Local Columnists

GEORGE KENNEDY: Growing optimism for University of Missouri Press

Prospects for a new director of the University of Missouri Press look up as three finalists are considered, and the fall publications list has new titles.

ROSE NOLEN: Families should discuss gun safety

Truly, people are not trying to do away with guns. They are simply searching for ways to do away with the violence.

DEAR READER: Igor's last ride

My cycling partner Igor Izioumine rode his bike for the final time Saturday. In all of the times we rode, I never learned Igor's true identity until his funeral.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Violence Task Force promises to focus on causes and remedies of violence

The task force decided, by consensus, to launch its work by bringing to the Sept. 11 meeting proposed research questions that will be organized and prioritized for attention.

DAVID ROSMAN: King speech still resonates with today's issues

We all have dreams for a better planet. But to get there, we must look forward with our eyes wide-open, not behind with our eyes hard-shut.

J. KARL MILLER: First deny, then apologize has become the norm for lying celebrities

J. KARL MILLER: The use of performance-enhancing drugs by baseball's biggest stars is indicative of a larger celebrity trend of lying, then denying. 

ROSE NOLEN: Americans should trust one another more

I don’t think we will become a stronger people through the use of guns. I can only hope we will become a wiser people through knowledge and understanding.

DEAR READER: Plans and other hopes for news coverage this fall

The first week of school means a fresh start, again, for the Missourian. Two issues we plan to concentrate on this fall are safety in our community and sexual assault on college campuses.

GEORGE KENNEDY: City budget shows Columbia's improvements

The most important change to come from Monday's City Council meeting might be the reworking of the city bus routes to serve more of the city for more hours of the day.

GENE ROBERTSON: Fair rodeo incident should be cautionary tale

State Fair rodeo incident highlights importance of showing, teaching character.


J. KARL MILLER: Reaction to rodeo clown performance blew incident out of proportion

The resurgence of assigning racial overtones to any incident involving people of color — whether by misunderstanding or with malice aforethought — is tragic.

ROSE NOLEN: Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till are national reminders of racism

Racial attitudes against the civil rights movement may still be prevalent today.

DEAR READER: The literal and not-so-literal uses of language

Colloquialisms demand us to reinterpret the meanings of certain words and phrases.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Flight cancellations cause travelers to reconsider choices

I didn’t even realize that none of my Journalism School colleagues, most of whom were bound for Washington to attend a conference, had joined us on our route.

J. KARL MILLER: The end rarely justifies the means when priorities are manipulated

While funding public safety must be the No. 1 priority of Columbia's revenue expenditure, levying a special tax to cure an ongoing problem sets a dangerous precedent.

GENE ROBERTSON: Knee-jerk solutions don't work

An anti-violence committee may be a far better early step than an arbitrary increase in police officers at the taxpayers expense.

DAVID ROSMAN: Military ruling must meet spiritual needs of all groups

If the military allows sanctioned chaplains to minister to the needs of the troops, then it must meet the needs of all of the troops, including the servicemen and -women who are atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, skeptics and secular humanists.

ROSE NOLEN: Families key in solving social problems today

It will only be when the public decides to really get involved will we see the end to many of our social dilemmas. Every household needs to be accountable and commit itself to taking a stand to help rid this country of dangerous drugs.

DEAR READER: Of racial slurs and team names

Slate magazine will no longer us the word "Redskins" to refer to the NFL team from Washington, D.C. The name debate, which has lasted for decades, isn’t going away.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Facts about crime don't match mayor's request for more police

When compared to the other four Missouri cities with more than 100,000 residents, it turns out that Columbia's crime rate last year was below St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield and tied with Independence.