Amanda Koellner

COLUMN: Young women should take advice from Tina Fey and avoid Tucker Max

Fans of Tucker Max may  be condoning chauvinistic behavior and unrealistic expectations of women, while Tina Fey sets the record straight on the female ideal. Both beg the question: when will we stop letting jerks be jerks?

COLUMN: Thoughts from a college graduate

Four years of dirty apartments, academic all-nighters and stressful assignments are done. And will they ever be missed.

COLUMN: Today's technology is detracting from life's beautiful experiences

Avoid P.D.T. — public displays of technology — by putting your phone down and focusing on the life that's happening right around you.

COLUMN: Proud to be a "Gleek"

I am a self-proclaimed "Gleek" who defends her love of the show "Glee." It turns kids on to music and celebrates individuality. 

COLUMN: It's time to embrace new music, not run from it

Whether you're 14 or 64, it's never too late to fall in love with music.

COLUMN: Confessions of a nonsports fan

Many times it's the atmosphere around a sporting event that is interesting, not the game itself

COLUMN: How to create the perfect soundtrack

Following a few simple rules can help any music lover create a soundtrack that viewers can love as much as the movie or television show.

COLUMN: Zodiac switch means she’s a new kind of crazy

Or does it? The astrology shake-up that wasn't illustrates our sad affinity for wild, Web-fueled stories that just aren't true.