David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Americans need to regain altruism, humanity and optimism of Thanksgiving

Many Americans remain pessimistic on a day that is supposed to celebrate how the Wampanoag nation showed the Pilgrims altruism, humanity and optimism in 1621.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislators, let's get something done during 2013 session

No wonder everything seems to happen in the last two weeks of session when you are forced to stay well past midnight and work weekends to complete your job. Just like the procrastinating teenager putting off his homework until the morning it is due.

DAVID ROSMAN: Voter registration fraud could be the real problem

I take voter fraud seriously. Although it appears that the GOP may be the guilty party, we need to see how many voters file complaints because there is no evidence of registration.

DAVID ROSMAN: Storm takes precedence

This is no time for levity, especially from me, with so many people I know and love in the path of the superstorm, Sandy.


DAVID ROSMAN: Who called in the adults?

There was no deviating from the course thanks to Bob Schieffer’s unwillingness to take any grief from Mr. Romney who strove to get in the last word.

DAVID ROSMAN: 911 operators need money to answer calls quickly

Voters should get behind an April 2013 ballot proposal that will raise the sales tax that would help fund the Public Safety Joint Communications.

DAVID ROSMAN: Offline research essential, even in the digital age

With the implementation of paywalls at many newspapers — and to improve their critical-thinking skills — students must develop the ability to find information offline.

DAVID ROSMAN: Akin is not doing himself any favors

Rep. Todd Akin continues to say the wrong thing on the campaign trail.

DAVID ROSMAN: Debate fails to clear up questions about Missouri candidates

The gubernatorial and Senate debates were entertaining, but the candidates did a bad job of answering the questions.

DAVID ROSMAN: Makers of 'Innocence of Muslims' film should face consequences

The First Amendment protection of freedom of speech is not absolute, and the producers of "Innocence of Muslims" have crossed that line.

DAVID ROSMAN: Democratic Convention tactics mirror those of GOP

The Democratic National Convention alienated some voters and ignored the two-thirds vote necessary to change the platform.

DAVID ROSMAN: Inhumanity has plagued much of the GOP leadership

There have been recent examples of the lack of morals, whether Christian, Jewish, Islamic or secular humanist, exemplifying the GOP’s lack of understanding of right versus wrong.



DAVID ROSMAN: Not all taxes are equal this election

If you support health care and education, then you might want to join in the effort to pass Proposition B, the measure that would increase cigarette taxes in Missouri. 

DAVID ROSMAN: Trash and Akin, what they have in common

The trash collection system might not have achieved the level of international interest as Akin, but it is certainly top news here.

DAVID ROSMAN: Religion is not a qualifier for public office

Although an individual's religious affiliation has no impact on that person's ability to run for office, it might have an effect if the population actually votes  for them.

DAVID ROSMAN: An honest dialogue about guns is needed

Owning more guns will not slow down gun crime, nor will eliminating all gun ownership. But there is an answer somewhere. We have to be willing to talk first.

DAVID ROSMAN: Can one leave the news behind?

While vacationing in New York, Rosman found that staying away from the news is nearly impossible.

DAVID ROSMAN: Republican front-runners in August primary lack specifics

David Rosman writes that Republican candidates seeking office in the August primary mention no specifics on their stance concerning legislation that will create jobs — or their abilities to manage a nation.

DAVID ROSMAN: Vote 'no' on Amendment No. 2

David Rosman believes that Amendment No. 2 has a strong possibility of violating the state and federal constitutions and encourages voters to vote "no."

DAVID ROSMAN: Where does First Ward Councilman Fred Schmidt live?

Commentary has been circulating on blogs that First Ward Councilman Fred Schmidt no longer lives in the First Ward. Despite this, Schmidt said he still lives in his West Ash Street home.