good ideas to make this country run smoother, but the United States is in need of a strong leader to execute these plans.

Good government provides opportunity, not perfect equality

This notion of a level playing field is wishful thinking in that it ignores fundamental differences among people. We are all human; however, our dissimilarities abound.

Results of foreign elections bring uncertainty

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela lost a referendum that would have made him president for life, while President Vladimir Putin of Russia gained more control over parliament.

The John Merrill debate: As journalists and educators, this much we know for certain

Though debate rightfully rages over the consequence of John Merrill’s quote-lifting column, MU School of Journalism faculty say its ethical problem is set in stone.

Save college football like Blunt saved Christmas

Good news: Gov. Blunt says it's acceptable to say 'Merry Christmas. Bad news: The BCS bowl selection system is flawed.

Remarkable season gives Tigers well deserved front-page coverage

MU football's recent benchmarks mean it’s time to sit up and take notice in a different way.

Preparing pets for a new baby

There are several ways to get your pets ready for a new addition to the family.

Religion and politics are like oil and water

The U.S. Constitution unambiguously says that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

Gardeners use science to measure taste

Devotees of the Brix scale think it is the most accurate indicator of the flavor of produce.

Traditions should stay traditional

Some want to change to stories and traditions surrounding America's holidays, but enough is enough.

Conference a “long shot” to lead to peace between Israel and Palestine

It’s too early to tell if the one-day peace conference will lead to more than good words.