Local Columnists

Diplomacy is emerging in North Korea situation

The use of diplomacy instead of military strength in North Korea could lead to better relations.

Distasteful journalism should not be tolerated; residents must stand up for African-Americans

Take some lessons from the recent Missourian article, entitled “The Saga of the Warrens” (Aug. 25) if you want to know how African-Americans are really regarded by some of the Columbia community and MU.

Directionally challenged need an extra set of senses

It’s easy to get lost, whether on a winding drive home or along life’s many curves. Being a good pathfinder means knowing where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Efforts to reverse stem cell amendment amount to ‘insurgency’

Missourians understood the stem cell amendment when it was passed, and efforts to reverse it are undemocratic.

Tons of tolls not needed to fix roads

Better use of tax dollars will fix our roads and bridges, and the politicians know it.

The summertime blues

With all the trouble facing the American middle class, Rose Nolen has trouble finding reasons to smile.

Journalism still vital, new book’s authors tell critics

A new book highlights the important role journalism plays in a democracy.

The right to be selfish

A national decline in selfishness has led to a lack of concern for the nation’s interests.

Bring us justice, Mr. Mason

Could the old-fashioned resolve of America’s most resourceful TV lawyer restore honesty to modern politics? That’s a tall order, says Mary Lawrence.

Don’t stifle debate with flawed or incomplete science

There is still room for argument on the effects of global warming and secondhand smoke.

Nation building not happening in Afghanistan

Success in Afghanistan requires more than money and troops.

By George, he’s a generous guy

Columnist recalls his growing friendship with Columbia resident George Godas, who recently offered 80 acres of land to Columbia Public Schools to build a third comprehensive high school.

Dear Reader: Missourian’s new approach is immediate delivery on Web

Liz Heitzman, the Missourian’s immediacy editor, describes the newspaper’s new approach to delivering news — constant and immediate coverage via the Web site.

Remembering the lessons of Gen. Smedley Butler

Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler railed against the practice of waging wars for profit in his book “War is a Racket.” Smedley’s lessons can be applied to the current war in Iraq, Bill Wickersham writes.

Diversity: the world's new buzzword

Diversity is a code word for social excellence and progress these days. The aim of the U.S.: Have as diverse a population as possible. The aim of the professions: Get great diversity. And of television programming: Diversify. And of race relations: Get diversity. And religion: Diversity is better. Of schools: We need more diversity. On and on we could go with this objective of diversity.

Parties debate judicial selection process

A proposal to change Missouri’s judicial nominee process has parties arguing over issues of partisanship and undue political influence.

Youths need more structure

Children today have too much freedom and too many choices. Educators looking to improve the school system should place more emphasis on tried-and-true methods.

World markets face uncertainty

We’re going to try to make some sense out of the so-called credit crunch or drop in stock markets around the world.

You might remember this from ‘Casablanca’

At Warner Bros. 65 years ago this month, the cast and crew finished shooting what they thought was just another movie.

August is a tough month for gardening

When it comes to gardening, I wish I could just sleep through August. By August my garden is a bit unruly. Some areas are downright neglected, and noxious weeds and insects seem to be taking over the world.