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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disputing facts about beginning of life

There is human life in a tube of blood and in the sperm and egg cells prior to fertilization. The question is when does a particular human life begin?

DEAR READERS: Lists help organize our lives

Lists abound in newsrooms and classrooms. There are work schedules, assignments, tests, projects, news budgets, how-to instructions, dos and dont's, calendars, sources and many other lists that keep production on track.

DEAR READER: Reporting the Ryan Ferguson ruling requires legal language calisthenics

If a conviction is vacated, is it also overturned? This week's announcement by the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District gave the Missourian a chance to review legal terminology.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Ryan Ferguson case unlikely to be reconsidered or retried

The appeals court ruling is too strong and clear to leave much room for doubt. That would mean that Ferguson would go free.

DAVID ROSMAN: New gun control bill waste of time

There are enough holes in the proposed bill to nullify any federal gun control laws for it to be taken to court.

ROSE NOLEN: Shared memories, experiences make us stronger

Our mobility as a society costs us in many ways. We live in many houses and several neighborhoods, and our environments are constantly changing.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Conversation about sewer bond is slow to start

Bill Weitkemper's struggle to start a public conversation about how best to repair and pay for our sewers deserves at least a last-minute hearing.

DAVID ROSMAN: Factions within GOP could cause splinter, create new party

Unless the mainstream Republicans can control their tea party faction, another party will come along affecting national and state legislatures alike. Then we might have to capitalize “Tea Party.”

ROSE NOLEN: Sorting out voting issues now helps everyone get access

Some women who have changed their last names could be prevented from voting in Texas. This issue needs to be amended quickly.

DEAR READER: Persistence and constant questions complete good stories

Reporters and editors made impressive efforts to get the stories of Lewis Baumgartner and the case of Brandon Coleman.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Downtown development rules need revision

If the Walgreens was a mistake, as advocates and council members appeared belatedly to agree, why repeat the mistake across the street?

DAVID ROSMAN: Dilemma at the diverging diamond I-70 interchange

North Stadium to east bound I-70 is not a problem, nor is Stadium south to I-70 west. Those are the only problems the new interchange seems to have corrected with no confusion.

ROSE NOLEN: Government shutdown wasted money, time

Twenty-four billion dollars was wasted. Nothing was gained from it. And when one stops to think of the number of children who probably went to bed hungry during those nights, it can be upsetting.

DEAR READER: Missing newsroom items stir nostalgia

Newsrooms and the tools that journalists used have changed greatly in recent years, making work places for wordsmiths almost unrecognizable but much safer.

DEAR READER: When is 'they' the right pronoun for one person?

A recent Missourian article used the pronoun "they" to refer to Josie Herrera, a finalist for MU Homecoming king who identifies as gender queer.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Hartzler's values don't match those of constituents

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Harrisonville, voted against reopening the government Wednesday night. She previously has voted for a bill to cut funds from federal food stamps and has spoken out against abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri's death penalty is a costly mistake

I still believe that each man and woman on death row needs to have this one chance to prove innocence or guilt beyond a shadow of doubt.

ROSE NOLEN: Accepting all humans as equal can be challenge

People who have lived all of their lives submerged in a sea of racial supremacy, drowned in the belief that one race is superior to all others, are not likely to recover easily. To learn to accept all human beings as equals, for some, can be a challenge.

GENE ROBERTSON: Columbia's violent crime resolution should be reconsidered

Columbia City Council resolution No. R 149-13 is too dense and will not allow for change in terms of limiting violent crime.

DEAR READER: Journalist's Creed serves as reminder of values, standards

A portion of the creed, written by the founding dean of the Missouri School of Journalism, is printed each day in the Missourian's editorial page.