Local Columnists

Commentary: Missouri-Kansas rivalry intense enough without invoking Civil War memories

Sports hate can be enjoyable, but old-time real hate is something best left in the past.

Don’t forget donations in your budget

Put a little aside for those charities that really need the money.

Writers Guild strike isn’t scaring anyone

This isn’t 20 years ago: If TV and screen writers continue to hold out for better wages, audiences may well shrug and move on

American citizens should fight for their veterans

American politicians and citizens should fight for better benefits for the people who fight for their country.

Leaders must support troops with action, not just words

We must call on our legislators to provide better treatment to veterans.

Spider plant requires little maintenance

Spider plants reproduce easily and purify the air.

High oil prices are a political problem

Different nations have different responses to the rising price of oil.

Public demands more from media on presidential candidates

According to public opinion polls, the public isn’t satisfied with the limited information the media provides on the presidential hopefuls.

Community and reporter dialogue possible through newspaper’s blogs

New Missourian blog The Watchword focuses on Columbia and Boone County government news, and it is meant to foster community conversation.

New baby brings lifestyle changes

Expecting parents brush up on carpentry and accounting skills in preparation for their new family member.

Anti-militarism not the same as anti-military

J. Karl Miller’s column criticized anti-war protests at the Memorial Day Salute to Veterans Air Show. Anti-war protests are acts of good citizenship, not denigration of the military.

Tugging at Katy Bridge could put Union Pacific in troubled waters

The historic structure is a major Missouri landmark, one that will not be let go of easily.

Carelessness is not plagiarism

After the cancellation of his Missourian column, John Merrill questions the deeper meanings of plagiarism.

Protests during Air Show are disrespectful to veterans

Although everyone has the right to free expression, a federal appeals court made the wrong decision in allowing protests during the Salute to Veterans Air Show.

Looking back on the past provides peace of mind for the future

In the chaos of war, looking back on good memories is a way to keep sanity and survive hard times.

Global Action to Prevent War seeks alternatives to force and fosters negotiation

The president of the Heartland Chapter of Global Action to Prevent War outlines the goals and strategies of the organization.

Musharraf’s actions create perilous situation

Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s second coup slows democracy and the flow of information to Pakistanis.

Tigers fans should look ahead, not behind

Older Tigers fans are afraid history may repeat itself this season for the MU football team.

Family's tales are treasured memories

Stories of mayhem and misadventure are often richer and more entertaining than fiction.

Missourian forced to re-affirm its standards — the hard way

The Missourian has ended its relationship with columnist John Merrill after one of his columns was found to have unattributed information from The Maneater.