David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Sequestration and bipartisan politics are the next big blizzard

We are being buried by repetitive philippic rhetoric as different political parties argue over the upcoming budget cuts and sequestration.

DAVID ROSMAN: We need to think about the future in planning projects

Most governments rarely plan further than "tomorrow" for projects, and City Council is forgetting the K.I.S.S. rule – keep it short and simple – with the Providence and other road projects.

DAVID ROSMAN: Asteroids and the end of the world, a conspiracy theory

Be it asteroids or comets or the CIA, it's the end of the world as we know it.

DAVID ROSMAN: What's the matter with Missouri?

Reducing or eliminating the Missouri tax base with no plan to replace the money will hurt Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: Keep religion out of Missouri's science curriculum

Missouri's proposed Missouri Standard Science Act, which would require intelligent design to be taught in schools, would only hurt America's science education.

DAVID ROSMAN: In case of gun control, the pen is mightier than the sword

Our right to own and bear arms cannot be taken away until either the Court again changes its ruling or when “We the People” ratify a new amendment to the Constitution.

DAVID ROSMAN: Politicians turn gun ownership into religious issue

In addition to politicians, the religious right is responsible for pushing opposition to gun control front and center.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missourians deserve better from our legislators

Imagine: Missouri with a healthy and well educated work force, with our K-12 and universities properly funded and being known as a state that takes care of our own. Isn't that the goal?

DAVID ROSMAN: Who's to blame for the fools on the hill?

Our lawmakers in Washington and Jefferson City are putting more effort into distracting us from our real problems than solving them.

DAVID ROSMAN: Responding to varying views on gun control

Responding to the criticism of the NRA, J. Karl Miller’s Wednesday column is well written but might not fit the mainstream thoughts of the American public.

DAVID ROSMAN: Why does someone serve in elective office?

Two local decisions to leave office and one to pursue re-election call into focus a question central to the person who seeks political office: "Who will you serve?"

DAVID ROSMAN: Online cheating devalues education

College Report Source, along with their brethren, do three things that are at best questionable, at worse the encouragement of cheating.

DAVID ROSMAN: Fiscal cliff debate should include military and social spending

The arguments that the maintaining of military spending protects the jobs, direct and indirect, of millions of Americans is proper. However, the same argument can be said about Supplemental Security Income (SSI), federal health care and other “welfare” programs.

DAVID ROSMAN: Americans need to regain altruism, humanity and optimism of Thanksgiving

Many Americans remain pessimistic on a day that is supposed to celebrate how the Wampanoag nation showed the Pilgrims altruism, humanity and optimism in 1621.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislators, let's get something done during 2013 session

No wonder everything seems to happen in the last two weeks of session when you are forced to stay well past midnight and work weekends to complete your job. Just like the procrastinating teenager putting off his homework until the morning it is due.

DAVID ROSMAN: Voter registration fraud could be the real problem

I take voter fraud seriously. Although it appears that the GOP may be the guilty party, we need to see how many voters file complaints because there is no evidence of registration.

DAVID ROSMAN: Storm takes precedence

This is no time for levity, especially from me, with so many people I know and love in the path of the superstorm, Sandy.


DAVID ROSMAN: Who called in the adults?

There was no deviating from the course thanks to Bob Schieffer’s unwillingness to take any grief from Mr. Romney who strove to get in the last word.

DAVID ROSMAN: 911 operators need money to answer calls quickly

Voters should get behind an April 2013 ballot proposal that will raise the sales tax that would help fund the Public Safety Joint Communications.

DAVID ROSMAN: Offline research essential, even in the digital age

With the implementation of paywalls at many newspapers — and to improve their critical-thinking skills — students must develop the ability to find information offline.