David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Policy and politics or juvenile and conspiratorial?

Missourian columnist George Kennedy asked last week whether Sen. Kurt Schaefer was playing politics or policy. Maybe the question should be: Should Schaefer's actions be considered juvenile and conspiratorial?

DAVID ROSMAN: Should Big Brother be watching Columbia more?

While public and private security cameras have minimal effect deterring crime, they do aid in the capture of criminals. Does this advantage outweigh our expectations to privacy?

DAVID ROSMAN: Don't jump to conclusions in placing blame

We seem to forget the sheer number of terrorist attacks, foreign and domestic, on United States soil.

DAVID ROSMAN: More cases of GOP foot-in-mouth disease

The ever more common occurrence of Republican party leaders targeting the working poor is doing nothing to save the party's reputation.

DAVID ROSMAN: It's the people that make Columbia great

Like the three blogs I read about Columbia, my appreciation and love for my other hometowns seem to be missing something very important — the people.

DAVID ROSMAN: The spring trifecta — betting, voting and snowing

It's that time of the year when we place our bets on basketball teams and make choices at the polls. There will be winners and losers, but losses shouldn't be taken personally.

DAVID ROSMAN: Pitting health care against politics leads to conflict

Political differences between Missouri republicans and democrats, as seen with the debate over healthcare reform, will be the death of the state citizen's well-being.

DAVID ROSMAN: A new disease is spreading in the Gray Dome

It appears that state and federal legislators, all of whom are sworn to uphold the federal and state constitutions, are now defying both.

DAVID ROSMAN: A message of thanks to my many editors

Adventures in editing, translating the work of a fellow author and sending columns through the copy desk at the Missourian provide lessons that help to improve writing.

DAVID ROSMAN: Sequestration and bipartisan politics are the next big blizzard

We are being buried by repetitive philippic rhetoric as different political parties argue over the upcoming budget cuts and sequestration.

DAVID ROSMAN: We need to think about the future in planning projects

Most governments rarely plan further than "tomorrow" for projects, and City Council is forgetting the K.I.S.S. rule – keep it short and simple – with the Providence and other road projects.

DAVID ROSMAN: Asteroids and the end of the world, a conspiracy theory

Be it asteroids or comets or the CIA, it's the end of the world as we know it.

DAVID ROSMAN: What's the matter with Missouri?

Reducing or eliminating the Missouri tax base with no plan to replace the money will hurt Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: Keep religion out of Missouri's science curriculum

Missouri's proposed Missouri Standard Science Act, which would require intelligent design to be taught in schools, would only hurt America's science education.

DAVID ROSMAN: In case of gun control, the pen is mightier than the sword

Our right to own and bear arms cannot be taken away until either the Court again changes its ruling or when “We the People” ratify a new amendment to the Constitution.

DAVID ROSMAN: Politicians turn gun ownership into religious issue

In addition to politicians, the religious right is responsible for pushing opposition to gun control front and center.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missourians deserve better from our legislators

Imagine: Missouri with a healthy and well educated work force, with our K-12 and universities properly funded and being known as a state that takes care of our own. Isn't that the goal?

DAVID ROSMAN: Who's to blame for the fools on the hill?

Our lawmakers in Washington and Jefferson City are putting more effort into distracting us from our real problems than solving them.

DAVID ROSMAN: Responding to varying views on gun control

Responding to the criticism of the NRA, J. Karl Miller’s Wednesday column is well written but might not fit the mainstream thoughts of the American public.

DAVID ROSMAN: Why does someone serve in elective office?

Two local decisions to leave office and one to pursue re-election call into focus a question central to the person who seeks political office: "Who will you serve?"