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DEAR READER: Racist acts and Ferguson counterprotests in Rosebud

When does legitimate protest cross over to hate speech? What's a journalist's role in labeling these acts?


ROSE NOLEN: One winter long ago: Cold winds, warm neighbors

A chilling breeze brings cold breaths and warm memories of a winter long past.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Belated steps to enforce Title IX seem to be a good start

Although MU has pledged itself to "prompt investigations" and "timely action" regarding sexual harassment and assault, the university continues its search for a permanent Title IX coordinator.


DAVID ROSMAN: Ferguson conversation needs to move on — to education, economics, race and trust

DEAR READER: Book stores can be home-away-from-home place

This year's Show Me the Errors contest will offer a book about bookstores rather than the usual about grammar and editing. "My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, And Shop" is a collection of essays about bookstores and why they are beloved.

DAVID ROSMAN: A reasonable, humane approach to illegal immigration

On this Thanksgiving week, some of those who have come to this country undocumented, in many cases unwillingly as children, are being given a chance to live the American dream without the immediate threat of deportation.

DEAR READER: How Columbia responds to Ferguson grand jury

We know there will be a decision in the killing of Michael Brown. We don't know whether Columbia will use the event to move forward or to just move on.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Peggy Kirkpatrick's reach has extended far beyond the Food Bank

Longtime Food Bank members observed Kirkpatrick's legacy not with a retirement party but with, more appropriately, an appreciation party.


DAVID ROSMAN: About the ichthus: We need to honor all faiths, not just one

The covering of the ichthus on a war memorial for Operation Desert Storm was the right thing to do.

ROSE NOLEN: Lock up your guns and keep children from dying

With more and more children dying from gun violence, it's time for parents to take a stand to prevent anymore deaths. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Violence task force seems dedicated to real change

In carrying out the proposed solutions to community violence, the mayor's task force’s commitment to continuity is key.


TIM MAYLANDER: Younger voters need to step it up when it comes to non-presidential elections

The midterm elections have come and gone, and Democrats took a beating at almost all levels of government. Voter turnout was especially low. So what's a reason for the lowest voter turnout this millennium? Millennials.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time for same-sex marriage to apply to all in Missouri

The problem with the state judge's ruling is that it has been interpreted as applying only to St. Louis.


ROSE NOLEN: Fall is a lovely time to celebrate nature, family and the chilly season

Fall brings back cherished memories of family game nights, Thanksgiving dinners and preparation for Christmas.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Anger and misinformation fueled Tuesday's election results

In Boone County and beyond, the results of Tuesday's election point to the growing mistrust between the community and its government.

GENE ROBERTSON: Devious intent, hidden agendas make the voting process a sham

When students, minorities and citizens at large view all of the participants in the democratic process as untrustworthy and predatory instead of as public servants, we are in trouble.

STEVE SPELLMAN: As rural communities fade, their way of life continues to appeal

Although life wasn't perfect before machines replaced the work of rural farmers, there is something to be said for local raw honey and line-dried laundry.

DAVID ROSMAN: Deadly diseases should not become political issues

The fight against Ebola has become a political one with no winners.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Modest fee increase for development is no horror story

Colorful advertisements are misleading the public about development fee increase.

DAVID ROSMAN: Let's start the conversation with election preferences

Amendment 6 is the exception to columnist David Rosman's rule of not altering the state Constitution. It might not be a perfect bill, but a longer voting time is worth passing in Missouri.