David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: How do we define a journalist?

Wikileaks brings into question the traditional role of a journalist.

DAVID ROSMAN: Trust of the press lacking

Distrust of the press, its real or perceived biases, has caused only further distrust on our government. And we, the press, have done little to fix the problem.

DAVID ROSMAN: Republican gridlock is all about image, not helping American people

The 112th Congress might stall because of the Republican party's concern about image.

DAVID ROSMAN: Free news is a business model worth replicating

With the Columbia Daily Tribune's paywall for online content to take effect Dec. 1, the Missourian should follow the example of successful, free media outlets.

DAVID ROSMAN: A few thoughts for Mayor McDavid

Don't paint Columbia's new buses black and gold. Promote better communication between citizens and government. And be careful not to start a parking meter fiasco in Columbia.

DAVID ROSMAN: Despite not being paid, citizen journalists are still professionals

Unpaid contributors are still professional journalists if they meet the standards required by news organizations.

DAVID ROSMAN: The ballot box blues

While at the polls on Tuesday, I decided to steal a Steve Goodman melody, “Chicken Cordon Blues,” and put my own words to it. It is called "The Voter Ballot Box Blues."

DAVID ROSMAN: Propositions A and B are good ideas, bad proposals

David Rosman urges readers to look beyond campaign brochures when evaluating two propositions on Tuesday's ballot.

DAVID ROSMAN: Second Amendment calls into question Columbia's Prop 2

Arguments over Tasers electrify as some consider the constitutionality of Proposition 2.


DAVID ROSMAN: Political attack ads worthless in making smart decisions

Complaints without proposed solutions are useless. Voting should be for those candidates who identify a problem and have a workable solution.

DAVID ROSMAN: Democrats need to do a better job of selling themselves

Progressives need to be stronger in voicing their pro-business, pro-labor ideals combating mindless conservative propaganda.


DAVID ROSMAN: Fox News need not take Carnahan commercial so personally

If Fox News wins the lawsuit against Robin Carnahan, political advertisements could see some changes.

DAVID ROSMAN: Media helped increase fear of Islam in America

Fanatics used the power of fear to gain the media's attention. Now the media is responsible for providing them with an undeserved platform for their anti-Islamic messages.

DAVID ROSMAN: Registered write-in candidate offers difference for 9th

Jeff Reed, a write-in candidate for the 9th Congressional District — where no Democrat is running against Republican incumbent Blaine Luetkemeyer — would represent the liberal and progressive causes of the district. And his name is easy to spell.


DAVID ROSMAN: HOGs remain tame in Columbia

The belief that the HOGs wreak havoc on Columbia streets and live up to their name was not the reality. Last week's motorcyclists praised the city and found a surprising "favorite hangout."

DAVID ROSMAN: Economic future is bright if Columbia plays to its strengths

Working to make Columbia's citizens safe and healthy would improve the economy in the long run.

COLUMN: Proposed mosque raises the question: Are we a nation of intolerance?

If we are to honor the Constitution, our founding founders and the consciousness of our collective faiths, it is clear: Intolerance cannot be accepted, no matter the reason.

COLUMN: Shopping for the planet

My Green Cities, an application created by Arianna Parsons, helps support both local businesses and the environment.

COLUMN: Lesson to be learned from lack of coverage of Sherrod's firing

The press, including the Missourian, and citizen journalists, including myself, have an obligation to the public — to seek out the truth, expose the lie and show how national stories such as Sherrod versus Breitbart have a hyper-local connection.

COLUMN: Get out and vote on Tuesday

Voters face choices in county, state and federal races, and on Proposition C, which would exempt Missourians from participating in the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.