David Rosman

COLUMN: Most commenters add valuable voice to the conversation

Most commentators are looking to strike up a conversation, using verifiable facts and sources that can be found and analyzed.

COLUMN: Politicians' secession threats are childish

Politicians need to grow up and resolve issues with civil communication. That is, unless we want our state and federal government to be run by 5-year-old children.

Not reporting crime is a shameful act

Eye-witnesses who do not stop or report a crime are a major problem.

COLUMN: 'Conspicuous' cameras mean criminals know where they are

Money for surveillance cameras could be better spent on attracting businesses or improving public transportation.

COLUMN: Eliminating front license plates would cost money, not save it

Removing front license plates would not be cost effective because there are $1.4 million worth of license plates and tags already in stock. Plus, the red-light cameras would have to be reworked, so they could function without a front license plate.

COLUMN: A corporation isn't an individual, can't run for Congress

A corporation in Maryland is running for Congress. In January, the United States Supreme Court decided it is unconstitutional to limit amounts of money corporations can spend on candidates, because they are "individuals." I think it is a wonderful idea that this corporation decided to run. Still, a corporation is not a registered voter, and Murray Hill Inc. is only two years old.

COLUMN: Time to rethink stance on marijuana, K2

Labeling K2 as a Schedule I drug without significant research about what it is or what it does is wrong.

COLUMN: Seven-year-old air traffic controller breach of security, safety

With all the additional security measures since 9/11, how was it possible that a child was allowed to control flight operations at one of the world's busiest airports? It is a breach of safety and security. If the Transportation Security Administration can't explain how this happened, we should consider revamping the entire system or allow seven-year-olds to handle security.

COLUMN: Congress is the real problem in the IRS plane crash

While the media banters over Tiger Woods' apology and Joe Stack's actions after crashing a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, they are missing the real issue, which is Congress.

COLUMN: Down with newsertainment

Today's “newsertainment” may not be ideal but it's what audiences are asking for.

COLUMN: Dear Missourians, learn how to drive

For someone who is used to the "safe drivers" in New York City, some of the drivers in Columbia can be maddening.

COLUMN: Bill focused on religion takes away from other issues

The new Senate bill focused on "reaffirming" the First Amendment by focusing on the "right to free expression of religion" is reopening Pandora's Box.

COLUMN: Missouri residents must define ethics for their legislators

People have different definitions of ethics, but Missouri residents must come together to decide on a code of ethics to which we can hold legislators accountable.

COLUMN: Let us label ourselves

America is a country of mixed races, religions, ethnicities and cultures, so it's impossible to make us simply fill in one survey bubble.

COLUMN: Memories of Port-au-Prince

A trip to Port-au-Prince 40 years ago left a lasting impression.

COLUMN: Examining a few bills about to be taken up by General Assembly

As state legislatures around the country get ready to debate bills, here is an analysis of a few bills proposed in Missouri, covering topics from protection for faith-based health care to eminent domain.