Brad Clemons

BRAD CLEMONS: The perils of teaching seem more obvious every year

Teachers are ultimately hypocrites. But then again, aren't we all?

BRAD CLEMONS: Suburban lawn care brings out the darker side of men

Keeping a perfectly trimmed lawn has become an obsession for men in today's world. 

BRAD CLEMONS: Is heaven a State Fair corn dog?

Oh, the things I can learn about heaven — and myself — with a visit to the Missouri State Fair.

BRAD CLEMONS: When peer pressure haunts the back-to-school shopping experience

Parents should consider the significance of back-to-school clothes before they set foot in a shopping mall.

BRAD CLEMONS: The perils of summer break and too much time with the kids

My biggest fear is that my family will get to know the real me all too soon.


BRAD CLEMONS: Taxi stands seem to punish sober drivers

With prime parking spaces reserved for taxi stands, it's becoming even more difficult to park in downtown Columbia.

BRAD CLEMONS: Casey Anthony should thank the Founding Fathers

Jealousy — it fuels our society. And it seems like we'd be happier with a justice system more like 'American Idol.'

BRAD CLEMONS: Life help that really works, this time

There are things you just can't fix about yourself. But, you should try really hard to fix the things you can.

BRAD CLEMONS: Is comfort sapping our potential?

Exploring the comforts of the present and their relation to the accomplishments of the past.

BRAD CLEMONS: Why teachers need summer breaks

Letting teachers have summer breaks benefits the public.

BRAD CLEMONS: Being a comfortable nation has its dangers

Here in the Western world, we are so comfortable that we have to invent challenges for ourselves.

BRAD CLEMONS: Being a 'father' is difficult

Being a 'dad' is far different than being a 'father.'

BRAD CLEMONS: Telling lies isn't always a bad thing

While generally perceived as an unethical, telling lies can actually do tremendous good.

BRAD CLEMONS: What teachers are really thinking during graduation ceremonies

Teachers are running out of options for naming their children due to negative memories of students with common names like "Amanda" and "Michael".

BRAD CLEMONS: Advice for the recent graduates

Instead of doing things the way everyone else prescribes, try doing what makes you happy — within reason, of course. 

BRAD CLEMONS: Neighborhood garage sales tell us about ourselves

What we learn about ourselves and our neighbors is not always pretty, either.

BRAD CLEMONS: End of school brings out cast of characters

As students scrawl their final essays, a teacher takes a moment to examine his students' unusual characters.

BRAD CLEMONS: Easter weekend about Jesus, but also relaxation

Jesus' death on the cross is the real reason for the Easter weekend; but there is time for a little fun and relaxation, too.

BRAD CLEMONS: How to feed a family without buying anything

Don't sweat the small stuff, but embrace the little things — especially those that you can do for other people.

BRAD CLEMONS: 'Not Me' gets harder to catch in action

Lapses in good behavior such as missing cookies, hidden keys and messy rooms all have the same elusive suspect: "Not Me."