David Rosman

DAVID ROSMAN: Celebrate blasphemy, for it has the power to initiate change

Sept. 30 is Blasphemy Day. But if you do celebrate it, realize that if you are going to dissent, you must also have a real and workable solution to your problem.

DAVID ROSMAN: Columbia's dysfunctional transit system needs complete overhaul

The city should consider a public transportation system like that in Boulder, Colo.

DAVID ROSMAN: Terrorism has defined America since 9/11

America's paranoid overreaction in the years following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has resulted in a fearful nation with a new agenda of exclusion and isolation.

DAVID ROSMAN: When celebrating Labor Day, thank those who made the workplace better

As we approach Labor Day, we have laborers to thank for 40-hour work weeks, minimum-wage laws, benefit packages and fair-labor and anti-discrimination laws.

DAVID ROSMAN: Cuts to the transit system hurt the city and punish its residents

By not expanding the public transit system (rather than cutting it), workers, students and citizens of Columbia become strapped by gas prices, hamstringing the economy.

DAVID ROSMAN: Lesson No. 1 — be wary of scams

Whether you are young or old, avoid becoming a victim with a quick refresher course in common sense.

DAVID ROSMAN: In the battle between classroom and online learning, the campus still wins

Learning has to entail so much more than just that which online classes can convey — all of the senses, interaction and interpersonal, nonverbal and verbal communication found only in a classroom.


DAVID ROSMAN: Formal titles could have been unconstitutional

A lost amendment to the U.S. Constitution would have made using titles like "Dr." and "Esq.: a violation of federal law.

DAVID ROSMAN: Moderates — it's up to you to find a solution

Moderate Democrat and Republican party members need to take action and work together in solving the nation's fiscal crisis.

DAVID ROSMAN: It's always possible that Missouri will shut down

Like Minnesota, the NBA and NFL, Missouri government could shut down, too. State Democrats and Republicans need to act like adults.

DAVID ROSMAN: July Fourth is about hope for the future

We have survived wars, financial crises, periods of great unemployment and moral crises before, and we will again.

DAVID ROSMAN: Petition to raise cigarette taxes majorly flawed

The new proposed cigarette tax is unfair to smaller tobacco companies.

DAVID ROSMAN: Republican candidates must move toward center

To have a chance to unseat President Barack Obama, the Republican presidential candidates must get organized and come up with a more moderate strategy.

DAVID ROSMAN: Protect mid-Missouri's American Civil Liberties Union chapter

A decision at the June 18 American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri meeting will decide the fate of the mid-Missouri ACLU chapter.

DAVID ROSMAN: Shuttle service will efficiently fill downtown parking garages

The Columbia City Council wants to raise parking meter rates to fund another parking garage. The question is, what do the citizens get out of it all?

DAVID ROSMAN: Voter fraud not an issue that needs a constitutional amendment

Voter fraud does not warrant constitutional amendment because restrictions could add unaffordable costs for lower-income voters, and fraud cases are too infrequent.

DAVID ROSMAN: Falsely identifying the voter ID bill

Rumors about Missouri's pending voter identification bill have portrayed it as discriminatory and disenfranchising, wrapping more red tape around an already sticky system for exercising our constitutional right to vote. It is — but first, let's get our facts straight.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri's General Assembly accomplished little this session

When it came to passing meaningful laws, the legislature didn't step up. The laws that did pass didn't help generate jobs or protect the needs of the people.

DAVID ROSMAN: Long-form journalism offers important analysis, now on your e-reader

Days after the death of Osama bin Laden, e-books on the subject were already available to readers, marking a change in the distribution of long-form journalism.

DAVID ROSMAN: A video resume could hurt your job chances

The resume video is a mostly a gimmick that fails to impress employers and could open the door to discrimination.