Local Columnists

Amen to separating politics and religion

The most annoying feature of this campaign is the obsession with the religious beliefs and philosophies of the candidates.

Brix reading predicts food flavor

A tool called a refractometer can predict the flavor of fruits and vegetables; however, gardeners are still trying to figure out how to increase that flavor.

A New Year makeover, starting with a to-do list

To be popular requires changes this writer is not willing to make.

Taking the measure of the new president of the University of Missouri System

The most important thing Dr. Gary Forsee said was that he intends to be an aggressive salesman for the university.

The BCS may not have been fair to Missouri, but at least it’s unfair to several other teams as well

While fans may say a playoff system would be fair, which teams would get into the playoffs and which ones wouldn’t?

With 10 weeks left, we have a name ... we think

Finding the perfect baby name is tough, even after you think you've settled on one.

Goals for the New Year

New Year's resolutions are usually broken within the month. This year, consider staying the course.

Research shows that war isn’t caused by instinct

Plans for world disarmament could bring about peace, if nations were willing to consider them.

Smoking ban hurts local economy

Business owners should not be subjected to a city ordinance that prohibits smoking because government wants to mandate public health and welfare.

Churches should find better ways to use mission money

In this Christmas season, neighborhood churches should do more to reinforce our values than attract youthful congregations.

U.S.-Iran relations still tenuous

Whether the U.S. and Iran can repair its relationship is an open question despite recent developments.

Now is the time for giving — to the community

The topic at the recent community forum might have started out as being about crime in Columbia, but many in the audience thought the real issue is jobs. Closely linked to the economics is the need for more residents to be involved in finding solutions.

Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches — until kitty gets to them

For those cat owners who have seen their Christmas decorations destroyed, this carol is for you.

With a new president in place for the UM system, what do you want to know about him?

Gary Forsee has a slew of constituents to answer to, including the General Assembly and the residents of Columbia.

Music could be key to finding peace at holidays

Today’s Christmas music has little to do with the true spirt of the holiday, and few songs celebrate pease, hope and love.

Become citizens of world, not just U.S.

The Earth Charter aims to establish a peaceful and sustainable global society. In order to realize this goal, education from kindergarten through post-graduate must address the world, not just the nation.

Gun crime punishment, not gun bans, will help kick crime

Keeping thugs off the street isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense.

Holiday plant history unfurled

Many of us have holly, misletoe and poinsettias in our homes for the holidays, but do you know the history behind them?

Driving in circles: Society's reliance on cars takes away from traditional residential planning

Individuals might complain about the price of gas, but there are very few indications that we take the energy crisis seriously.

Kosovo’s future still uncertain

No settlement has been reached between the Albanians and Serbs, but it seems clear that neither side wants a renewal of violence.