Corey Motley

Housing developers agree to shoulder some downtown sewer costs

There is an estimated $6.7 million in downtown city sewer work payments left, even after possible contributions from development companies.

COLUMN: Transition from college to career — enter reality

Transitions after college can be hard to deal with, especially if you've got bills to pay.

COLUMN: Professors should recognize student time commitments

Every professor wants his or her class to be a student's No. 1 priority, but other responsibilities make some classes more important than others.

COLUMN: Course evaluations should be more than an afterthought

This opportunity for students to provide their professors with feedback shouldn't be glossed over or rushed through.

COLUMN: Being gay is not a choice

Just as straight people don't make a choice to be attracted to the opposite sex, gay people do not make the choice to be attracted to people of the same sex.

COLUMN: Conceal and carry could defuse campus violence

Under Missouri law, you must be at least 23 years old to obtain a conceal and carry permit.

COLUMN: Don't judge me because I don't drink

While some college students like to spend their weekend nights drinking, one student expresses his preference to take a nonalcoholic path.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Video games aren't just for kids

Video games can tell a story just as powerful as a movie or book. With the average age of a gamer in the U.S. at 35, video games are becoming more emotionally intense.