David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Pledge of Allegiance means same in English, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili

HB 499 would require that the pledge be said daily in all schools receiving public funding — but only in English.

DAVID ROSMAN: Unintended consequences of the gun-rights amendment are now biting us

Amendment 5 makes owning a firearm an "unalienable right" for Missouri residents. But columnist David Rosman writes that the bill could allow felons and teenagers to get firearms, and he worries that a new proposal, based upon a statute in Kansas, may take Amendment 5 a step further.

DAVID ROSMAN: Proposed legislation would counter First Amendment religious protections

A Missouri House of Representatives bill would prohibit colleges and universities from enforcing policies that deny benefits to student organizations that require members to adhere to certain beliefs.

DAVID ROSMAN: Don't use public money to fund private education

There are multiple problems with vouchers, the least of which is the very real possibility that the money will go to support religious education, something specifically prohibited by the First Amendment.

DAVID ROSMAN: Tom Schweich's death must be a wake-up call

Something must be done about the lack of mental health professionals to handle an increasing number of successful and attempted suicides in the state.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri is ready to put a cap on payday loans

HB 820 would cap the interest rate on payday loans at 36 percent annually.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislator's bill hurts, rather than helps, middle class, local governments

HB-865, a proposed bill that would prevent towns from raising the minimum wage, could inhibit the middle class as well as those in lower economic classes.

DAVID ROSMAN: IBM layoffs are another sign of civic blindness

The City Council seems to be choosing big business over the citizens of Columbia with increased frequency. Whether it is about IBM or Opus, the council has been ignoring the needs of the 130,000 residents of the city.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time to provide relief for crushing student debt

Today, student loans are nearly impossible to discharge in a bankruptcy proceeding, but many students have such high loan amounts they believe they will have problems paying off those loans.

DAVID ROSMAN: Right to work is not right for Missouri

Placing limitations on the organization of labor unions will hurt the conduct of business and limit the number of qualified workers in Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: Everyone wins with Missouri HealthNet

Please call your state representative and senator and tell them to vote in favor of HB 153 before the state loses more money, jobs and lives.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time to prod legislature to rein in lobbyists

It is the unrestricted and unlimited money that ethics laws need to address in Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: Bad idea — an abortion bill that would give fathers more rights than mothers

HB 131 would require "the written consent of the father of the child before an abortion can be performed, with certain exceptions."

DAVID ROSMAN: It's time to bring back unselfish holiday traditions

If Christmas is about "tradition," then we have lost the spirit of the winter holiday season. Retail has really taken over, starting the "season" on Thanksgiving Day, and it is a shame.

DAVID ROSMAN: Even under the gun amendment, convicted felons should not own firearms

There are people who should not legally own weapons, and they would include convicted felons, regardless of the nature of the crime.

DAVID ROSMAN: Two pivotal ballot measures would limit campaign contributions

Two proposed measures for the 2016 ballot would help change Missouri's dead last ranking in political ethics.

DAVID ROSMAN: Ferguson conversation needs to move on — to education, economics, race and trust

DAVID ROSMAN: A reasonable, humane approach to illegal immigration

On this Thanksgiving week, some of those who have come to this country undocumented, in many cases unwillingly as children, are being given a chance to live the American dream without the immediate threat of deportation.

DAVID ROSMAN: About the ichthus: We need to honor all faiths, not just one

The covering of the ichthus on a war memorial for Operation Desert Storm was the right thing to do.

DAVID ROSMAN: Time for same-sex marriage to apply to all in Missouri

The problem with the state judge's ruling is that it has been interpreted as applying only to St. Louis.