David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Reflection on life among military veterans, importance of Memorial Day

In 1868 Gen. John Logan ordered that flowers be placed on the graves of Union soldiers at cemeteries around the country on May 30. It took until the end of the World War I for states to acknowledge this day of honor.

DAVID ROSMAN: Republicans must stop catering to extremists and learn to cooperate

Infighting and refusing to compromise could cost the GOP the election this November.


DAVID ROSMAN: Senate bill is bad for Missouri teachers, students

The bill's lack of a definition of "incompetence" could lead to unfair dismissals of teachers based on religious, sexual or scientific beliefs.

DAVID ROSMAN: Columbia needs to recognize growing gang problem

Columbia's gang problem has been growing for several years now, and the city has done nothing to help curb the problem. It is time to take action.

DAVID ROSMAN: When disagreements in police department overflow, it's a problem

The incident that resulted in the firing of police officer Rob Sanders reveals a problem with the local support for the police department.

DAVID ROSMAN: Teaching ignorance of LGBT community would be harmful to Missouri

Our Republican legislators think if we do not speak or teach about sexual orientation, other than in pure scientific terms, it will not exist.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri legislators should support teachers, not scare them off

Republican legislators are working to punish state educators with a new bill taking aim at job tenure, a move that will continue pushing teachers away from Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: Try something new and support local restaurants

Politics have reached nearly unbearable heights, which is why a restaurant review is just what we need to find solace. Because if you can't find solace in food, where can you find it?

DAVID ROSMAN: Fire, police departments deserve recognition

The past couple of weeks have put firefighters and police officers to the test cleaning up after wrecks and containing fires, and they deserve our praise for keeping us safe.

DAVID ROSMAN: Local elections are microcosm of our larger concerns

David Rosman discusses local issues that will appear on the April 3 election ballot and gives his own reviews of the candidates running for seats in the City Council and Columbia Public School Board.

DAVID ROSMAN: Senate resolution puts religious freedom in Missouri at risk

The Missouri Senate joint resolution to allow public funding to religious schools violates the separation of church and state.

DAVID ROSMAN: Voter registration, not identification, causes problem

Estimates about voter fraud are overblown by Republicans, and voter identification laws solve no existing problem.

DAVID ROSMAN: Limbaugh's insincere apology makes situation worse for all, including Missouri

An insincere apology forced out of Rush Limbaugh by drops in ratings and advertisers does nothing to make amends. And the Republican candidates, other than Ron Paul, have done nothing to condemn his remarks.

DAVID ROSMAN: If only conservatives could vote for 'none of the above'

The presidential race has turned into a campaign of negative rhetoric, and there is no good choice among the Republican candidates.

DAVID ROSMAN: Conspirators, one and all

Rep. Lyle Rowland, who recently introduced a "birther" bill in the state House of Representatives, is preventing the General Assembly from what they're meant to do: legislate.

DAVID ROSMAN: Blame is so much easier than fixing the problems

Why do people whine about everything but have no solutions to actually fix the problems? Blame is so much easier than fixing the problems. People are lazy.

DAVID ROSMAN: Discrimination to one is discrimination to all

A bill in the Missouri Senate would make it more difficult to prove discrimination in a lawsuit with the change of a single word.

DAVID ROSMAN: Graphic political ads have no place on TV's biggest stage

Pro-life presidential candidate Randall Terry is peddling a graphic commercial that must be aired because of federal law. Here's why you should turn off your TV when the ad airs.

DAVID ROSMAN: Do we need an amendment to fix campaign funding?

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's proposed amendment regarding the use of public funds to pay for federal election campaigns will never pass.

DAVID ROSMAN: Leadership qualities, not faith, should govern presidential election

The faith of particular candidates is a topic that comes up in nearly every election.  However, a candidate's faith should not determine whether or not that person is qualified for political office.