Local Columnists

Read in the morning? Pleasant moods, take warning

Snatching up the news is a good way to spoil a fine day.

Walking for pleasure, errands and socialization may be a lost art

Rose Nolen recalls her days of living in a small town and tells why she loves walking.

Public deserves to be involved in final high school site decision

The Missourian has made coverage of Columbia's new high school site a priority.

Get to know thy neighbor

Rosman says in order to be truly holy, you need to accept the holy beliefs of others.

Contact the newsroom

This provides an e-mail link to the Missourian newsroom.

Few living the American dream

Low wages, a lack of health benefits and the ever-increasing rate of bankruptcies and foreclosures has pushed the once-middle class into the ranks of the working poor.

Environment, trade focus of APEC

The leaders of 21 nations of the Asian-Pacific region gathered to meet in Sydney, Australia, this past weekend. President Bush held one-on-one meetings with all of these leaders in appreciation of how important their countries have become to the U.S.

Five Ideas

In this section, we present a few of the major issues that have come up in the public discourse in the past week. We end each subject with a quesion to encourage you to consider your own opinions about these issues and how they affect our community. Please take a moment and contribute to the dialogue.

Cities must take lead in immigration issues

Level-headed community leaders are needed to address the difficulties that immigration has brought.

Media, public opened high school debate

Missourian coverage of where to put a new high school helped force a more public discussion.

As war's toll rises, who at home is paying attention?

As local war opponents and a soldier’s family search for answers on Iraq, many questions fall on closed ears.

Diplomacy is emerging in North Korea situation

The use of diplomacy instead of military strength in North Korea could lead to better relations.

Distasteful journalism should not be tolerated; residents must stand up for African-Americans

Take some lessons from the recent Missourian article, entitled “The Saga of the Warrens” (Aug. 25) if you want to know how African-Americans are really regarded by some of the Columbia community and MU.

Directionally challenged need an extra set of senses

It’s easy to get lost, whether on a winding drive home or along life’s many curves. Being a good pathfinder means knowing where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Efforts to reverse stem cell amendment amount to ‘insurgency’

Missourians understood the stem cell amendment when it was passed, and efforts to reverse it are undemocratic.

Tons of tolls not needed to fix roads

Better use of tax dollars will fix our roads and bridges, and the politicians know it.

The summertime blues

With all the trouble facing the American middle class, Rose Nolen has trouble finding reasons to smile.

Journalism still vital, new book’s authors tell critics

A new book highlights the important role journalism plays in a democracy.

The right to be selfish

A national decline in selfishness has led to a lack of concern for the nation’s interests.

Bring us justice, Mr. Mason

Could the old-fashioned resolve of America’s most resourceful TV lawyer restore honesty to modern politics? That’s a tall order, says Mary Lawrence.