Local Columnists

DEAR READER: Before athletics or official actions, the ESPN report is about a violent attack on a woman

ESPN's "Outside the Lines" report on an MU swimmer is a sad example of the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Nimble politicians manage discussion of proposed TIF project

City Manager Mike Matthes is pushing, carefully but determinedly, creation of a huge TIF district to generate the funds that would allow growth to resume in the heart of Columbia. As any good politician would, he made a low-key pitch for his idea while appearing open to other approaches and moving to pre-empt the most obvious objections.

DAVID ROSMAN: Arguments against expanding Medicaid have no real basis

It is time to tell members of the state legislature to take down the roadblocks and get our money back into the state economy. Tell them to pass SB 661, which will provide “for the expansion of MO HealthNet services beginning on Jan. 1, 2015.”

ROSE NOLEN: The value of local news is often in the small details

The newspaper from my community will inform me about the news that matters to me. I can’t depend on the big city newspaper to bring me news from my hometown.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Valuing diversity is an honest acknowledgement of equal opportunity

It has been said that doing nothing is worse than subjugating. Denying one's subjugation is worse than acquiescing to one's subjugation.

DEAR READER: There's work to be done in closing the poverty gap

The biggest barrier to closing the gap isn’t race or gender or geography. It’s poverty. Or, as the Missourian Readers Board put it this week, the divide between the haves and the have-nots is growing wider and with little evidence that things are changing.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Chris Kelly continues to represent Boone County well

Chris’s style is low-key, his speeches are rambling, his humor is self-deprecating; but when he turns serious you realize that he just might be the smartest guy in the room.

DEAR READER: Words of the Year form odd collection

"Because," "selfie" and "science" were picked by three organizations as 2013's Word of the Year.

DAVID ROSMAN: Taking money out of workers' pockets is no solution

It is not just corporations versus organized labor, but the Republican Party versus every worker in every industry.

DEAR READER: Best not dispute a good thing

Young people don't read newspapers anymore, right? Missourian Sports Editor Greg Bowers finds that his son begs to differ.

GEORGE KENNEDY: New legislative session unlikely to take on tough issues

It may be a new year and a new session, but it’s the same old legislature. This time I pledge, in a kind of belated New Year’s resolution, to maintain a realistic pessimism about the likelihood of anything worthwhile emerging from Jefferson City.

DAVID ROSMAN: Plenty of shenanigans as the legislature convenes

In a search for proposed bills, it's hard to find relevant bills because most lack a title. The legislation found was even more confusing.

ROSE NOLEN: A big family provides a lifetime of memories

Big families help create lots of memories, fill life with laughter and fun. Of course, there also are ups and downs.

GENE ROBERTSON: It's a new year — let's make resolutions about helping others

Let’s commit ourselves to not just feeling bad about those less fortunate than us but doing something tangible for them.

DEAR READER: Columbia College displays some sunshine in search for president

MU and Columbia College search committees vetting candidates for new leaders were sworn to secrecy. Both cited the need to keep candidates confidential. But Columbia College chose to make its finalists public. In doing so, it gave everyone involved a voice.

DAVID ROSMAN: No need to analyze 2013 before plunging into 2014

The New Year is something akin to the line one draws on the score card after a particularly bad bowling frame or tee-to-green. It is meant to separate the bad from the good, to have a new beginning, to hit the reset button.

ROSE NOLEN: Slow time down and savor the memories

Keeping written notes of events helps revive memories, and remind us to slow down and embrace the past, too.

DAVID ROSMAN: Let's have peace on Earth in spite of the nonsense on 'Duck Dynasty'

Let’s celebrate Christmas for what it should be, the rebirth of the planet and peace and tolerance for all mankind.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Blunt brings attention but not SNAP funding in Food Bank visit

Missouri ranks second in the nation in the percentage of families suffering from what the feds term “very low food security," according to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

ROSE NOLEN: Listen more than you speak

It is wonderful that we have so many ways to communicate. But a note written on the Internet is not private.