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GEORGE KENNEDY: Hartzler's values don't match those of constituents

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Harrisonville, voted against reopening the government Wednesday night. She previously has voted for a bill to cut funds from federal food stamps and has spoken out against abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri's death penalty is a costly mistake

I still believe that each man and woman on death row needs to have this one chance to prove innocence or guilt beyond a shadow of doubt.

ROSE NOLEN: Accepting all humans as equal can be challenge

People who have lived all of their lives submerged in a sea of racial supremacy, drowned in the belief that one race is superior to all others, are not likely to recover easily. To learn to accept all human beings as equals, for some, can be a challenge.

GENE ROBERTSON: Columbia's violent crime resolution should be reconsidered

Columbia City Council resolution No. R 149-13 is too dense and will not allow for change in terms of limiting violent crime.

DEAR READER: Journalist's Creed serves as reminder of values, standards

A portion of the creed, written by the founding dean of the Missouri School of Journalism, is printed each day in the Missourian's editorial page.

GEORGE KENNEDY: City Council must improve Clark Lane for pedestrians

The Columbia City Council members and residents near Clark Lane disagree on improvement plans to make the road safer for pedestrians.

DAVID ROSMAN: Improving insurance coverage would be boost to all

Expanding Medicaid, adding dental insurance to the Affordable Care Act and standardizing the claims form could go a long way to reducing medical and dental costs and keeping Missourians healthy, employed and productive.

GENE ROBERTSON: Pope Francis offers leadership role model

We could all take some lessons from the pope. We are all leaders in some context i.e., family, among friends, at church and in our community. We can all put caring into action, establish positive relationships with everyone we encounter and speak out on our interest and the interest of others.

ROSE NOLEN: In America, we can't live without people

We cannot afford to shut down our government. Things can go wrong any place, any time, and when they do, we depend on the people who work for this nation.

DEAR READER: Sorry, this letter is closed due to the federal shutdown

Shuttered offices and websites have shown some of the many ways we’re affected by our federal government. Tell me the shutdown doesn’t touch you, and I’ll suggest you aren’t looking hard enough.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Deaton reminds faculty of accomplishments as chancellor

Wednesday's General Faculty meeting was the last for MU Chancellor Brady Deaton, who will retire Nov. 15.


DAVID ROSMAN: Collect those taxes, but try to only pay them locally

Proposed legislation in the U.S. Senate would require e-commerce sites to collect taxes from out-0f-state buyers. Besides being a messy proposition to administrate, it also means you're paying taxes to another state or community rather than supporting your own. 

ROSE NOLEN: Texting while driving is reckless behavior

Young people should acknowledge the seriousness and possibility of danger when they text while behind the wheel.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pam Close contributes to Hickman High's programs

Pam Close has repeatedly arranged for students to participate in research projects at the Cancer Research Center in Columbia.

DEAR READER: Sometimes, the most important stories are the hardest to get

When people angrily refuse to answer a simple question, it can be a clue — a bright green light with a “Rough Road Ahead” sign.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Violence Task Force must be willing to discuss issues of race

Black members of the group seemed much more willing to identify issues of race than were their white colleagues.

DAVID ROSMAN: Early political announcements don't mean good government

With Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, announcing his intent to run for attorney general in 2017, David Rosman says there are drawbacks when active politicians begin their campaigns too early.

DEAR READER: Meet the members of this year's Readers Board

The new members of the Readers Board, a panel of community members who help improve the Missourian, introduce themselves.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Food scarcity remains problem in mid-Missouri

One in six people in the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri service area face times when they don't know where the next meal is coming from.

DAVID ROSMAN: On writer's block, or maybe it's more a case of writer's overload

Sometimes the human mind just decides to close out the outside and deal with problems within, and that is what has been going on with me in the past two months.