David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Blame is so much easier than fixing the problems

Why do people whine about everything but have no solutions to actually fix the problems? Blame is so much easier than fixing the problems. People are lazy.

DAVID ROSMAN: Discrimination to one is discrimination to all

A bill in the Missouri Senate would make it more difficult to prove discrimination in a lawsuit with the change of a single word.

DAVID ROSMAN: Graphic political ads have no place on TV's biggest stage

Pro-life presidential candidate Randall Terry is peddling a graphic commercial that must be aired because of federal law. Here's why you should turn off your TV when the ad airs.

DAVID ROSMAN: Do we need an amendment to fix campaign funding?

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich's proposed amendment regarding the use of public funds to pay for federal election campaigns will never pass.

DAVID ROSMAN: Leadership qualities, not faith, should govern presidential election

The faith of particular candidates is a topic that comes up in nearly every election.  However, a candidate's faith should not determine whether or not that person is qualified for political office. 

DAVID ROSMAN: Two new Missouri Senate bills attempt to tackle payday loans

These bills, which propose to compound payday loan interest rates quarterly instead of bi-weekly, would make it easier for the economically downtrodden to take advantage of payday loans.

DAVID ROSMAN: Getting things done is not the priority in Missouri Legislature

Missouri legislators appear to not want to get anything important done, especially to save a few bucks. This year's theme is on creating new and dreaded state constitutional amendments.

DAVID ROSMAN: It's been an anxious holiday, but there's much to be thankful for

As far as New Year's resolutions are concerned, I do not make any, knowing full well I will not keep them, except to say thank you to those around me.

DAVID ROSMAN: Hanukkah is not a 'Jewish Christmas' and other matters

It's a holiday season regardless of religious beliefs, and we should all find our own way to celebrate, perhaps regardless of misinformation and misunderstandings. 

DAVID ROSMAN: Criticism of Police Chief Ken Burton seems misplaced

Ken Burton is an "outsider" but he hasn't done anything that deserves him being fired.

DAVID ROSMAN: A look at racism from many directions

Discrimination exists. Whether it is based on skin color or religion makes no difference; discrimination is part of our daily lives. If you claim not to discriminate against others based on any criteria, you are probably lying to yourself.

DAVID ROSMAN: Journalists are swimming in a sea of imposters

The practice of ethical journalism is diminishing in this country, but all hope is not lost with a few minor changes to what we call "fact" and "fiction."

DAVID ROSMAN: Regency decision put City Council between a rock and a hard place

The Columbia City Council debate over Regency mobile home park brought two issues to the surface: the inability of the city to regulate zoning codes and its failure to establish a workable long-term plan to develop affordable housing.

DAVID ROSMAN: There seem to be moral lapses on both sides of the aisle

Both political parties have moved to the extreme end of the spectrum, but their actions have not received condemnation from average Americans.

DAVID ROSMAN: The spirit of goodness turns up in surprising ways

A fellow skeptic and secular humanist commends those who speak out against bigotry and abuse.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri should decide who carries a concealed weapon in the state

The federal legislation interferes with states' rights to regulate conceal-and-carry permits and is a red herring that distracts our lawmakers from larger issues confronting the nation.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislative snub to Boeing could cost Missouri hundreds of jobs

Representatives in Congress passed a nonbinding resolution in support of Virginia-based Lockheed Corp. and snubbed Boeing, the biggest defense contractor in Missouri.

DAVID ROSMAN: The people are now speaking, and it's about time

Occupy Wall Street and OccupyCoMo reflect the current state of the American people and lack of elected officials doing something positive.

DAVID ROSMAN: Guilty until proven innocent, or guilty even when innocent?

The Innocence Project says it has freed about 275 wrongly convicted individuals in its 20 years of existence.

DAVID ROSMAN: Dream big about writing a book, then face reality

Aspiring writers take heed, your great idea will need refining and planning before any success comes your way.