David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: New tax bill is a trap

By skipping the income tax and bumping the sales tax, the proposed tax bill would lay all the burden on the working and middle classes.

DAVID ROSMAN: Banning Sharia law is fearmongering and unconstitutional

By prohibiting Sharia law in Missouri courtrooms, we're promoting hatred toward Muslim Americans.

DAVID ROSMAN: Candidates with 'real ideas' deserve your vote

With less than a week until the municipal election, Fred Schmidt and Helen Anthony stand out as ideal representatives for the First and Fifth wards, respectively.

Creating blue-collar jobs is the answer to our troubles

Mike Matthes has a change to start off his term with a bang. Why not help the future of Columbia by trying to create more blue-collar jobs, and take advantage of what Columbia has to offer?

DAVID ROSMAN: Politicians should do homework, read Missouri's constitution

There is a great reason why the state constitution separates religion and government. Why don't those in politics get it?

David Rosman: Conservatives threaten U.S. future by supporting minimum wage and grant cuts

By taking money from minimum wage earners and students, conservatives are destroying America's financial and educational systems.


DAVID ROSMAN: How to tell whether a politician is trying to snow you

With the Columbia City Council race heating up, candidates are using a variety of tactics to evade questions from constituents.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislature ignores will of the people

The Missouri GOP is pushing back against voter-approved laws.

DAVID ROSMAN: Cold winter doesn't mean the end of global warming

Looking at short-term weather conditions distracts from the long-forming effects of climate-change.

DAVID ROSMAN: Mandatory gun training the answer to gun control debate

It's time to accept that there are responsibilities and reasonable restrictions that come with gun ownership.

DAVID ROSMAN: Remembering those struck by tragedy of Tucson shooting

It is important to recognize all of the victims of the shooting because soon the attention will be on the shooter, the motive and the politics.

DAVID ROSMAN: Previewing the pre-filed bills in General Assembly

Some of them make sense, and others would be better with a few tweaks.

DAVID ROSMAN: Let's remember our troops in 2011

The war in Afghanistan has been going on for more than nine years now, and America has largely turned a blind eye to the struggle. Can't we do more to protect our soldiers?

DAVID ROSMAN: GOP doing best to make a happy holidays — for the rich

Rather than govern, the Party of the Right is doing all it can to run out the clock on this lame-duck session of Congress.

DAVID ROSMAN: How do we define a journalist?

Wikileaks brings into question the traditional role of a journalist.

DAVID ROSMAN: Trust of the press lacking

Distrust of the press, its real or perceived biases, has caused only further distrust on our government. And we, the press, have done little to fix the problem.

DAVID ROSMAN: Republican gridlock is all about image, not helping American people

The 112th Congress might stall because of the Republican party's concern about image.

DAVID ROSMAN: Free news is a business model worth replicating

With the Columbia Daily Tribune's paywall for online content to take effect Dec. 1, the Missourian should follow the example of successful, free media outlets.

DAVID ROSMAN: A few thoughts for Mayor McDavid

Don't paint Columbia's new buses black and gold. Promote better communication between citizens and government. And be careful not to start a parking meter fiasco in Columbia.

DAVID ROSMAN: Despite not being paid, citizen journalists are still professionals

Unpaid contributors are still professional journalists if they meet the standards required by news organizations.